7 Tips for New Project Managers to Succeed

Seven Tips for New Project Managers to Succeed

For a project manager, managing the first project will always be tricky. He or she has to develop a strategy, oversee team members, be a problem solver and make sure the project does not drift away from its course. Project managers need to deal with last minute changes, while sticking to the deadline to complete the project.

7 Practical Tips which will Ensure That You Lead a Successful Project

  1. Find yourself a mentor:

    Look for a mentor who is a seasoned project manager. Just by watching them work, you will learn a lot. See how they tackle issues, how they interact with shareholders, team members and in all other aspects related to the project. On many occasions, companies do provide a mentor when you first start as a project manager, but if they do not, then your first step to success in becoming a better project manager lies in finding a good mentor and learning as much as possible.

  2. Effective use of teamwork:

    Your project will be successful only if your team succeeds. A project manager’s job is not just to serve as a leader, but also serve as an effective team player. Take some time and understand your team and its members. Know their strengths and skills. It is your job to get the team to work together and deliver the service or product which ultimately provides value to the customer.

  3. Know your customer:

    It is better to know who your customers are as individuals and as an organization. Understand the customer’s goals, vision and mission and identify what they really care about and how are they communicating the same. Learn how they deal with change and when there is confusion. If you can react to your customers during change in an appropriate and meaningful manner, then there is a higher percentage of guarantee that your project will be a success.

  4. Be prepared for change:

    Changes happen all the time in a project. Ask any experienced project manager out there, when a project has happened exactly as planned – 9 out of 10 will always say there were changes in the project as it progressed. So do not fret when changes occur. The key is to have a change management plan in place which describes how a request for change is made and how you as a project manager manage the change request. If this plan is well documented and shared with all the stakeholders of the project, you will be able to manage change in project deliverables.

  5. Ask for help:

    Nobody expects you to know everything when you are new to the project manager’s role. Just because you asked for help, does not mean you are not a good project manager. If you are unsure of something, ask the proper questions to seek better guidance than taking decisions which set back the project.

  6. Continuous learning is key to success:

    Every day on a project will provide a new learning – be it with human resource management, technology, communication with stakeholders, quality management or any other aspect. Keep learning on the job and ensure you incorporate what you learn in the next project assigned to you.

  7. Become a certified professional:

    Certifications can be an asset to any individual’s career. Project management certifications like PRINCE2, MSP, P3O, CAPM and PMP, are globally recognized credentials that impart knowledge of best practices in project management. With these skills, project management is streamlined, instead of being a practice area full of unknown variables.

According to PMI’s ‘The 2013 Salary Survey’, there is an upward trend in compensation for project management professionals. This is fueled by a growth projection of US$6.61 trillion in the project management profession and the creation of 15.7 million new project management roles between 2010 and 2020 all across the world. This means project management professionals will be in more demand across the world. Become a certified global project management professional to expand your career scope.

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