Lean IT Training Course in Male, Maldives

Invensis Learning's Lean IT Training Course in Male is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive experience in Lean IT. The Lean IT training provides the stimulus which is required for companies to stand out in the competitive world economy. Adoption of Lean in an organization will enable the smart usage of Information technology to enhance the business performance and improve the service levels.

Participants attending this Lean IT training will gain critical knowledge of the principles of Lean philosophy, application of this philosophy in an IT-environment, validate their leadership of Lean methodology, and making continuous improvement using small incremental change using Kaizen. Participants attending this training will receive a hard copy of the course material.

We deliver Lean IT Training in Male through classroom and live online virtual modes. Request this Lean IT course as on-site group training to bring your enterprise teams up to speed in the world of Lean IT. Enroll now for this Lean IT in Male today.

Lean IT Training in Male, Maldives

Training Modes

- Instructor-led Classroom Training ( Request for Training )

- Instructor-led Online Training ( Request for Training )

- On-site Group Training ( Request for More Information )

- Focused 1-to-1 Training

Lean IT Course Duration

- Customized as per your requirement

Areas of Study

- Understanding customer value

- Processes that deliver this value

- The way to manage performance

- The way to organize

- The required attitude and behaviors

- Understand the concept of Lean Leadership.

- Know the application of Lean Leadership in the context of IT.

- Organize a Kaizen

- Lead a Kaizen

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Lean IT Training Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Focusing on the Customer
  • Improving Existing Processes
  • Enhancing Operational Performance
  • Organization
  • Behavior and Attitude
  • Lean IT Leadership
  • Lean IT Kaizen
Download detailed Lean IT Course Syllabus (PDF)
Eligibility Criteria

There are no pre-requisite criteria for taking the Lean IT training.

Who Should Attend Lean IT Training

Job roles that are ideal for Lean IT training, but are not limited to:

  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Product Specialists
  • Service Designers
  • IT Managers
  • IT Planners
  • IT Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Quality Assurance Managers

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Lean IT Course Features

  • Interactive instructor-led Design for Lean IT training
  • Highly qualified, certified, and accredited trainers
  • Course completion certificate provided
  • Get Lean IT Study Guide created by subject matter experts
  • Get to know industry best practices and case studies

Lean IT Course Syllabus


In this module, participants will learn about definition of lean, 5 key principles, study of waste and overburden, classification of lean activities, utilizing the Deming Cycle, and Shingo Prize.

This module focuses on identifying the voice of the customer, reviewing the concept of critical to quality, Analyzing VoC, linking the VoC to CTQ, and identifying other sources of continuous improvement.

In this module, participants will learn about defining process and the basic processes in an organization, push and pull concepts, SIPOC mode, value stream map, importance of process metrics, heijunka, and 5S.

This module focuses on improvement of performance to Deming Cycle, KPIs, and process cycle efficiency.

In this module, participants will learn about communication cascade, organizational requirements for Lean IT structuring, speed of communication, and Kanban and other visual management boards.

This module focuses on the types of Lean behavior, traditional vs. Lean management, Lean leadership, and making Lean transformation a long term success.

In this module, participants will learn about the basics of Lean leadership, and Shingo model’s four key guiding principles.

This module focuses on the most important concepts regarding Kaizen, the DMAIC model, Kakushinand Kaikaku, and Kaizen mindset.

Lean IT Training Agenda

The agenda of the 2-day Lean IT training is detailed below:

    • Definition of Lean IT
    • Historical development of Lean and Toyota Production System
    • 5 key Lean principles: customer value, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection
    • Study waste (muda), variability (mura), and overburden (muri)
    • Classification of Lean activities: value-add, necessary non-value-add, and non-value add
    • Utilizing the Deming circle for quality improvement
    • Discussing the key players: Shingo Prize
    • Identifying the Voice of the Customer (VoC)
    • Considering types of customers and customer values
    • Reviewing the concept of Critical to Quality (CTQ)
    • Analyzing the VoC
    • Linking the VoC to CTQs
    • Identifying other sources of continuous improvement
    • Defining process and the basic processes in an organization
    • Utilizing goal, result, input, throughput, output, customer
    • Push and pull concepts
    • Definition of SIPOC mode
    • Value Stream Map
    • Importance of process metrics
    • Value improvement sources including heijunka and 5S
    • Improvement of performance to Deming circle
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Time as an important factor within IT
    • Process Cycle Efficiency and Value Stream Mapping
    • Using skill and knowledge to ensure performance
    • Communication cascade and performance dialogue
    • Organizational requirements for Lean IT structuring
    • Speed of communication throughout the organization
    • The goal of management to empower employees
    • Kanban and other visual management boards
    • Types of Lean behavior
    • Traditional versus Lean management
    • Lean leadership: Go see, ask why, show respect
    • Making your lean transformation a long term success
    • The basics of Lean Leadership
    • Shingo model’s four key guiding principles.
    • Know the most important concepts regarding kaizen
    • Kaizen, The DMAIC model
    • Kakushinand Kaikaku
    • Kaizen mindset

FAQs on Lean IT Training


  • Request for this training through the registration form
  • Enroll and make the payment, and block your seat
  • Receive the training kit with training details and start your preparation

As part of your Lean IT training, you will receive:

  • Hard copy/soft copy of the course material
  • Lean IT Syllabus

At Invensis, we provide Lean IT training in Male in different learning modes such as instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led online training, on-site group training, and focused 1 to 1 training.

No, there is no examination for this course. This course provides only a basic understanding of Lean IT concepts and techniques. If you are looking at certification courses in Lean IT, then we offer Lean IT Foundation, Lean IT Leadership and Lean IT Kaizen trainings in Male.

Individuals and Enterprises can make payment for the training through 2 different modes such as –

  • Request for Invoice
  • Wire Transfer

For more information on payment details, please contact us at support@invensislearning.com

Please call us, join our Live Chat for instant support, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

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