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At Invensis Learning, we believe articulating thoughts from students from a diverse background on a particular topic plays a key role in bringing new perspectives, ideas, creativity, and even innovation. When existing boundaries are pushed beyond traditional standards set by educational institutions and enterprises, it gives a new found direction for students to achieve their best and put their minds towards broadening their skill set and realize their true potential.

Today, blogging has become one of the mainstream channels to share articles, videos, podcasts, images, and more. Content creation has seen unprecedented growth over the years, and with ancillary social media platforms the reach is unrivalled. Especially in marketing, blogs have played a key role in shaping new product development, receive constructive feedback, and has opened numerous channels for individuals and businesses to explore new opportunities. “Invensis Learning Young Blogger Scholarship Award” is a platform to encourage students to express and explore ways to foster creativity. This scholarship award is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills to the global audience.

The scholarship prize for writing a really good article on your university blog page is USD 2000. The award-winner and the best article will be showcased on the Invensis Learning website, blog, and social media. Details about the scholarship award are given below. Please read through each point and the terms and conditions before writing the article.

  • The ‘Invensis Learning Young Blogger Scholarship Award’ is open to all undergraduate/post graduate students who are currently enrolled in universities/colleges worldwide.
  • Applicants should write an article from the list of topics given below
  • The article should be written and uploaded on your university blog section which is publicly visible.
  • Age limit: 18 - 35 years
  • Candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA score of 3.0.

  • Competency-based Learning vs Traditional Learning
  • Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Learning and Development
  • How technology is impacting in-class learning
  • Future of Online Learning
  • How colleges and universities can promote entrepreneurship
  • How students need to be Job Ready for complex future requirements
  • Importance of Soft skills development in Education
  • How STEM Education is Shaping the Future
  • Promoting Creativity in Education
  • Addressing the Rising Cost of Education

  • The award winner will be chosen on the basis of originality, research, innovativeness, a keen eye for detail in terms of information architecture, content hierarchy, and scoring of the article.
  • The award winner will be selected by a panel of qualified judges instituted by Invensis Learning.

The article will be scored as per the below mentioned norms:

  • Title and Introduction – 10 points
  • Sub Headings and its explanation – 5 points
  • Content Hierarchy and Structure – 10 points
  • Bullet Points and highlighting keywords– 5 points
  • Conclusion – 5 points
  • Author section – 5 points
  • Unique and Original – 10 points
  • Research (Data and Statistics) – 10 points
  • Grammar and Punctuation – 10 points
  • Citation and References – 5 points
  • Hyperlink to Invensis Learning website within the article ( - 20 points
  • Submission before May 31st 2019 – 5 points
  • A total of 100 points will be awarded for the article out of which a minimum of 85 points should be accumulated by the participants. Only then the participant will be eligible for the scholarship award of USD 2000.

  • Create an article on the topic of your choice from the list of topics provided which is unique and well researched
  • Word count: Min 1000 words (Max: Left up to you as to how well you want to explain the topic)
  • Last date for submission: June 30th 2019, 11.59 PM

Choose the topic of your choice from the list of topics given. Ensure you’ve explained about the topic in a holistic manner.

  • The article should be written only in English.
  • The article should be completely original in its content and not copied from any source. We take plagiarism seriously.
  • The article must be substantiated through research, data, expert view points and / or graphs as cited in reference materials.
  • The article must be properly formatted, with the headline, sub-headings, paragraph breaks, bullet points, tables, and alignments (as required). Correct usage of punctuation and grammar is expected.
  • Referring to credible sources or publications is allowed, and hyperlinks must be provided to these sources.
  • Important: Hyperlink to Invensis Learning website ( contextually within the article is mandatory.
  • Please provide correct contact information in the submission form
  • Upload the article on your university/college website blog section. Once the blog is published on the university website, the URL/link of the article is necessary for your final submission.
  • For final submission, please visit Invensis Learning Scholarship Page
  • The award winner will be selected on or before July 15th, 2019.
  • The award winner will be contacted thereafter on the contact information provided by you in the form.
  • Eligibility criteria will be verified. The award winner will be asked to furnish:
    • Statement or transcript of your Grade Point Average (GPA) – unofficial transcripts accepted.
    • A scan of your college ID card or admission proof.
  • The award amount will be offered either through check / wire transfer as per college/ university guidelines
  • The award winner and the winning article will be showcased on our website and / or blog.

To ensure your article is up to the mark, please read through some of the blogging best practices as suggested here:

This will be a recurring contest, and you can check our website for updates.

Please note: Only one submission is permitted per applicant. Each applicant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights he or she may have in the application and written response submission(s) submitted by him or her. Please checkout the complete Terms and Conditions for the scholarship award.

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