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Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award

Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award

At Invensis Learning, we believe entrepreneurship plays a key role in improving the economy on a global scale, and if entrepreneurs are nurtured and mentored properly, then they can become a national asset and help in improving the overall standard of living to a great extent. When existing business hit the glass ceiling with regards to income generation, it is entrepreneurs who create new wealth by pushing the existing boundaries by offering new and improved products / technologies / services.

It is this path breaking zeal in entrepreneurs is what led us to create this "Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award", where we encourage young thinkers to implement their knowledge acquired through education to create the next big thing in the online / mobile space. This scholarship award is a unique opportunity for students in USA, UK and Australia to showcase their knowledge and skills in the form of creating a "Business Plan".

The scholarship prize for the best online business plan is ~USD 500. The award-winner and the best online business plan will be showcased on the Invensis Learning website, blog and social media. Winning this scholarship award will not only entitle you to a monetary prize, but if your business plan stands out, we may also fund the project up to USD 10,000* as an angel investment. T&C apply.

Details about the scholarship award are given below. Please read through each point and the terms and conditions before submitting your online business plan.

Go ahead and share this opportunity with your peers in the college / university by posting the link to this webpage on the intranet or blog.


  • The 'Invensis Learning Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Award' is open to all undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in universities in USA, UK and Australia.
  • Applicants must be within the age group of 18-26 years.
  • Citizenship of the country is not mandatory.
  • Candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA score of 3.0.


  • The award will be given on the basis of who creates the best online business plan which has universal application and one which addresses current shortcomings of existing business models.
  • The award winner will be chosen on the basis of originality, research, innovativeness and keen eye for detail in their online business plan.
  • The award winner will be selected by a panel of qualified judges instituted by Invensis Learning.


  • Topic: "Create a business plan which is unique and one that addresses shortcomings of existing business models"
  • Word count: 1000 words or more
  • Last date for submission: November 30, 11.59 PM

Business Plan Requirements

  • Invensis Learning will provide you the business plan template, and you have to describe everything that has been asked in the template.
  • The business plan should be written only in English.
  • The business plan should be completely original in its content and not copied from any source.
  • Referring to credible sources or publications is allowed and hyperlinks must be provided to these sources.
  • The business plan must be substantiated through research, data, expert view points and / or graphs as cited in reference materials.
  • The business plan must be properly formatted, with headline, sub-headings, paragraph breaks, bullet points, tables and alignments (as required). Correct usage of punctuation and grammar is expected.
  • Please include your name, address and contact details in the business plan document.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please provide correct contact information in the submission form.
  • To submit the completed business plan, please fill in the submission form on this page.
  • The business plan must be uploaded in Word (.doc) / PDF format in the submission form.
  • Please provide a photo of yourself (less than 500 KB in size) along with the business plan.

Scholarship Award Prize Declaration and Dispatch

  • The award winner will be intimated on or soon after December 20th, 2016.
  • The award winner will be contacted thereafter on the contact information provided in the form.
  • Eligibility criteria will be verified. The award winner will be asked to furnish:
    • Statement or transcript of your Grade Point Average (GPA) - unofficial transcripts accepted.
    • Scan of your college ID card or admission proof.
  • The check will be dispatched to the confirmed address of the winner.
  • The award winner and the winning business plan will be showcased on our website and / or blog.

This will be recurring contest and you can check our website for updates.

Please note: Only one submission is permitted per applicant. All business plans and application forms will become the property of Invensis Learning and will not be returned. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit, scan, duplicate or alter the application and the written submission for any purpose which the company deems necessary or desirable. Each applicant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights he or she may have in the application and written response submission(s) submitted by him or her. Please click here for the complete Terms and Conditions for the scholarship award.