DevOps Master Course Value

Learn everything about DevOps master certification value for your career

The popularity and adoption of DevOps in recent years has taken the software industry by storm. There is enough data to suggest that doing a DevOps master program can be instrumental for the career progression of software professionals. Wondering about the DevOps Master certification value in accelerating IT careers of participants? Read on to know more.

DevOps Master Course Value for Software Professionals

DevOps master certification program equips the participants with necessary skills that help them collaborate and communicate effectively with their operations counterparts in the life cycle of applications and services that lead to:

  • Continuous Integration (CI): Seamless hand-off from Development to Operations and Support
  • Continuous Deployment (CD): Releasing continuously
  • Continuous Feedback: Seeking feedback from different stakeholders during various lifecycle stages

The master course is designed to include various learner requirements of IT professionals and offers in-depth knowledge of various DevOps principles and Agile & Lean methods.

This DevOps master certification program focuses on imparting a host of practical skills to the existing knowledge of the candidates, enabling them to successfully facilitate DevOps both in a team as well to promote its principles in the organization. The course also helps the participants to:

  • Learn and understand the various methods related to the adoption of DevOps in their organizations and professional work environment.
  • Become experts in various aspects such as planning, design, development, and deployment of software and applications
  • Gain different skills in operations to enable them to successfully take the projects to completion

Benefits of DevOps Master Course

Some of the benefits of DevOps master certification program are discussed below:

  • Enhanced Skills & Knowledge

    Doing DevOps master certification program is completely worth it as it allows participants to improve their knowledge & skill set by learning the fundamentals of DevOps which consist of professionals working in teams of a cross-functional nature ranging from developers, operation engineers, business analysts, and QA professionals.

  • Better payscale

    A rapid surge in the penetration of DevOps best practices in organizations is translating to massive hikes in the pay scale of DevOps professionals with some of them being the highest paid in the IT industry. As per the industry experts, this trend is going to be both consistent and sustainable in the future for DevOps certified professionals

  • Better job opportunities

    In the last few years, the industry has seen a wide gap between the demand and availability of DevOps certified professionals. By doing this certification program, candidates can take advantage of this huge deficit by validation of their DevOps skill sets. This will lead to much better job opportunities for qualified candidates.

  • Software quality and stability

    Because of the fact that DevOps offers a high level of accountability for both building and running applications, DevOps implementation leads to better performance, software quality, stability, security as well as user experience. DevOps master certification program enables candidates to successfully implement all processes and project activities as well as closely monitor the changes if any.

FAQs DevOps Master Course


Completely! This certificate program will not only prepare candidates for a robust DevOps career but also make them an expert in various important agile principles such as continuous development & deployment, collaboration between teams, automation of configuration management as well as successfully using modern DevOps tools including Gradle, Jenkins, Docker, Nagios, Git, and Puppet.

The training is imparted by expert trainers with many years of industry experience who are generally accredited in Agile Methodologies, DevOps and ITSM.

The various electives that a candidate can choose from in this certificate program include

  • Linux training
  • Core JAVA certificate training
  • GIT training
  • Rocket compose
  • AWS developer associate
  • Microsoft Azure fundamentals
  • MongoDB developer and administrator
  • AWS technical essentials

All Upcoming DevOps Master Training in Melbourne, Australia


Syllabus of DevOps Master Training

  • DevOps Adoption
  • Planning, Requirements, and Design
  • Development and Deployment
  • Operation and Scaling
  • End-of-life

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and the 2nd most populous city in Australia. Spanning nearly 10,000 sq. km, the city is located near the Southern tip of the country on the bay of Port Philip. It became one of the largest and richest cities of its time because of the Victorian gold rush during the 1850s. Today, Melbourne is a major center for education, healthcare, entertainment, tourism, and sports, which have all contribute towards making it the ‘World’s most liveable city’ according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Melbourne is a leading financial center, and it is also commonly referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Australia. Melbourne is rapidly growing, and it is expected to overtake Sydney in population in the next 20 years. This has resulted in an infrastructure boom throughout the city with an ever increasing demand for housing and office space. The largest employers in Melbourne are BHP Billiton, Computershare, ANZ, NAB, Treasury Wine Estates, Amcor, and Medibank.

The highest average salary in Melbourne for professionals in Project Management is AU$111,421, ITSM is AU$118,902, and Quality Management is AU$119,054. Whereas a senior project manager with PMP certification the salary goes up to AU$141,913, with ITIL certification it goes up to AU$148,506, and with Six Sigma certification, it goes up to AU$139,037.

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