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  • Boost your career with 2-day CSM® certification training and master the Scrum framework in San Jose
  • The training is delivered by Scrum Alliance certified scrum trainers
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Scrum principles through focused training
  • Two-year membership with Scrum Alliance® included
  • Gain 16 SEUs for professional development upon course completion in San Jose
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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification Training Course Overview in San Jose

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification training in San Jose is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply Scrum principles in project management effectively. This training is delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) and typically follows a structured curriculum covering key aspects of the Scrum framework.

Invemnsis Learning’s CSM training in San Jose typically begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of Scrum, providing individuals with insights into its origins, guiding prin .......read more

Lean, Agile, and Scrum
Understand Agile methodologies and Scrum principles to guide teams effectively
Scrum Master Core Competencies
Possess Scrum expertise, coaching skills, and leadership qualities
Service to the Development Team
Facilitate and support the team in their collaboration, problem-solving, and achieving their shared goals
Service to the Product Owner
Aid the Product Owner in backlog management and effective communication
Service to the Organization
Understand Agile practices, foster organizational agility, and drive improvements

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CSM training in San Jose isn't just about passing an exam; it's about equipping you with the skills to thrive in the dynamic world of Agile project management. The skills gained through this training are valuable for obtaining certification in various professional settings. Here's what you can expect to gain:

Scrum Lifecycle
Sprint Planning
Scrum Framework
Change Management
Risk Management
Scrum values, principles, and practices

Key Highlights of CSM Certification Training in San Jose by Invensis Learning

Interactive instructor-led CSM Training
Delivered by Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) with rich domain experience
Access to mock tests & case studies prepared by industry experts
Earn the required 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEU®)
Free 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®
Pay in your local currency without any hassle
Quality courseware that aligns perfectly with the CSM Certification Exam


Scrum Dominance

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. As per the 16th annual report by Digita.ai, 87% of organizations employing an Agile framework opt for Scrum.


Scrum Takes the Lead

Scrum is the preferred Agile methodology for 90% of surveyed organizations, surpassing other Agile methods.


Scrum Certification Impact

Scrum certifications lead to higher salaries and better job prospects, with an average salary of $102,376 per year.

Why is San Jose a Great Work Location for Certified Scrum Masters?

The average Scrum Master salary in San Jose, CA is $99,714 as of April 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $87,903 and $115,989.
Job Growth
ob openings for Scrum masters grew 104 percent year-over-year from 2016 in San Jose. According to the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, in 2018, demand for certified Scrum masters grew 24 percent.
Job Listings
According to research, approx 1000+ Scrum masters jobs have been listed in San Jose, California, United States, On Linkedin.
Top Industries Hiring
In San Jose, industries that are looking for certified Scrum Masters include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, construction, trade, transport and utility.

Training Delivery Options

Live Virtual Instructor-led Training

Experience immersive learning from the comfort of your own space
Direct and real-time interaction with expert instructors online
Access online course materials and resources conveniently
Training accessible across various devices ensuring seamless learning experience
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Corporate Group Training-Onsite

Face to Face in-person training at your physical location
Customized training programs tailored to meet your business objectives
Engaging and interactive workshops that enables superior peer-to-peer learning experience
Receive dedicated guidance from Subject Matter Experts
Contact Course Advisor

Achieving success in the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) exam in San Jose involves a strategic and focused approach. The roadmap to the exam success involves a comprehensive journey through CSM training, where participants gain a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework. Here is a roadmap to help you navigate the path to CSM exam success:

  • Enroll in CSM Training: Enroll for an upcoming CSM course through Invensis Learning and attend the 2-day training.

  • Schedule the Exam: Once you have completed CSM training, you can schedule your exam online through the Scrum Alliance website. The exam is available in English, Spanish (Castilian), Portuguese, French, Italian, Latin American Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Czech, Polish, and Russian.

  • Take the Exam: The CSM exam is a multiple-choice exam with 50 questions. It should be completed in 60 minutes.....read more

Module 1: Agile and Scrum Overview

  • Agile Manifesto
  • 12 Principles
  • 4 values
  • Scrum Foundations (5 Scrum Values)
  • Scrum Master roles and challenges
  • Product Owner roles and responsibilities
  • Development team roles and responsibilities
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Product Increment
  • Sprint Execution Planning
  • Flow management
  • Resolution meetings
  • Communication (Taskboard, Sprint burndown chart using story points, hours effort)
  • Activities in daily scrum
  • Activities in a sprint retrospective
  • Definition of Done for a feature (user story or product backlog item)
  • Definition of Done for a sprint
  • Definition of Done for a release
  • Definition of Done vs. Acceptance criteria
  • Done vs. Done-Done
  • Definition of Ready for user story
  • Definition of Ready for sprint
  • Definition of release planning
  • Who takes part in release planning
  • Steps in Release planning
  • Output of Release Planning
  • Definition
  • Why and when to use a sprint burndown chart
  • Information obtained from sprint burndown chart
  • Definition
  • Features
  • How to create a release burn-up chart (steps)?
  • What is product planning
  • What is product vision
  • How to create a product backlog
  • Product Roadmap
  • Minimum Releasable features (or) Minimum Marketable Features
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • What are user stories?
  • Structure/format of user stories
  • INVEST criteria
  • Definition
  • Benefits of Agile Estimation
  • Agile estimation techniques
  • Definition
  • Benefits
  • Participants
  • How to play planning poker?
  • Planning Poker rules

Navigate the journey to the CSM Certification Exam with this structured timeline for success

Project Team Members
IT Managers
Delivery Managers
QA and Testing Professionals
Aspiring Scrum Masters
Product Owners
Business Analysts
Release Managers

There are no prerequisites to attend this Certified Scrum Master Certification Training. However, it is recommended to have some basic understanding of Scrum values, principles, and working knowledge of the overall Scrum process.

    Exam TypeMultiple Choice Questions
    Number of Questions50 Questions
    Exam Duration60 Minutes
    Passing Score74%
    2 Mock Tests
    Examination Voucher
    50+ Chapter-end quizzes
    Official CSM Courseware from Scrum Alliance
    Training Options

    How Are Companies Implementing Scrum in Their Organizations?

    Scrum is the most widely used Agile framework, Scrum works as part of an Agile word environment. Agile is not a method, but instead, it serves as the backbone. Agile Scrum has gained popularity among software development organizations. The Scrum framework that made a huge impact in the IT and the software development sector, is now implemented across many companies such as 3M, IBM, Google and Spotify and others. Agile Scrum has proved itself beneficial for these organizations. The organization opted to install Agile with Scrum methodology for its software development and it was ultimately rewarding.

    For example, Schlumberger wanted an ERP system that would eventually span its entire global organization. Despite the resources the implementation was failing to meet the goal of 70% data readiness. So, the new CIO decided to do something more radical. He wanted to use Scrum and assured it could be a major breakthrough in terms of efficiency. After one year of using Scrum to implement their ERP, they have seen an increase of about 25% in terms of productivity with 25% of cost reduction on a massive program

    Training Options

    Our Certified Scrum Master Alumni Are Placed in Top Organisations in San Jose

    HP Communication, Inc
    Midland Credit Management
    Western Digital

    CSM Training Locations in San Jose

    Due to the current pandemic situation, all our classroom training is now online.
    CSM Certification Training in San Jose

    Hotel Valencia Santana Row, 355 Santana Row San Jose, CA 95128

    Call : +1 470-260-0084
    CSM Certification Training in San Jose

    San Jose Marriott, 301 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

    Call : +1 470-260-0084

    About San Jose

    San Jose has the fastest- growing economy in California. San Jose is the third-largest city in California, the tenth-largest in the United States. In the heart of Silicon Valley San Jose is considered to be a global city. San Jose is known for its technology industry, high cost of living, and great golf courses. The tech industry helps the Bay area economy grow three times faster than the national average. The San Jose metro area grew the fastest in California in 2016 as tech gains boosted silicon valley’s growth rate to 5.9%. The tech gross regional product in 2019 for San Jose was nearly $185 billion. San Jose came in at no. 5 with 394,376 total tech employees in 2019, out of a population which is closer to 2 Million.

    Training Options

    Organize Corporate Group Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training in San Jose for your Teams

    Invensis learning provides In person and live virtual instructor-led corporate training program customized for enterprise teams who wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities. The corporate training by our expert certified trainers will enhance your learning curve and enable your teams to utilize their skills to meet the industry standards.
    • Experienced & Industry Specific Trainers
    • 24x7 Support
    • Deliver Sessions across continents via In Person/ Virtual Instructor-Led Training
    • Customized Trainings
    Request for Corporate Group Training

    Know About Your CSM Certification

    Our CSM Certification Training in San Jose by seasoned trainers equips professionals with essential Agile PM skills through the comprehensive syllabus. We prepare individuals to pass the CSM exam and earn a globally recognized certification, enhancing career opportunities.

    How do I take the CSM Exam in San Jose?

    To take the CSM Exam in San Jose, follow the steps as follows:

    1. Log in to your Scrum Alliance Dashboard (Note: Your registered email address and username are included in the Welcome email)
    2. At the top of the page, select Activate My Certified ScrumMaster® License if you haven't already
    3. Review the agreement and select I ACCEPT the agreement at the bottom
    4. On your Dashboard, select Take CSM® Exam
    5. Confirm your preferred language
    6. You will be redirected to mytestcom.net where you can complete your test
    • Project Team Members
    • IT Managers
    • Delivery Managers
    • QA and Testing Professionals
    • Aspiring Scrum Masters
    • Developers
    • Product Owners
    • Business Analysts
    • Release Managers

    To access and print your certificate, kindly adhere to these steps:

    1. Log in to your Dashboard
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Download Certificate next to the certification in question
    3. The certificate will be downloaded as a .pdf file

    FAQs on Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) in San Jose

    What is the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification?

    The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification is a widely recognized credential in the field of Agile and Scrum project management. It validates an individual's expertise in Scrum principles, practices, and ability to facilitate Scrum teams effectively.

    Yes, if you don't pass the CSM exam on your first attempt in San Jose, you can retake it. You will have 90 days to pass the CSM test for free after receiving the initial welcome email from Scrum Alliance that contains the account activation link. Students are also granted two free CSM test tries. If you fail the test twice or finish it beyond 90 days, you must pay a USD 25 test attempt charge.

    Scrum Masters are responsible for facilitating Scrum processes, removing obstacles, promoting collaboration, and ensuring that teams adhere to Agile and Scrum principles.

    CSM Certification in San Jose is highly valued in technology, software development, finance, healthcare, and many other industries that benefit from Agile project management.

    CSMs can pursue various career paths, including Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner, Project Manager, and Agile transformation and leadership roles.

    No, there is generally no time limit for individual questions on the CSM exam in San Jose. You have 60 minutes to complete the entire exam, which allows you to manage your time.

    The CSM exam is available in multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Japanese, to accommodate a diverse global audience.

    Typically, you have 90 days from the date of your Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training to complete the CSM exam.

    The passing score for the CSM exam is 74%.

    The format of the CSM Exam is as follows:

    • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions
    • Number of Questions: 50 Questions
    • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
    • Passing Score: 74%

    CSM Certification in San Jose enhances your understanding of Agile and Scrum methodologies, opening up career opportunities in project management and Agile roles. It can lead to career advancement and increased earning potential.

    There are various ways to prepare for the CSM exam in San Jose, including attending a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training course, self-study using Scrum literature and online resources, and practicing with sample questions and mock exams. It's important to thoroughly review the Scrum Guide, as the exam is based on its content.

    The CSM exam is a test administered by Scrum Alliance to assess your knowledge of Scrum principles and practices. Preparing for the exam ensures a solid understanding of Scrum, increasing your chances of passing and earning the CSM certification.

    Yes, CSM Training is recognized globally and is offered by Scrum Alliance, a reputable organization in the Agile and Scrum community.

    Yes, CSM Training in San Jose is beneficial for both beginners and experienced Scrum practitioners. It can deepen your understanding and provide practical insights for improving your Scrum-related roles and responsibilities.

    CSM Training in San Jose is typically a two-day course led by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

    CSM Training covers a wide range of topics, including Scrum theory, roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team), Scrum events (sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint review, sprint retrospective), and Scrum artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog, product increment). It also emphasizes the importance of Agile values and principles.

    We provide the hard copy of the CSM courseware for our participants.

    There are no prerequisites to attend this Certified Scrum Master Certification. However, a basic understanding of Scrum values, principles, and working knowledge of the overall Scrum process is recommended.

    Yes, in San Jose, many CSM-certified professionals work as freelance Scrum Masters or Agile consultants, offering their expertise to organizations seeking Agile and Scrum Guidance.

    What are the modes of training provided by Invensis Learning?

    Invensis Learning provides 5 different modes of training in the form of:

    • Instructor-led live online (virtual) training
    • Instructor-led classroom training
    • On-site group training
    • Focused 1-to-1 training
    • Self-paced E-learning

    You can enroll for training by following below mentioned points:

    • Select a course
    • Select a schedule of your choice
    • Select the mode of your training
    • Click on “Enrol Now” button
    • Fill the necessary details to make the payment
    • Get all the course materials to prepare for the training
    • Join the training on the scheduled date

    Yes, you can opt for a customized schedule which is not there on the website. But getting custom schedules will depend on few criteria mentioned below:

    • Focused 1-to-1 training can be customized as per your choice
    • Group training of more than 5 participants can be customized
    • On-site training can be customized as per clients’ requirement

    Please check the website regularly to check for new offers and discounts happening throughout the year. You can also get in touch with one of our training consultants through chat to check if any discounts are available.
    For all the certification training courses, you will receive their official certificate. Upon completion of the certification exam, the results will be immediately announced. If a participant has cleared the exam, your digital certificate will be made available immediately. But, if you require a hard copy of the certificate, you may incur additional cost and it will be delivered to your address in 2-3 weeks of time.

    Once you enroll for training from Invensis Learning, you will receive:

    • A copy of course material
    • Study guide Prepared by SMEs
    • Practice Tests
    • Retrospective session
    • Access to free resources
    • Complimentary additional training session
    • PDUs for relevant courses
    • Course completion certificate/Official certificate

    Please check out our refund policy page to know more if you cancel your enrollment.

    No, English is the preferred language for the mode of training delivery. Any language other than English will have to be custom request which will be fulfilled at additional cost and availability of a native language trainer.
    If you would like to know more about a course, you can mail us at support@invensislearning.com or call us at (+91 96202-00784) or chat with our training consultant to get your query resolved.

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