Minitab Essentials Training Course in Vienna, Austria

Invensis Learning's Minitab Essentials Training Course in Vienna is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive experience in Minitab Essentials. Minitab is software developed primarily for Six Sigma professionals that lets you analyze and manipulate statistical data to identify patterns and obtain answers to current issues. In this Minitab Essentials training course, participants will learn to minimize the time required for data analysis by using Minitab to import data, develop sound statistical approaches to exploring data, create and interpret compelling graphs, and export results.

Participants will also learn the fundamentals of important statistical concepts, such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, and how to uncover and describe relationships between variables with statistical modeling tools. This course places a strong emphasis on making sound decisions based upon the practical application of statistical techniques commonly found in manufacturing, engineering, and research and development endeavors. Participants attending this training will receive a hard copy of the course material.

We deliver Minitab Essentials Training in Vienna through classroom and live online virtual modes. Request this Minitab Essentials course as on-site group training to bring your enterprise teams up to speed in the world of Minitab Essentials. Enroll now for this Minitab Essentials in Vienna today.

Minitab Essentials Training in Vienna, Austria

Training Modes

- Instructor-led Classroom Training ( Request for Training )

- Instructor-led Online Training ( Request for Training )

- On-site Group Training ( Request for More Information )

- Focused 1-to-1 Training

Minitab Essentials Course Duration

- Customized as per your requirement

Areas of Study

- Basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab

- How to input and manipulate data into a Minitab Worksheet

- How to manipulate worksheets in Minitab

- How to Create, Edit and Annotate Graphs

- Several Data Analysis functions within Minitab

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Minitab Essentials Training Course Syllabus
  • Minitab basics
  • Input of data
  • Worksheet manipulation
  • Creating graphs
  • Basic data analysis
Download detailed Minitab Essentials Course Syllabus (PDF)
Eligibility Criteria

There are no pre-requisite criteria for taking the Minitab Essentials training.

Who Should Attend Minitab Essentials Training

Job roles that can benefit from Minitab Essentials training include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Six Sigma Consultants
  • CMMI Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Anybody who is interested in performing data analysis

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Minitab Essentials Course Features

  • Interactive instructor-led Minitab Essentials training
  • Highly qualified, certified, and accredited trainers
  • Course completion certificate provided
  • Get Minitab Essentials Study Guide created by subject matter experts
  • Get to know industry best practices and case studies

Minitab Essentials Course Syllabus


This lesson will demonstrate some basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab in the form of opening/saving projects, saving session window output, report pad, calculator, toolbars, and help topics

This lesson will demonstrate how to input and manipulate data into a Minitab Worksheet. Techniques include such as copy/paste from other programs, typing in data, using patterned data, opening other formats, changing data types, and coding and sorting data.

This lesson will demonstrate how to manipulate worksheets in Minitab including rearranging columns, stact/unstack columns, transpose columns, split worksheet, subset worksheet, stack/merge worksheets, and conditional formatting.

This lesson will demonstrate how to Create, Edit and Annotate the following Graphs through individual value plot, dot plot, histogram, box plot, interval plot, line plot, time series plot, scatter plot, and bar chart.

This module will demonstrate many Data Analysis functions within Minitab including tests on proportions, tables/chi-square, ANOVA, 2-sample t test, paired t-test, variance tests, correlation, simple linear regression, and sample size.

Minitab Essentials Training Agenda

The agenda of the 1-day Minitab Essentials training is detailed below:

  1. This lesson will demonstrate some basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab

    • Opening / Saving Projects
    • Opening / Saving Worksheets
    • Opening / Saving Graphs
    • Saving Session Window Output
    • Report Pad
    • Calculator
    • Toolbars
    • Help topics
  2. This lesson will demonstrate how to input and manipulate data into a Minitab Worksheet. Techniques include:

    • Copy / Paste from other programs
    • Typing in Data
    • Using Patterned Data
    • Opening Other Formats
    • Changing Data Types
    • Code Data
    • Sort Data
    • Date/Time Formats
  3. This lesson will demonstrate how to manipulate worksheets in Minitab including:

    • Rearranging Columns
    • Stack / Unstack Columns
    • Transpose Columns
    • Split Worksheet
    • Subset Worksheet
    • Stack / Merge Worksheets
    • Set Descriptions for Columns and Worksheets
    • Conditional Formatting
  4. This lesson will demonstrate how to Create, Edit and Annotate the following Graphs:

    • Individual Value Plot
    • Dot Plot
    • Histogram
    • Box Plot
    • Interval Plot
    • Line Plot
    • Time Series Plot
    • Scatter Plot
    • Bar Chart
  5. This module will demonstrate many Data Analysis functions within Minitab including:

    • Tests on Proportions
    • Tables / Chi-Square
    • ANOVA
    • 2-Sample t Test
    • Paired t-Test
    • Variance Tests
    • Correlation
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Sample Size

FAQs on Minitab Essentials Training


  • Request for this training through the registration form
  • Enroll and make the payment, and block your seat
  • Receive the training kit with training details and start your preparation

As part of your Minitab Essentials training, you will receive:

  • Hard copy/soft copy of the course material
  • Minitab Essentials Syllabus

At Invensis, we provide Minitab Essentials training in Vienna in different learning modes such as instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led online training, on-site group training, and focused 1 to 1 training.

No, there is no examination for this course. This course provides only a basic understanding of Minitab Essentials concepts and techniques. If you are looking at certification courses related to Minitab, then we offer Six Sigma Green, Yellow and Black belt trainings in Vienna.

Individuals and Enterprises can make payment for the training through 2 different modes such as –

  • Request for Invoice
  • Wire Transfer

For more information on payment details, please contact us at

Please call us, join our Live Chat for instant support, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the largest city in the country. Spread over 414 sq. km, Vienna is home to over 1.8 million people. The city is a major European center for art and music and has a rich architectural history with several grand monuments and parks. These make it a popular destination, drawing millions of tourists each year. Vienna has been ranked first in a quality of living survey conducted for cities around the world.

Many international organizations such as UN and OPEC are located in Vienna. The city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. There are many large universities such as University of Vienna, Sigmund Freud University and the University of Music and Performing Arts. The GDP of Vienna accounts for 26% of the $ 386.4 billion GDP of Austria. The economy of Vienna is driven by the services sector, and manufacturing tech firms have set up their European headquarters in the city.

The largest employers in Vienna are OMV AG, Siemens Group Austria, ÖBB Holding AG, Mondi AG, Telekom Austria, Heinecken C&EE, Wienerberger AG and A-Tec Industries AG (Mechanical Engineering & Construction).The highest average salary in Vienna for professionals in Project Management is €88,109, ITSM is €91,230, and Quality Management is €91,570. Whereas a senior project manager with PMP certification the salary goes up to €98,764, with ITIL certification it goes up to €99,225, and with Six Sigma certification, it goes up to €98,570.

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