Change Management Training and Certification Course in Madrid, Spain

Invensis Learning's Change Management Foundation Training Course in Madrid is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive Project Management experience. This APMG’s Change Management Foundation is one of the most industry-recognized project management certifications for project managers and project practitioners all across the world. This Change Management Foundation Training in Madrid is ideal for individuals and enterprises who want to know to know how to effectively manage and implement change in a project both from a technical and people perspective.

The main takeaways from this Change Management Foundation Certification course in Madrid are that one will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of types of changes that occur in organizations, identifying the main components of planning and structuring a change, and creating effective strategies towards change resistance. Participants will receive course completion certificate.

We deliver Change Management Foundation Training in Madrid through classroom and live online virtual modes. Enroll now and gain this Change Management Foundation certification in Madrid today.

Change Management Foundation Training in Madrid, Spain

Training Modes

- Instructor-led Classroom Training ( Request for Training )

- Instructor-led Online Training ( Request for Training )

- On-site Group Training ( Request for More Information )

- Focused 1-to-1 Training

Areas of Study

- Identifying the types of changes that occur in organizations

- Identifying the main components of planning and structuring a change

- Analyzing the importance of communication in change management

- Creating strategies to overcome resistance towards change, and more

Change Management Training Request for Change Management Foundation training in Madrid
Change Management Foundation Course Duration

2 days (   view daywise training agenda )

Change Management Foundation Training Syllabus
  • Individual change
  • Team change
  • Organizational change
  • Leading change
Download detailed Change Management Course Syllabus (PDF)
Change Management Certification Eligibility Criteria

There are no pre-requisites to take up Change Management Foundation Exam

Change Management Foundation Exam Format
  • Exam Type: Multiple choice questions
  • No Of Questions: 50 questions per paper with 1 mark available per question
  • Exam duration: 40 Minutes
  • Result: 25 marks required to pass - 50%
  • Type: Closed book exam
Change Management Foundation Exam Fees

The Change Management Foundation examination cost in Spain is USD 350.

Who Should Attend Change Management Certification Training

Job roles that can benefit from Change Management Foundation training course in Madrid include, but are not limited to:

  • Change Leaders
  • Change Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Change Implementers
  • Project Managers
  • Managers/Staff
  • Senior Management
  • Anyone involved in change at any level within an organization
Accreditation APMG International Change Management

All Upcoming Change Management Foundation Training Schedule in Madrid, Spain

Change Management Foundation Course Features

  • Interactive instructor-led Change Management Foundation training
  • Highly qualified, certified, and accredited trainers
  • Change Management course adhered to global standards
  • Interact with co-participants from different backgrounds
  • 98.2% pass success rate
  • Get to know industry best practices and case studies
  • Prepare better with mock sample tests
  • Student Study Guide prepared by subject matter experts

Syllabus for Change Management Foundation Training


The Change Management Foundation syllabus contains four sections:

This module focuses on how people learn, perspectives towards a behavioral approach to change, cognitive approach to change, psychodynamic approach to change, humanistic psychology approach to change, different types of individuals to change, managing change in self and others, and more.

This module mainly focuses on learning the nature of teams, improving team effectiveness, Tuckman’s model of the team change, leadership issues in team change, individuals and team dynamics, and the need for team work.

This module focuses on beliefs and assumption with Machine Organizational metaphor, Political Systems Organizational metaphor, Organisms Organizational metaphor, Flus, and Transformation Organizational metaphor, driving and resting forces to change, phases of planned change, Eight Step Model for transforming your organization, and more.

This module discusses mainly on the leader’s role linked to the four key organizational metaphors, description of visionary leadership, theories on leadership approaches, roles that leaders play, leadership styles and skills, leadership focus at different phases of change, the importance of self knowledge and inner resources, and more.

Change Management Foundation Training Agenda

The daily agenda of the 2-day Change Management Foundation training is detailed below:

    • The defining features of models which describe how people learn
    • The perspectives associated with the behavioral approach to change
    • The perspectives associated with the cognitive approach to change
    • The perspectives associated with the psychodynamic approach to change
    • The perspectives associated with the humanistic psychology approach to change
    • The individual personality ‘preferences’ identified by the MBTITM and the responses of four types of individuals to change
    • The factors that influence how to manage change in self and others
    • How managers and change agents can help others to Change
    • The theories and models about the nature of teams
    • How to Improve Team Effectiveness. The five elements that contribute to the level of a team’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness
    • Tuckman’s model of team change and the stages of development that teams go through
    • Leadership Issues in Team Change. The phases that groups go through and the challenges for leaders
    • How individuals affect team dynamics
    • The key beliefs and assumptions associated with:
      • Machine Organizational metaphor
      • Political Systems Organizational metaphor
      • Organisms Organizational metaphor
      • Flux and Transformation organizational metaphor
    • The underlying principles of understanding the driving forces and resisting forces in any situation if change is to happen
    • The four phases of planned change that draws on the disciplines of project management
    • The Eight Step Model for transforming your organization
    • The four components in the congruence model that draws on the socio-technical view of organizations and addresses the dynamics of what happens in an organization when we try to change it
    • The three phases of managing transition and the distinction between planned change and transition
    • The “principles of environmental systems” for how organizations operate and its relevance to sustaining and renewing organizational change
    • The leader’s role linked to each of the four key organizational metaphors
    • The description of visionary leadership
    • The characteristics of other theories on leadership approaches
    • The roles that leaders play
    • The leadership styles and skills
    • The different leadership focus for different phases of change
    • The importance of self-knowledge and inner resources

FAQs on Change Management Foundation Training


  • Select convenient training schedule given above
  • Enroll and make the payment, and block your seat
  • Receive the training kit with training details and start your preparation
  • Hard copy/soft copy of the course material
  • Change Management Foundation syllabus
  • Change Management Foundation exam (optional)
  • Practice Tests

At Invensis, we provide Change Management Foundation training in Madrid in three different learning modes in instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led online training, and on-site group training.

Change Management Foundation can be applied to all sorts of projects in construction, oil and gas, energy, banking, financial services, ICT, engineering and in various other industries as well.

Yes, this APMG’s refreshed Change Management Foundation certification is fully aligned with the Change Management Body of Knowledge. The new syllabus samples a wide range of knowledge regarding the theory and practice of change management including:

  • change and the individual
  • change and the organization
  • communication and stakeholder engagement and;
  • change practice

Yes, the course fee includes the exam fee as well.

Individuals and Enterprises can make payment for the training through 2 different modes such as –

  • Request for Invoice
  • Wire Transfer

For more information on payment details, please contact us at

Please join our Live Chat for instant support, call us, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

Madrid, located on the river Manzanares, is the capital of Spain and the largest city in the country. Spread over 6004 sq. km, the city is home to over 3.1 million people. Madrid serves as the political, cultural and economic center of the country and is a major city in Europe for entertainment, fashion, science, and arts. Due to its high economic output and standard of living, Madrid is a major financial center in Southern Europe.

Madrid is a tourist hub in Europe, and its various landmarks and museums draw millions of tourists every year. The Madrid area has a GDP of €203 billion, which accounts for 15% of Spain’s total GDP. The economy of Madrid is driven by the service sector which accounts for 85% of the value added to the economy. Madrid is also a major industrial center and specializes in high-technology production. The largest employers in Madrid are Telefónica, BBVA, Santander, PwC, IBM, Amadeus, Deloitte, and Everis.

The highest average salary in Madrid for professionals in Project Management is €64,265, ITSM is €68,853, and Quality Management is €60,967. Whereas a senior project manager with PMP certification the salary goes up to €70,175, with ITIL certification it goes up to €77,000, and with Six Sigma certification, it goes up to €78,139.

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