How Do I Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner?

PRojects IN Controlled Environments is one of project management’s most widely recognized certifications. The PRINCE2 Practitioner is an advanced certificate of the PRINCE2 project management methodology and provides an advanced degree of comprehension of the project management methodology. This internationally recognized certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge, skills, and capacities to apply the PRINCE2 technique to various project types.

Moreover, the Practitioner level expands on the knowledge obtained at the Foundation level and aids in the development of practical project management abilities.

Now let’s examine the PRINCE2 Practitioner Preparation Guide!

About PRINCE2 Practitioner

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification test aims to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and comprehension of implementing and adapting the method in various project environments and circumstances. After certification, you can anticipate being allocated to leadership positions, such as project manager or team leader. Therefore, you must pass the PRINCE2 Foundation test before attempting the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification teaches you how to apply PRINCE2 to the administration and management of a project in an environment that arranged PRINCE2. Once certified, you can adapt and customize PRINCE2 to fit the needs and challenges of a particular project scenario. In addition, you will have a thorough understanding of the relationships between the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes and the PRINCE2 products, as well as a thorough understanding of these elements.

Target Audience

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is appropriate for all project managers. It could be a component of a formal project management job or a daily duty of a position that involves project management. In addition, the Practitioner certification aims to verify that the candidate has adequate knowledge and comprehension of the approach to implement and adapt it in various project situations and circumstances.

  • This qualification is for project managers, prospective project managers, and anyone interested in project management
  • Board Members of the Project (e.g., Senior Responsible Owners)
  • Team captains (e.g., Product Delivery Managers)
  • Affirmation of the Project (e.g., Business Change Analysts)
  • Contribute to a Project (e.g., Project and Programme Office personnel)

What Qualifications Are Necessary to Become a Prince2 Practitioner?

To sit for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you must have passed one of the following prerequisite exams:

  • Foundation for PRINCE2
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Associate in Project Management Certification (CAPM)
  • Level A of the IPMA (Certified Projects Director)
  • Furthermore, Level B of the IPMA (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • Level C of the IPMA (Certified Project Manager)
  • Also, Level D IPMA (Certified Project Management Associate)

How Much Time Does It Take to Be a Prince2® 6th Edition Practitioner?

Like the Foundation course, the PRINCE2 Practitioner course is typically completed in two to three days if students choose the full-time classroom option.

While working full-time, it normally takes students three months to complete the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification using online and virtual learning methods. However, you may accomplish PRINCE2 online exactly as rapidly as in a classroom if you devote your entire day to studying.

Steps to Becoming a Prince2 Practitioner

The PRINCE2 Practitioner examination is a professional examination designed to test candidates’ comprehensive understanding of project management. Moreover, this examination will evaluate your knowledge of PRINCE2 project management principles, themes, and methods. So let’s start with preparing for passing the examination.

Step 1 – Know the Exam Syllabus in Depth 

1. Tab Your Manual

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam:- an open book examination – you can reference your tabbed, annotated, and highlighted textbook but no additional notes. Remember that you should reference your handbook, not read it during the exam. With eight questions (each with multiple parts) in two and a half hours, you cannot afford to waste time casually browsing the text for answers. However, you will know where to go if you need to check something in the text (thus, the tabs).

Avoid tabbing everything and anything, lest you end up with a book tab at the top, sides, and bottom! At least be able to reference:

  • Appendix A – Administration Products
  • The 7 Themes
  • The 7 Processes
  • Appendix C — Roles

Getting to these areas fast will allow you to navigate the text and verify minor details!

2. Complete the Practice Questions

As with any examination, PRINCE2 demands the candidate to have a firm grasp of the subject matter and syllabus. The purpose of the practice questions is to let you practice applying PRINCE2 to a situation. Practitioner requires not only knowledge of PRINCE2’s foundational theory, but also an understanding of how to apply and adapt it to different situations. Be cautious when applying PRINCE2 to a particular case study; determine what falls inside the project’s or stage’s scope and what does not; otherwise, you may provide an inaccurate response.

3. Time Management Throughout the Exam

Consider that your objective is to satisfactorily finish all eight questions, including all parts, in 2.5 hours, totaling 80 line items. Consider applying the 15-minute rule to a question; this will give you a total of 25 minutes, which is often enough time to review the additional information or spend a few more moments on the challenging section C question. Moreover, passing candidates frequently tackle ALL questions; don’t just focus on your favorite topics.

4. Read the Question, Then the Answers, and Then Respond to the Question

PRINCE2 is a methodology that needs to be utilized appropriately given the circumstances – avoid any absolute responses (unless it is a negative question), and select answers that can be regarded as generally/typically. Remember the exam strategy of the process of elimination; you should be able to discard the “non-PRINCE2” solutions and focus on finding the best PRINCE2 answer(s) for the given situation.

5. Recall That This Is a Prince2 Exam

The answer is according to PRINCE2 rather than your present workplace project management methodology. While you may be doing project management outside the test room, what you do is not always the PRINCE2 way. Therefore, remember that for a REASON to be valid in an assertion/reason inquiry, it must be a PRINCE2 reason and not a common sense reason.

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

Consider carefully enrolling in one of the PRINCE2 Practitioner courses. There is no better way to ensure that you have covered and comprehended all the necessary content than to take practice exams.

Step 2: Understand the Exam Format

The candidate should also be sufficient knowledge about the examination’s principles. The nature of the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Questions is multiple-choice and multiple-response. The candidate must earn at least 55 percent to pass the exam. Additionally, the candidate will be given 150 minutes to finish the examination. The validity of the PRINCE 2 Practitioner certification is three years. In addition, the cost of PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is $300.

Step 3: Compile all additional pertinent exam information

When you take this examination, you should be aware of the following policies:

Scoring Process

To pass the PRINCE2 practitioner examination, a candidate must earn at least 55 percent. It indicates that the candidate must have answered 38 out of 68 questions correctly. However, a score above 55% is always appreciated and will increase your self-assurance. In addition, it summarizes all exam content for the PRINCE2 practitioner examination. So, let’s continue and study the PRINCE2 practitioner exam procedure.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Results

Candidates taking web-based examinations can access their exam results immediately following completion.

Keep Practitioner Status

Remember that there is no expiring date for the PRINCE2 foundation exam. In contrast, PRINCE2 practitioner certification is only valid for three years. So, it means that candidates must maintain their practitioner status by passing the exam.

Step 4: Consult the Top Resources

Diverse resources possess unique sets of knowledge and comprehension. However, in academic life, one should perform revisions on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, it is crucial to match the type of revision you perform on your source material with the sort of revision you perform on your draught.

White Pages and Blogs from AXELOS

AXELOS delivers official whitepapers, blogs, case studies, and webinars to help you acquire the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. These are the most essential and trusted resources for preparing for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam. In addition, these materials will provide good knowledge and comprehension of the numerous PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam subjects. The candidate should thus try with these resources.

Training Program

AXELOS offers a formal training program for each exam. Therefore, the candidate may register with AXELOS and enroll in the training program. The PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Manual will equip you with the understanding, knowledge, and abilities essential to pass the examination. In addition, there is a multitude of different websites on the Internet that offer these training programs; the candidate may choose whichever one they like.


The following step is to collect some books. The candidate should utilize the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Books to achieve a comprehensive mastery of the exam concepts. To assist you with your work, we have compiled the following list of books:

  • The Stationary Office’s 2017 edition of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2
  • David Hinde’s PRINCE2 Study Guide: 2017 Update, 2nd Edition
  • Colin Bentley’s The PRINCE2 Practitioner: From Practitioner to Professional is in its third Edition

PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam is the most valuable resource in the study guide. Once the candidate feels suitably prepared, they may take the practice exam. Therefore, the candidate will be able to discover their weak areas and work on them with the help of the practice test.


In conclusion, Invensis Learning’s PRINCE2 Practitioner certification will help you achieve a variety of professions in project management. The examination is difficult, but if you follow the correct protocol and do the necessary work, you can earn this valid credential. Before beginning preparations, obtaining all relevant information concerning the exam and certificate is essential.

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