Understanding How PMP Certification Helps

Reaching your career destination entails a lot of effort and patience. People look for various ways to succeed in their career and enhance their experience and earning potential. However, for project managers, the first step is to understand why PMP certification is essential. Some do realize that to become PMP certified is a wise move as they get many PMP benefits. Project management certification can make things a little more comfortable in various aspects; this article will explain how PMP certification helps a project manager.

Many PMP aspirants hesitate to take this step as they are uncertain about spending time and money without a clue on “is PMP certification worth it.” In addition to the experience required to qualify for the exam, some specific education and exam preparation steps need to be taken up before attempting the exam. Which is why many project managers want to know if their efforts will pay off and only then take subsequent steps on their journey to PMP certification?

There are different benefits of becoming a PMP certified, not merely from your career point of view, but also for personality development; it boosts both your ability and confidence as well.

Benefits of Taking Up PMP Certification

1. For Project Managers

Benefits of PMP Certification For Project Managers
Benefits of PMP Certification For Project Managers

Career Growth

“Don’t go through life; grow through life.” – Eric Butterworth

“Don’t go through life; grow through life.” – Eric Butterworth

Many well-established organizations look for PMP certified professionals and clearing the PMP certification exam will surely offer better career prospects. Becoming a PMP certified improves your professional network. You can interact with people pursuing the PMP course and those already certified, and this paves the way for better jobs. The more extensive your network in the PM field, the better for your career growth.

Boost Your Salary

“You don’t get paid for the hour, but for the value, you bring to the hour.” –Jim Rohn

While there are many PMP advantages and disadvantages, the 10th edition of PMI’s salary survey, reveals that project management certification provides an excellent advantage when it comes to earning potential. Being a PMP certified professional gives you an immediate edge over your counterparts when it comes to salary levels. So do not fret over the cost of earning PMP certification, but think of why PMP certification is essential.

PMP Salary Survey Report
PMP Salary Survey Report

PMP Salary by Industry

PMP certified managers are not limited to one industry. Industries across various sectors seek competent professionals to ensure that projects are implemented productively.

PMP Salary by Industry Worldwide
PMP Salary by Industry Worldwide

Language Mastery

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

On-job project management training might help you out to learn some parts of PM language, but you are going to master many project management-related terms only after successful completion of the exam.

Taking up the course will help you understand all the terms and concepts that you use as a project manager regularly.

Greater Responsibilities

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” -Voltaire

PMP credentials increase your knowledge, competency, and skills. You will start working beyond your principal job role and responsibilities in your organization. You will be provided an opportunity to work on esteemed projects.

As a certified PMP, you will have to manage large projects and satisfy multiple stakeholders. Handling such responsibilities will benefit you vastly as the experience you gain will help you identify early on any problems of a project–from initiation to completion.

Improved Career Opportunities

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” -Bobby Unser

Being a certified PMP paves the way for better career opportunities as there is a massive demand for skilled project managers in various sectors. The best jobs are reserved for those who have the training and practical knowledge along with certification. Certified PMPs thus get preference over non-certified project managers in the job market.

PMP Salary by Geography and Years of Experience
PMP Salary by Geography and Years of Experience

Challenging Projects

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” Cicely Tyson

PMP certification comes not only with more responsibilities but challenges too. When you are a certified PMP, projects that require greater effort and commitment to achieve business goals will fall into your lap.

Through the project cycle, complex issues like managing stakeholder expectations, getting clarity on scope, planning, and re-planning, allocation of resources, ensuring adequate control, and knowledge transfer will arise.

Knowledge of tools and techniques alone will not help, innate wisdom will help you tackle such complexities. Being entrusted with the management of prestigious projects is thus definitely a benefit to realizing your management capabilities.

Enhances Risk Management Skills

“Risk management is not about future decisions, but about the future of decisions we make now.”- Robert N Charette

PMP certification gives you knowledge of advanced risk management skills to identify and assess the probable risks and ways to mitigate the same. Having this skill is an added advantage as it safeguards organizational interests. This in-turn increases product quality to a top-notch level, which is beneficial for you as a PM, the team, and the organization too.

Enhances Your Problem-solving Skills

“A problem is a chance to do your best.”- Duke Ellington

Attaining PMP certification is proof of your proficiency in the domain. People will approach you for expert advice. You will be trusted with your problem-solving skills, imaginative solutions, and innovative approaches that ensure project success.

Upgrades Your Leadership Skills

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”- Peter F.Drucker

It is the core responsibility of the project manager to bring all members of a team together as a single entity. They are accountable for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team to accomplish the project. You will be provided an opportunity to acquire various leadership skills which vary based on project requirements.

Enhances People-orientation and Team Work

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”- Henry Ford

Teamwork is a significant factor that determines the success or failure of the project. The primary responsibility of the project manager is to manage the team competently and lead it to attain all business objectives. Being a PMP certified project manager, you will be considered the main force behind successful project completion.

2. For Companies

For Company Who Needs Project Managers
For Company Who Needs Project Managers

International Recognition

The Project Management Institute has earned ISO/IEC 17024 recognition for PMP certification training programs. This ISO standardization provides credibility and is valued globally. It indicates that you have a level of experience and qualification that non-certified professionals do not have. An enterprise that seeks a strong global presence will consider your PMP certification a valuable commodity.

Added Credibility

Hiring a PMP certified project manager will add great benefit and value to the company in various ways:

  • You will know that your employees are led by experienced and knowledgeable project managers who ensure they work to the best of their ability.
  • Certified project managers possess general knowledge about risk management and prevent blunders that lead to monetary loss.

Create a Healthy Business Environment

Nowadays businesses are integrating project management to the organization’s vision and culture.

Creating a healthy business environment involves the following features:

  • A highly mature program, project, and portfolio management approach
  • Thorough understanding of project management values
  • Aligning programs and projects to the organization’s strategy

Hiring a certified project manager is the first step to ensuring an organized and productive culture in the enterprise.

Be a Project Manager That Industries Look For

PMP certification benefits can take the individual’s career to a greater height and provide a professional edge over other professionals, not to mention with added credibility. PMP salaries reveal a clear difference between people with project management certification and without a certification. The PMP certification is the most sought after credential to increase your employability.

A PMP certification shapes your career as a proficient project manager, but it depends mainly on how seriously you take up the course. How PMP certification helps is how you understand PMP benefits.

No matter what, PMP training certification is indeed worth the effort!

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