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PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a well-known process-based project management methodology that provides scalable and customized solutions for all projects. The United Kingdom government established the standard, which is implemented internationally in all IT environments. PRINCE2® enables the maximum utilization of established methods from a variety of industries. As such, it specifies the points of decision-making and documentation templates for the entire project. 

PRINCE2® is one of the most important qualifications in the Project Management sector. Professionals in this sector frequently pursue this certification to advance their careers. To obtain the PRINCE2 certification, you must pass a series of examinations that require extensive preparation. In addition, the PRINCE2® certification consists of two examinations, Foundation and Practitioner, which enable project team members to assess and deal with project needs more effectively.

So, this article will cover about PRINCE2  Foundation course online that may help you prepare for the foundation level examination more effectively.

Before moving on with the core concept, let’s quickly glimpse various PRINCE2 levels.

To become a certified PRINCE2® practitioner, you must pass several tests. During each of these examinations, you will be assessed in various areas. These will assist you in establishing your credibility as a leader and facilitator of PRINCE2® projects. 

Following are the various levels of PRINCE2® Certification examinations:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Exam

Now, let’s examine each one separately.

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification ensures that the certified individual possesses the necessary understanding and knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology to work effectively with the team. By obtaining PRINCE2® certification, an individual obtains a more robust skill set, which ultimately contributes to an organization’s profit and revenue growth.

The primary objective is to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the principles and terminology of the PRINCE2®. Additionally, they must be capable of

  • Clarifying the key components of the seven principles, themes, and processes and their respective roles
  • Explaining the input and output products of the seven processes in PRINCE2
  • Describing the primary function and key components
  • Explain the connection between project procedures, deliverables, responsibilities, and management dimensions


There are no prerequisites for this examination. However, the certification is a solid starting point for PRINCE2® beginners.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Exam

The Practitioner level certifies the candidate’s capability to execute PRINCE2® and manage simple projects in an environment that supports PRINCE2®. 

The core objective of this examination is to determine whether or not the applicant can implement and adapt the PRINCE2® methodology to overcome the hindrances and requirements mentioned in the required project. 

Additionally, they must be capable of:

  • Providing an extensive description of all the seven PRINCE2® principles, themes, processes, and implementation
  • Demonstrating the correlation between the PRINCE2® principles, themes, procedures, and products
  • Demonstrating the fundamental logic of the PRINCE2® methodology’s concepts, themes, and procedures and the principles underlying these elements
  • Confirming that they can adapt the PRINCE2® methodology to various project scenarios


To be eligible for the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, you must possess at least one of the following credentials:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

To become a Professional Project Manager, you can take the PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner courses online.

Techniques for Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation Course Online

Following are the techniques for passing the PRINCE2 Foundation course online:

  • Read the study resources to comprehend the PRINCE2 methodology and concepts thoroughly. “Managing Successful Projects along with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition” is an essential resource for your preparation. Extensive practice is required
  • If possible, practice the example papers with other students (in groups)
  • Before responding to the questions, read each question carefully (at least twice)
  • Obtain an accurate understanding of the ideas from your trainer/facilitator/coach during training or before the assessment

 Procedure for obtaining PRINCE2 Foundation course online certification:

Get skilled

Obtain the 16-hour training through a Certified Partner of AXELOS and PeopleCert or independent study.

Take the PRINCE2 Foundation test

Schedule your certification examination with the eligibility code provided by PeopleCert.

Take the 60-minute online exam and score at least 55% to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation examination.

Obtain PRINCE2 Foundation Course Online Certification

Get the digital certificate. You have attained PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

Exam Preparation Hints for PRINCE2 Foundation Course Online

Participate in a PRINCE2® Certification Course

It will assist you in acquiring the necessary PDUs for the PRINCE2® Certification Exam. In addition, you will be able to obtain the PRINCE2® certification with cumulative efficiency by combining the highest quality with your needs. Additionally, attempt to read the PRINCE2 guidebook at least once before attending formal training.

Create an Optimal Study Environment

As a working professional, studying alongside one’s occupation isn’t easy. Thus, you must remain committed and prepare thoroughly. In addition, you must find as much time as possible to study and avoid distractions.

Create a Study Strategy 

As previously stated, endeavor to study as much as possible. Begin with a comprehensive itinerary that includes all topics covered in the curriculum. In addition to learning, make notes and ask questions. Try to adhere to your timetable, but do not overdo it, as the excess of anything is not desirable.

Stay Informed and Engaged with the PRINCE2 Community

To communicate with other PRINCE2® exam candidates, you can utilize the online forums/groups that are readily accessible on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will help you find out what’s going on around you and remain current on the newest PRINCE2® Certification news. Additionally, you can read the most recent PRINCE2® publications authored by certified individuals.


A PRINCE2® certification grants more control over resources and improves a professional’s capacity to manage projects and businesses more efficiently. Recruiters also prefer qualified professionals to join their project board and bring a regulated environment to the organization.

This concludes this article regarding the PRINCE2® Foundation course online. However, if this article has spiked your interest in obtaining PRINCE2® foundation certification, you can enroll in Invensis Learning’s online PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course. We also offer structured training in which PRINCE2® Certified Trainers will guide you with years of training experience.

Invensis Learning, a Global Training organization, has emerged as a market leader in providing professional training solutions to more than 100,000 individuals across many Small, Medium and large enterprises worldwide. Moreover, Invensis Learning is a trusted partner that caters to the training 

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