Top 4 Professional Courses to Shine Your Resume

Getting a job isn’t easy in this economy. Especially with the competition, choosing a fair job for you is grinding. But to acquire any job, you need to do much more than nailing any interview section. You must prove that you have the hard skills to be the best person to fit into the job. So, suppose you want to expand your business and IT knowledge. In that case, having a professional certification course will witness an official document that proves your capabilities and qualifications in a certain field or profession. No doubt that professional certifications add great value to your resume and attract employers.

There’s cut-throat competition for everything. But if you can get an edge over your peers, you can quickly get high-paying jobs in the industry. Employers pay special attention to the additional skills section in any sector to determine who should move on to the next hiring process step. So to help you turn a new page and get the right job, we have consolidated top professional courses and their benefits for your career leads.

But you must be thinking about what is the need or importance of getting a professional course? You already acquire the degree knowledge, so why? Let me answer this question comprehensively.

The Benefit of Earning a Professional Certification

Undoubtedly, a professional certification can be extremely valuable when trying to land a job or advance in your current position. We have collected several advantages of obtaining a certification:

  • Earn Credibility

 A professional certification helps you gain credibility in your future career. It also provides a stamp of approval and validation to your portfolio, proving that you’re an expert in your domain to succeed. For example, suppose you are a freelancer. In that case, companies prefer to work with professionals with certifications from reputed programs because it shows your commitment to your job

  • Increases Your Knowledge and skills

Achieving certifications can help you update or sharpen your skills in your domain.  It’ll also grant you to learn new techniques to expand your knowledge in your industry. For instance, professional certifications include hands-on projects from experienced industry experts that prove that you’re ready for a given task or assessment. The more expertise you gain, the more efficiently you’ll be able to perform your job and the higher your chances of achieving opportunities

  • Increase Earning Potential

Once you obtain a professional certification, you also increase your likelihood of getting a raise in salary. Many organizations are willing to reward their employees with higher salary hikes based on their skills and knowledge in a particular area. In addition, if you’re applying for a new job, having an additional certification may qualify you for a higher remuneration than the average employee with work experience

  • Keeping Yourself Updated with a Competitive Edge

Be agile with the current technologies and update yourself every single day. One of the foremost reasons to get certified is that technology is always growing and evolving. So always keep learning, and you’ll have a knowledge base that will make you an asset to your employer far into the future. In addition, employers want to hire and promote employees who have demonstrated knowledge in their field.

What Are the Best Professional Courses to Shine Your Resume?

A certification is a standardized professional credential, meaning that everyone with a certification must meet the same requirements issued by professional associations, organizations, or businesses. Exams are frequently required; you may also need to meet education and experience requirements to obtain one. If you want to incorporate online courses and certificates on your resume, choose the career path that best fits your goals.

Top 4 Professional Courses to Shine Your Resume

Professional courses are tailored to prepare you for the right job in a specialized field of your choice and provide employees with in-depth training in practical skills. Choose whatever your interests and passions are. You can embrace one cut out for you from a wide range of top-notch courses, from Data Science to Project Management. Let us discuss this comprehensively.

1. Full Stack Developer Course

 An enchanting Full-Stack Developer course will help you enhance a solid foundation to impress the top-tech professionals and employees to land a good job in a product-based company. It is one of the world’s top professional courses. You will thoroughly understand how to deploy, create, secure, and scale programs and become familiar with the user interface, database stacks, and business logic.

With the help of this course, you will be able to capitalize on this rapidly increasing job demand by becoming equipped to supervise all aspects of the project, starting from databases and servers to systems and clients.

In addition, with the particular perspective of a full-stack developer, you’ll be able to join any project team in any sector.

For professionals looking for a career in web development with above-average potential, starting on a path toward becoming a full-stack developer is a brilliant career move.

Here is the salary detail of what a full-stack developer earns.

Full-stack Developer Salary

Source: Glassdoor

After looking at the salary, we will look at what new professional job roles you will get into it after completing full-stack developer Certification.

        Full Stack Developer Skills Job Roles
Mastering HTML/ CSS Full Stack Web Developer
Backend Technologies (like using JavaScript, jQuery, and Angular) QA Manual Tester
Program a server (like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node) PHP Full Stack Developer
Database Management Systems (DBMS) Node/React Full Stack Developer
Git and GitHub  Laravel Developer
Web Architecture Senior Full Stack Developer

2. Project Management Course

Project Management is considered one of the world’s best management courses. We at Invensis have been reviewed and approved by the PMI® Authorized Training Partner Program to provide PMP Certification training. The certification includes hands-on projects that prove that Project managers should be able to negotiate reasonable deadlines and milestones across teams, management, and stakeholders. A PMP certification helps you fetch highly-paying jobs in Finance, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare, and other industries that need project Management roles.

The following are the best certifications that can help you advance in your project management career: 

The Project Management Institute expects 22 million new project management job openings through 2027. Project managers are required in a wide variety of industries. So, the more time you spend in the industry, the better fruits it will yield for you. Here is a salary example of what a project Management professional earns.

Project Manager Salary


After looking at the salary, we will look at what new professional job roles you will get into it after completing Project Management Certification.

        Project Management Skills Job Roles
Interpersonal & Communication skills Project Managers
Resolve conflict & Ability to negotiate Director of Program Management
Visionary Leadership Team Leader
Risk Management Project Coordinator
Critical Thinking  Engineering Project Manager
Project Management Methodologies Business Analyst

3. Digital Marketing Course

As the marketing field has diverted in the digital age, the requirement for professionals trained in new skills has grown dramatically. According to recent surveys and research, the digital marketing industry significantly contributes to the employment sector. Consider learning industry-leading solutions for social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing in digital marketing.

In addition, a certification in this field will teach you mastery of your chosen marketing platform. Digital marketing is undoubtedly one such domain that has grown in popularity over the years and shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, this is a booming professional course globally.

Digital marketing is a well-paid job as well. Here is a salary example of what a Digital marketing professional earns.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary


After looking at the salary, we will look at what new professional job roles you will get into it after completing Digital Marketing Certification.

        Digital Marketing Skills Job Roles
Lead Generation SEO Specialist
Data Analysis Content Marketer
CRM & Google Analytics Social Media Manager
Communication skill Market statistic Analyst
Social Media SEO Manager
SEO & SEM Tools Ecommerce Marketers

4. DevOps Course

DevOps is the most promising technology in the IT industry, with the highest annual pay. It is a practice that helps speed up software development by bringing development and operations together, hence the name DevOps. DevOps, a combination of “development” and “operations,” acts as a bridge between the software development and IT teams. It is a continuous method involving many popular tools like Puppet, Docker, Chef, etc. As a result, candidates who are leading experts are gaining skilled jobs in the top MNCs. 

Through DevOps certification training, employees gain knowledge on the DevOps lifecycle and other strong technical skills required for achieving a specific job position like DevOps engineer, DevOps manager, DevOps architect, etc.

The best IT certifications that can help you launch a career in DevOps include:

  • DevOps Foundation Certification
  • DevOps Professional Certification
  • Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA) Certification
  • DevOps Master Certification

DevOps Engineer Salary

Source: Glassdoor

After looking at the salary, we will look at what new professional job roles you will get into it after completing DevOps Certification.

        DevOps Skills Job Roles
Cloud Skills  DevOps Engineer
Linux Fundamental & Scripting  Data Analyst
Automation & Security Skill DevOps Architect
Testing Skills  Automation Architect
Configuration and Version Management skill DevOps Manager
Continuous Integration & Containerization DevOps System Admin


Irrespective of whether you are an expert professional or just starting your career. Gaining new skills and knowledge through globally-recognized certifications helps your career achieve maximum mileage across industry sectors worldwide. At Invensis Learning, we offer online certification courses to help you get your dream job by improving your technical and soft skills.

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