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SAFe has quickly become one of the favorite production and implementation systems for agile scaling for most companies. It stands for Scaled Agile Framework with an embroidered term. Essentially, SAFe is a compilation of behavioral and process principles meant to facilitate the scaling of lean and agile methodologies in organizations. In this article, let us explore the top SAFe Agile Certifications to select in 2020.

Why Should You Pursue A SAFe Certificate (Scaled Agile Framework)? 

While Agile approaches are readily available to small groups, most organizations operate across distributed teams, dynamic processes, and geographic regions. This requires Agile to work through the business to offer quicker development advantages, higher quality goods, and prompt customer inquiry response. Agile transition on such a large scale, however, is vulnerable to errors due to a lack of proper framework and procedures, resulting in agile deployments that do not deliver the desired effect.

To large scale Agile project managers, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a robust approach to execute an Agile transition effortlessly. The first step toward such a change is to implement Lean / Agile concepts and strategies to all layers in an organization. The SAFe ® system effectively synchronizes numerous agile teams’ coordination, communication, and execution, leading the way to business performance. SAFe also strives to introduce maximum market resilience with significant advancements in planning, implementation, and leadership skills with its newest update, version 5, which will enable individuals and organizations to develop creative business strategies and replace competition. 

When it relates to introducing lightweight methods to build the organization, SAFe is of tremendous benefit. It assists with an assessed process in handling complicated and large-scale projects and provides consistent outputs and productive efficiency within an enterprise. 

This allows a trained individual to have a broader reach and improves his/her abilities such as teamwork, fast decision-making, quickly clearing inefficiencies, and consistency in the job process. 

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Top SAFe Certifications to Select in 2020

It’s essential to pick the right SAFe training program that conforms with your current organizational role and the potential aim that you’re pursuing. Through this, we have provided an insight into the SAFe training programs accessible, where to begin as well as how to inquire for the SAFe test. The shared knowledge could put you on the right path to doing most workouts. 

The first step in choosing the most suitable SAFe credential is considering what each program of these program delivers.

SAFe Agilist 5.0 Certification

If you have the potential to incorporate Agile Practices successfully, and you still have the potential to become Agile inside yourself, SAFe Agilist Credential is the best choice. To gain market resilience for the enterprise when keeping the workflow agile, SAFe Agilist Certification offers you authentication to follow the fundamentals of SAFe and its values. 


With SAFe Agilist Certification, you will be able to:

  • Set up a strategic plan to keep ahead of the competition in the market
  • Expand diverse employment prospects through tech & IT business sectors 
  • Optimize commodity & portfolio performance approaches
  • Discover Agile Quality management methods 
  • Engage cumulative stockholder and end-user development principles
  • Learn the best business practices and strategies for successfully conducting

SAFE Scrum Master Certification

Certified SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) Qualification programme is a 2-day course that will help you understand how the Scrum Master’s position functions in a stable endeavor. This certification brings all focus to team-level Scrum’s basics and examines the role of Scrum Master in the real business sense. 


With SAFe Scrum Master Certification, you will:

  • Know how to enforce iteration scheduling 
  • Define Scrum in a healthy business 
  • Promote scrum activities 
  • Enable ceremonies by a squad 
  • Achieve effective iteration 
  • Help successful operation of the Software Increment
  • Support unabated change 
  • Mentor teams to achieve full market performance 
  • Enable the introduction of DevOps 
  • Experience incremental preparation of the software 
  • Suppor successful iteration and execution of PIs 
  • Function as a mentor and coach for servants
SAFe Scrum Master Certification Training - Invensis Learning

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification

Suppose you have extensive experience in Scrum and SAFe System basics and have a good job background as a Scrum Master specialist. In that case, the next qualification you can go for is ASM Qualification. With events as a Scrum Master for more engaging development, SASM Certification can be the key to accepting more responsibilities. 


 With SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification, you will be able to:

  • Establish a joint plan for the team to remain ahead of the competition in the market
  • Explore diverse employment prospects through tech & IT business sectors
  • Optimize methods for attaining critical information about Scrum and SAFe
  • Develop Agile strategies for quality development
  • Expand gradual rates of growth for partners and end consumers 
  • Study the best techniques and methods in the industry to execute professional Scrum Master positions successfully

SAFe POPM Certification

SAFe POPM Certification provides value for Accredited SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager by successful software increment implementation. The SAFe POPM Credential is one such training program that focuses on cultivating your company side of the Product by 

  • Offering expertise to build the Product Vision
  • Refining the Product Backlog
  • Ensuring that you follow the right Agile Direction to achieve company agility faster


 With SAFe POPM Certification, you will be able to:

  • Optimize a strategic strategy with the company to keep ahead of the competition in the industry
  • Explore wide-ranging job openings through the tech and IT sectors 
  • Authenticate approaches for gaining critical information on Scrum and SAFe
  • Extend the agile strategies through the constant progression
  • Participate in cumulative stockholder and end-user development principles
  • Learn the best business approaches and techniques for successfully conducting the positions of product owners/managers


SAFe provides a broad approach for implementing and scaling Agile, Scrum, and Kanban at a high level. And that includes adequate preparation under the appropriate supervision of a teacher who has experienced understanding of SAFe ‘s values, execution, and function. 

At first, through being involved in the course, it is essential to become fully aware of the vital principles of becoming agile and work ethics. You should take several test model papers for practice and do a rightful review of both basic and advanced concepts. This way, you will be able to evaluate yourself and create a plan that best suits you.

I hope this article on ‘Top SAFe Agile Certifications’ helped you guys. For more information on SAFe and other Agile methodologies, you should consider pursuing a certification course at Invensis Learning. Some of the popular SAFe certification courses that individuals and enterprise teams can take up are:

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