Every business, regardless of how small, where it is situated, or the sector it services, must rely on project management to be successful. Without competent project managers, a corporation would struggle to accomplish other crucial business goals, develop income, and provide clients with new products and services.

A project management professional who wants to go above and beyond can enroll in classes and obtain certifications and a degree. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to determine which credentials are worthwhile investing time, effort, and money.

The UK and its government institutions are where Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is most well-known outside the US. Axelos offers PRINCE2 agile foundation certificates focused on leading, managing, and completing projects during all phases, including pre-project, initiation, delivery, and final delivery. An entry-level certification, the PRINCE2 Foundation test covers the fundamentals of project management vocabulary and methodology.

PRINCE2 provides a great framework for organizing and carrying out successful projects in regulated settings.

What is PRINCE2 Agile?

A PRINCE2 framework called “PRINCE2 Agile” was created to be modified and used in Agile contexts. It was developed in response to the demand from PRINCE2 users since, despite the framework’s popularity, Agile was becoming more prevalent in project management training.

Candidates can adapt more conventional management procedures and controls to fit Agile projects with the help of the PRINCE2 Agile course. However, PRINCE2 Agile practitioners can still use PRINCE2 governance to steer projects in the right direction. To put it another way, PRINCE2 Agile enables practitioners to benefit from PRINCE2’s stability and control, as well as the flexibility and individual empowerment typical of Agile teams.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification

By combining PRINCE2 management controls with a wide range of agile delivery techniques and frameworks, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certificate is intended to assist professionals in delivering agile projects.

With the certification, you can

  • Recognize the criteria for PRINCE2 governance in detail
  • Learn various agile principles and methods, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up, and Cynefin
  • Examine how PRINCE2 and agile working methods interact

A recently created certification level to support PRINCE2 Agile is called PRINCE2 Agile Foundation. This new Foundation level will expand on the success of the initial launch of PRINCE2 Agile in 2015 with a Practitioner level certification by making PRINCE2 Agile accessible to project managers who are not currently a part of the PRINCE2 community. Creating the new certification level won’t change the requirements for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner, but it will give candidates another option.

Value of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification

Companies must adapt when new opportunities present themselves, which demands flexibility in project management and improving project results. The number of active projects within the organization will grow as the companies strengthen, putting greater demands on the staff. Businesses’ ability to tackle a project is one of the main factors contributing to their rapid growth. Project managers who can manage things easily have been supplied.

Companies in the past did not consider any certification for project managers. They were pleased to allow staff members to work on the projects depending on their expertise. But over time, businesses realized that project management in the workplace requires a certain set of skills. Without them, they run some risks with their work that they probably can’t afford. Numerous projects also have various criteria and considerations. A licensed professional is needed to fulfill that. Because of this, project management credentials have become more valuable.

Make sure you obtain the appropriate certification if you need to be certified as a project manager and are a project manager. If you’re looking for any project management certification, you have a lot of possibilities. However, if you were to discuss the most comprehensive project management certification available today, PRINCE2 certification would come to mind.

Because PRINCE2 and Agile are two distinct concepts, most people continue to doubt the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification. However, when combined, they form a powerful combination. It may be crucial to the development of your career.

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification can help project managers like you get the following insights, which can help their careers as project managers soar:

1. The Market is in Extreme Demand

You receive certification, but it has little market value and is probably not something you want. After earning your certification, you would hope that it would be in demand so that you could find a good job. The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification’s best component is one with high market demand.

Companies are looking for PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification professionals because they believe they can perform their jobs more effectively than most. Most other project management certifications do not offer a compelling combination of the PRINCE2 principles and Agile project performance. Because of this, businesses are searching for individuals with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification to offer value to their operations.

2. Demand-Related Outlines

There was a period when most project management experts believed that the PRINCE2 principles only applied within a specific range. But in reality, it isn’t. As a result, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification is in extremely high demand in the Commonwealth nations and other nations. It makes this certification crucial for your profession and you. Because of this, if you want to see advancement in your work, you cannot disregard it.

3. Improve Your Capability to Manage Big Projects

The fact that individuals with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification are skilled at managing bigger projects is one of the main reasons why many large firms hunt for them. To meet the needs of larger organizations where projects are delivered, PRINCE2 project management was created. The seven PRINCE2 guidelines assist project managers in flawlessly completing each task, while Agile promotes projects’ prompt completion. Therefore, having project managers familiar with the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is a huge comfort for large corporations.

4. Develop your man management skills

Man-management skills are a crucial component of project management, yet a project will be challenging to manage without them. As a result, you’ll need certain skills to manage the many projects that come with working for a large organization as a project manager. You will also get that competence with the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification. This talent will ensure that you successfully involve many individuals in your projects.

5. Easily Be Selected by a Big Company

It is fine to conclude that most project management experts hope to be hired by bigger companies. However, only a small number of them succeed. That’s because some project management experts adopt novel strategies at the appropriate stage of their careers. Since most bigger firms hunt for people with this certification, earning the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification will help you take another important step toward realizing your dream.

6. Raise Earnings by Quite a Notch with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification

There is no disputing that larger and more powerful corporations invest far more in a project manager than smaller businesses. With the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification, you can advance fast to a more important organization with a wider scope. You’ll develop into a highly sought-after professional for businesses. It implies that you will be developing a sizable income using this certification.

7. Scenario in Businesses

You may be aware that in the past, employers would base a project manager’s job offer on his prior expertise. Therefore, for this position they might not require any form of certification. However, as time passes, most businesses change how they choose project managers.

Over the past ten years, the tasks and duties of a project manager in the business sector have changed. And to hold such a high position in a firm, one must develop specific abilities and methods.

It is because a project itself contains numerous risks and limitations. Delivering them following a customer’s needs is not to everyone’s taste.

Therefore, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification ensures that you seamlessly integrate into this corporate world. In many businesses, a trained project management specialist is essential. All of this has increased the value of these certificates in the current industry.

8. Develop Flexibility

A professional’s flexibility with dynamic projects is increased with the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification. It is fantastic in a field with millions of projects circulating. Consequently, this qualification prepares a person to manage various projects easily.

As a result, by implementing the agile framework’s concepts, a project manager can efficiently complete many projects. As a result, you develop as a more adaptable and versatile project manager in any organization.

9. Learning Management

It takes work to develop the managerial abilities necessary to operate a business profitably. Additionally, demonstrating your skills will be most effective if you are a certified project manager. Qualifying makes it simpler for a person to locate a fantastic career anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, it provides project management professionals with several options to land their ideal positions.


Start your training for the PRINCE2 Foundation certifications as soon as you can. There are numerous websites online that serve this purpose. Get educated so you can pass this test with flying colors. Find the desired nation on a map as you approach it with this certification.

We sincerely hope that your doubts regarding whether or not to pursue the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification have subsided. The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is all you require if you are sincere about your aim to develop into a skilled project manager in the future. Invensis Learning is approved by AXELOS, is based on the PRINCE2 6th edition, and offers live online instruction in addition to the cost of the PRINCE2 Certification Exam. This PRINCE2 Certification Training course teaches you how to effectively apply the PRINCE2 methodology to meet the budget and avoid associated risks.

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