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  • Invensis Learning is an authorized training partner of PMI to provide CAPM® course
  • 3-Day training based on the latest PMBOK Guide 7th Edition
  • Highly qualified, certified, and PMI-authorized trainers
  • CAPM resources to prepare professionals for the CAPM exam
  • Guidance to crack your CAPM certification exam on 1st Attempt* in London
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CAPM Certification Training Course Overview

Start your project management journey with our Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification Exam Prep Training Course in London. Tailored to meet the standards of the renowned PMBOK Guide 7th Edition, this course is the perfect fit for individuals and organizations in London aiming to build a strong base in project management best practices.

Whether you're beginning your career in project management or seeking to reinforce your existing skills, our CAPM Certification course in London is an invaluable asset. It provides more

Negotiating Project Terms
Learn effective negotiation techniques to empower teams and stakeholders by establishing project agreements
Managing Conflict
Use project management methodologies to manage conflicts and lead the project effectively
Project Governance
Handle project changes, select methods, and establish governance aligned with CAPM principle
Deliver Business Value
Manage communications, engage stakeholders, and execute projects to achieve business value
Project Management Fundamentals
Learn core project management principles and terminologies
Predictive Plan-Based Methodologies
Gain knowledge of traditional project planning method

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The CAPM training course is designed to enhance your abilities extensively, setting you up for success in project management. Through this training in your London, you will acquire the proficiency necessary to manage projects efficiently, ensuring they align with your organization's strategic goals.

Project Management Basics
Agile Project Management
Business Analysis Frameworks
Predictive Plan-Based Methodologies
Requirements Management
Stakeholder Communication
Conflict Resolution
Project Stakeholder Management
Project Management Processes

Key Highlights of CAPM Certification Training in London by Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning is recognized as a Premier PMI-authorized training Partner
Interactive instructor-led CAPM Certification Training
PMI-authorized instructors with extensive experience
Earn 23 contact hours of project management education
Course completion certification from Invensis Learning
Training curriculum as per the latest CAPM Exam Format
Retake the training within the next 2 months with the Flexi Pass at no extra charge
Guidance to crack your CAPM certification exam on 1st Attempt*
Gain access to CAPM resources to strengthen your CAPM exam preparation

25 million

Career Advancement

Demand for 25 million new project management roles by 2030, with 2.3 million yearly job openings, makes CAPM certification a key to diverse, promising careers.


Join a Flourishing Network

Become part of a rapidly expanding community of over 1,200,000 PMI certification holders worldwide who have attained the paramount credential in global-scale project management.

35 Hours

Helps in Fulfilling 35 Hours of PM Education

Earning your CAPM certification automatically fulfills the 35-hour project management education requirement to qualify for the PMP exam.

Training Delivery Options

Live Virtual Instructor-led Training

Experience immersive learning from the comfort of your own space
Direct and real-time interaction with expert instructors online
Access online course materials and resources conveniently
Training accessible across various devices ensuring seamless learning experience
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Corporate Group Training-Onsite

Face to Face in-person training at your physical location
Customized training programs tailored to meet your business objectives
Engaging and interactive workshops that enables superior peer-to-peer learning experience
Receive dedicated guidance from Subject Matter Experts
Contact Course Advisor

Enhance your understanding and knowledge of real-world application of project management principles through our guidance. Validate your proficiency as a project manager via the CAPM certification in London, opening doors to valuable opportunities within the industry.

  • Eligibility Verification

    • Begin by confirming your eligibility to sit for the CAPM Certification Exam. Register on the PMI website or become a PMI member to unlock exclusive benefits
    • Enroll in CAPM Training from an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) like Invensis Learning. This comprehensive training will contribute towards fulfilling the required 23 hours of training

  • Embarking on Your CAPM Exam Expedition

    • Explore the array of CAPM training schedules to identify a session that aligns with your availability
    • Complete the PMI application form and patiently await approval
    • Once you receive your eligibility code, proceed to make the necessary credential fee payment
    • Utilize the PMI app to schedule your CAPM exam according to your preferences
    • Develop a meticulous study plan that encompasses an in-depth study of the PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition and a focus on risk management domains

  • Exam Day and Beyond

    • On the designated exam day, ensure you bring along the required documentation
    • Engage with the 150 multiple-choice question exam, striving to complete it within the allocated 3-hour timeframe
    • Following successful completion, anticipate a congratulatory email from PMI—a testament to your achievement
    • Embrace the affirmation of your accomplishment as a Certified Associate in Project Management as your name becomes a part of the PMI registry more

  • more

Domain 1: Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts – 36%

Task 1:

  • Understand project life cycles and processes:
    • Differentiate between a project, a program, and a portfolio.
    • Differentiate between a project and operations.
    • Differentiate between predictive and adaptive approaches.
    • Differentiate between issues, risks, assumptions, and constraints.
    • Review and critique project scope.
    • Apply the project management code of ethics.
    • Explain how a project can drive change.

    Task 2:

  • Understand project management planning:
    • Describe the purpose and importance of cost, quality, risk, schedule, etc.
    • Differentiate between project management plan and product management plan deliverables.
    • Differentiate between milestone and task duration.
    • Determine project resources.
    • Use a risk register and stakeholder register.
    • Explain project closure and transitions.

    Task 3:

  • Understand project roles and responsibilities:
    • Compare project manager and project sponsor roles.
    • Compare project team and project sponsor roles.
    • Explain the role of a project manager.
    • Explain the differences between leadership and management.
    • Explain emotional intelligence (EQ) and its impact.

    Task 4:

  • Follow and execute planned strategies or frameworks:
    • Respond to planned strategies or frameworks.
    • Explain project initiation and benefit planning.

    Task 5:

  • Understand common problem-solving tools and techniques:
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of meetings.
    • Explain purpose of focus groups, standup meetings, brainstorming, etc.

    Task 1:

  • Use predictive, plan-based approach appropriately:
    • Identify suitability for organizational structure.
    • Determine activities within processes.
    • Provide examples of typical activities.
    • Differentiate project components.

    Task 2:

  • Understand project management plan schedule:
    • Apply critical path methods.
    • Calculate schedule variance.
    • Explain work breakdown structures (WBS) and work packages.
    • Apply quality management and integration plans.

    Task 3:

  • Document project controls of predictive projects:
    • Identify artifacts used in predictive projects.
    • Calculate cost and schedule variances.

    Task 1:

  • Use adaptive approach appropriately:
    • Compare adaptive and predictive projects.
    • Identify suitability for organizational structure.
    • Identify assets and factors supporting adaptive approaches.

    Task 2:

  • Plan project iterations:
    • Distinguish logical units of iteration.
    • Interpret pros and cons of iteration.
    • Translate WBS to adaptive iteration.
    • Determine inputs for scope.
    • Importance of adaptive project tracking.

    Task 3:

  • Document project controls for adaptive projects:
    • Identify artifacts used in adaptive projects.

    Task 4:

  • Explain components of an adaptive plan:
    • Differentiate components of adaptive methodologies (Scrum, XP, SAFe, Kanban, etc.).

    Task 5:

  • Prepare and execute task management steps:
    • Interpret success criteria of adaptive project management task.
    • Prioritize tasks in adaptive project management.

    Navigate the journey to the CAPM Certification Exam in London with our structured timeline for success

    Project Managers
    IT Project Managers
    Project Coordinators
    Project Analysts
    Project Leaders
    Product Managers
    Program Managers
    Project Sponsors
    Project Team Members

    To be eligible for the CAPM certification, you must meet certain education and professional requirements:

    Educational Background

    • Secondary diploma (high school diploma / global equivalent)

    Project Management Education

    • 23 contact hours of formal education
    Exam TypeMultiple-choice
    No Of Questions150 questions per paper: 135 scored, 15 unscored
    Exam Duration3 hours
    ResultThe passing score is determined through psychometric analysis
    TypeClosed book exam
    Spotlight videos
    CAPM Courseware provided by PMI
    2 CAPM Mock Tests
    300+CAPM Simulation Examination questions
    CAPM Workbook
    Training Options

    Organize Corporate Group CAPM Exam Prep Training in London for your Teams

    Invensis learning provides In person and live virtual instructor-led corporate training program customized for enterprise teams who wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities. The corporate training by our expert certified trainers will enhance your learning curve and enable your teams to utilize their skills to meet the industry standards.
    • Experienced & Industry Specific Trainers
    • 24x7 Support
    • Deliver Sessions across continents via In Person/ Virtual Instructor-Led Training
    • Customized Trainings
    Request for Corporate Group Training

    Know About Your CAPM Certification

    Our CAPM Certification Training by seasoned trainers equips professionals with essential project management skills through the comprehensive syllabus. We prepare individuals to pass the CAPM exam and earn a globally recognized certification, enhancing career opportunities.

    What is CAPM certification?

    CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management. It is an entry-level certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that validates your understanding of project management fundamentals and processes based on the PMBOK Guide.

    CAPM is ideal for individuals new to project management or professionals seeking to strengthen their foundational knowledge. It's suitable for project team members, junior project managers, and those aspiring to build a career in project management.

    To be eligible for CAPM certification, you need either a secondary diploma (high school diploma or equivalent) or an associate's degree, along with 23 hours of project management education. No prior work experience in project management is required.

    The CAPM exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions you must answer within a 3-hour period. The questions cover various project management processes, tools, and concepts.

    The passing score for the CAPM exam is not a specific percentage. PMI uses a complex formula to determine pass/fail scores based on the difficulty level of the questions.

    You can prepare for the CAPM exam by studying the PMBOK Guide and using study materials provided by PMI or other reputable sources. Additionally, taking CAPM exam prep courses can help you better understand the content and structure of the exam.

    No, CAPM certification is valid for five years, with no renewal requirement. However, after obtaining CAPM, you can work towards earning the more advanced PMP certification.

    CAPM certification demonstrates your commitment to project management and enhances your employability. It validates your understanding of project management concepts and processes, making you a valuable asset to project teams and organizations.

    You can apply for CAPM certification through the PMI website. Create an account, complete the application, provide your education details, and apply for review and approval.

    Yes, CAPM is recognized worldwide as a valuable certification for individuals starting their careers in project management. It demonstrates your commitment to best practices and understanding of project management principles.

    FAQs on CAPM Exam Prep in London

    What topics are covered in CAPM training in London?

    CAPM training covers various project management topics, including project lifecycle, processes, integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, and procurement management.

    CAPM certification is versatile and valuable in almost any industry involving projects. This includes IT, healthcare, construction, finance, consulting, manufacturing, and more.

    Obtaining a CAPM certification in London can validate your skills and knowledge if you're already working in a project management role without formal certification. It also helps you gain a more structured understanding of project management processes.

    While the CAPM certification can enhance your earning potential, salary negotiations are influenced by various factors, including your experience, location, the specific job role, and the organization's compensation policies.

    Having the CAPM certification showcases your dedication to learning and your commitment to the project management field. It gives you a competitive edge when applying for entry-level project management positions.

    Yes, many professionals transition into project management with the help of a CAPM certification. If you have transferable skills and a desire to work in project management, CAPM can provide you with the necessary knowledge to make the switch.

    You can include your CAPM certification in the "Education" or "Certifications" section of your resume. On LinkedIn, you can add it under the "Licenses & Certifications" section. Be sure to mention your achievement in your summary or headline as well.

    Yes, CAPM is recognized by employers around the world. It's offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a highly respected organization in project management.

    Absolutely. As you gain experience working on projects and demonstrate your skills, you can work up to more senior project management roles. CAPM can serve as a foundation for further growth and development in the field.

    CAPM certification in London demonstrates your commitment to project management and willingness to learn and apply principles. This can make you a more attractive candidate for entry-level project management positions.

    Yes, CAPM is a globally recognized certification. It demonstrates your understanding of universal project management principles, making it valuable for pursuing project management roles internationally.

    One of the advantages of CAPM certification is that it's designed for individuals with limited or no project management work experience. It's a great way to enter and build your project management career.

    Look for training providers that PMI approves. Check for reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from individuals who have taken the training. Ensure the training covers the CAPM exam content outline and offers comprehensive study materials. Considering Invensis Learning's CAPM Certification course is a good choice.

    Some common job roles that can be pursued with a CAPM certification include project coordinator, project analyst, project assistant, junior project manager, and project team member.

    While the CAPM certification is not designed to make you a full-fledged project manager, it can be a stepping stone. With the CAPM certification, you can work in project-related roles, gain experience, and gradually move to more advanced positions like project manager.

    The CAPM certification can open doors to various entry-level project management and project coordination roles in IT, construction, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more industries.

    Yes, you can retake the CAPM exam if you do not pass on your first attempt. PMI provides information about retake policies, waiting periods, and fees on its website.

    The CAPM exam provides approximately 1.2 minutes per question. Use your time wisely, and if you encounter difficult questions, consider marking them for review and moving on. You can return to the marked ones once you've answered all the questions.

    Yes, many CAPM exam prep resources include practice exams that simulate the actual exam environment. Taking these practice exams helps you become familiar with the question format and assess your readiness.

    The CAPM exam is a certification exam offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that assesses your understanding of fundamental project management concepts. It's beneficial for individuals who want to validate their project management knowledge, even if they have little work experience in the field.

    After completing CAPM training and obtaining certification in London, you can pursue roles such as project coordinator, assistant project manager, or any position that involves working within project teams. The certification can open doors to entry-level project management positions across various industries.

    Yes, CAPM certification can serve as a stepping stone to the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. As you gain more project management experience, you can pursue PMP certification, which is a more advanced certification offered by PMI.

    Many training providers offer CAPM training online, allowing you to study at your own pace. Invensis Learning is one such trainer provider that provides online CAPM training.

    Yes, the skills and knowledge gained from CAPM certification are transferable across industries. It can be a great way to enter a new industry and showcase your commitment to professional development.

    General FAQs

    What are the modes of training provided by Invensis Learning?

    Invensis Learning provides 5 different modes of training in the form of:

    • Instructor-led live online (virtual) training
    • Instructor-led classroom training
    • On-site group training
    • Focused 1-to-1 training
    • Self-paced E-learning

    You can enroll for training by following below mentioned points:

    • Select a course
    • Select a schedule of your choice
    • Select the mode of your training
    • Click on “Enrol Now” button
    • Fill the necessary details to make the payment
    • Get all the course materials to prepare for the training
    • Join the training on the scheduled date

    Yes, you can opt for a customized schedule which is not there on the website. But getting custom schedules will depend on few criteria mentioned below:

    • Focused 1-to-1 training can be customized as per your choice
    • Group training of more than 5 participants can be customized
    • On-site training can be customized as per clients’ requirement

    Please check the website regularly to check for new offers and discounts happening throughout the year. You can also get in touch with one of our training consultants through chat to check if any discounts are available.
    For all the certification training courses, you will receive their official certificate. Upon completion of the certification exam, the results will be immediately announced. If a participant has cleared the exam, your digital certificate will be made available immediately. But, if you require a hard copy of the certificate, you may incur additional cost and it will be delivered to your address in 2-3 weeks of time.

    Once you enroll for training from Invensis Learning, you will receive:

    • A copy of course material
    • Study guide Prepared by SMEs
    • Practice Tests
    • Retrospective session
    • Access to free resources
    • Complimentary additional training session
    • PDUs for relevant courses
    • Course completion certificate/Official certificate

    Please check out our refund policy page to know more if you cancel your enrollment.

    No, English is the preferred language for the mode of training delivery. Any language other than English will have to be custom request which will be fulfilled at additional cost and availability of a native language trainer.
    If you would like to know more about a course, you can mail us at or call us at (+91 96202-00784) or chat with our training consultant to get your query resolved.
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