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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by instructors/trainers while joining Invensis Learning.

No there is no limit on the number of courses for which you can become a trainer, but carefully choose your expertise where you can deliver the best results.

No there is no joining fee to become an instructor/trainer with Invensis Learning.

You have to submit your latest resume, relevant certification copies, participant/enterprise reviews for your training, and training video if any.

After verifying the documents submitted, you would be accessed by the internal process of selection, and then if all the criteria are fulfilled, then you would be on boarded.

Invensis Learning delivers their training in 4 different modes as in Classroom, Live online (Virtual), On-site, and Focused 1-to-1 training.

Yes, trainers can become SMEs to create content for Invensis Learning, depending upon reviews conducted by the in-house panel for the content collateral created.

Yes, Invensis Learning will provide training materials for all the courses listed on the website. There is no need for trainers to use their personal material without prior approval from Invensis Learning.

The trainer needs to submit their bank details so that any monies agreed with Invensis Learning for training delivery can be processed. Irrespective of the number of trainings delivered in a month, all payments will happen in the following month. For more information on the same, please connect with our operations team at

No, Invensis Learning does not provide any minimum guarantee on trainings assigned for trainers in a single month. It completely depends on your availability, training requirement, location, and batch strength.

No, unless and until Invensis Learning specifically asks the training to be delivered in a particular native language, the trainer cannot do so. As a training organization, we do get requests for particular training to be delivered in native languages, for which Invensis Learning will mention beforehand to the trainer. All training should be delivered in English language.