PMI-ACP® Certification Training Course in Ljubljana, Slovenia (PMI R.E.P ID: 4177)

Invensis Learning's PMI-ACP® in Ljubljana is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive Project Management experience. This PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification is one of the most industry-recognized Agile project management certifications for project managers and project practitioners all across the world. This PMI-ACP Certification Training Course in Ljubljana is ideal for individuals and enterprises that are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of Agile principles and techniques.

The main takeaways from this PMI-ACP Certification course in Ljubljana are that one will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of using Agile practices in their day-to-day work while showcasing efficient usage of Agile tools and techniques, and gain knowledge of Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Test-driven Development (TDD), and Extreme Programming (XP).

We deliver PMI Agile Project Management Certified Practitioner Training in Ljubljana through classroom and live online classroom modes. Enroll now and gain this PMI-ACP certification in Ljubljana today.

PMI-ACP Exam Prep Training in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Training Modes

- Instructor-led Classroom Training ( Request for Training )

- Instructor-led Online Training ( Request for Training )

- On-site Group Training ( Request for More Information )

- Focused 1-to-1 Training

Areas of Study

- Agile principles and practices

- Creating high-performance teams who deliver results on a consistent basis

- Techniques used for actively managing project scope and ensuring delivery of the best products possible

- Implementing multi iterative development models for projects

- Delivering high Velocity Stories and Epics

- New ways of managing project scope, schedule, budget and quality that are easily improved through effective Agile controls

- Applying powerful metrics across projects to ensure continuous improvement

- Common pitfalls while adopting Agile practices

- Agile principles of Scrum, Kanban, XP, and TDD

- Knowledge and skills required to clear PMI-ACP certification exam

PMI-ACP Training Request for PMI-ACP training in Ljubljana
PMI-ACP Exam Prep Course Duration

3 days (   view daywise training agenda )

PMI-ACP Training Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management Context
  • Agile User Stories
  • Agile Estimation , Planning, Monitoring and Adapting
  • Agile Communications & Soft Skills
  • Agile – Product Quality
  • Agile Risk Management
  • Agile Metrics Management
  • Value Stream Mapping
Download detailed Course Syllabus (PDF)
PMI-ACP Exam Prep Certification Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PMI-ACP certification, you must meet certain education and professional requirements:

-Educational Background: Secondary Degree (high school diploma, associate's degree or global equivalent).

-General Project Experience: 2,000 hours (12 months) in project teams, which must have been acquired in the last five years.

-Agile Project Experience: A minimum of 1,500 hours (8 months) in project teams or teams that employed agile methodologies. This experience should have been earned in the last three years and these hours should be in addition to the 2,000 hours of general project experience.

-Training in Agile Practices: 21 contact hours in Agile practices.

PMI-ACP Exam Format
  • Exam Type: Multiple choice questions
  • No Of Questions:120
  • Exam duration:3 Hours (180 minutes)
  • Result:The passing score is determined through psychometric analysis
  • Type: Closed book exam
PMI-ACP Exam Fees

The PMI-ACP Certification fees for PMI Members is $435 and for non-members is $495.

Who should Attend PMI-ACP Certification training

Job roles that can benefit from PMI-ACP training course in Ljubljana include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Planners
  • Quality Assurance Staff
  • Developers / Programmers
  • Designers
  • Testers
  • Project Controllers
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members
  • Anyone looking to gain knowledge of managing agile projects and understand how Agile is applied and practiced in a project environment

All Upcoming PMI-Agile Project Management Training in Ljubljana, Slovenia

PMI-ACP Course Features

  • Interactive instructor-led PMI-Agile training
  • Highly qualified, certified, and accredited trainers
  • PMI-Agile certification course adhered to global standards
  • Interact with co-participants from diverse backgrounds
  • 96% pass success rate
  • Get to know industry best practices and case studies
  • Prepare better with sample mock tests
  • PMI-Agile Project Management Guide created by subject matter experts

PMI-Agile® Certification Syllabus

The course structure or outline of the PMI-Agile Certification training program is as follows:


This introductory module discusses what PMI is and about PMI-ACP in general where it talks about the route to PMI-ACP certification, domains, and tasks, content distribution, tools & techniques, Knowledge and skills, community guide of the PMI-ACP

This module focuses on who are leaders over time, what is a waterfall project management, Agile vs. traditional project management, the Agile manifesto.

This module focuses on understanding the basics of the Agile project lifecycle and its characteristics, phases, elements of project charter for Agile projects, who are Agile project stakeholders, product roadmap, user stories, story maps, Agile modeling, and progressive elaboration.

This chapter discusses on gaining comprehensive knowledge of Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and Scrum

This module focuses on understanding what risk management is? Risk adjusted backlog, risk burn down graphs, risk based spikes, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Risks and Implicit vs. Explicit Risks.

This module focuses on gaining a basic understanding of scrum, scrum process overview, planning, collecting requirements, and estimation.

This chapter discusses the roles and responsibilities of Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and the Agile Project Team.

This module focuses on gaining a deep understanding of Initial Planning, Product Backlog, Release Planning, Sprint Planning, Sprint Backlog, Sprint, Sprint Review, Daily Scrum, and Sprint Retrospective.

This module is all about simulation and exercises in the form of Command-and-Control Exercise; Self-organization Exercise; Batch and Flow Exercise; Team Collaboration Exercise; Theory of Constraints Exercise; User Story Writing, Planning Poker; Affinity Estimating; Iteration/Release Planning; Sprint Planning; Daily Standup; Review and Demo; and Retrospective.

PMI-ACP Training Agenda

The daily agenda of the 3 day PMI-ACP training is detailed below:

    • What is the PMI-ACP
    • Domains and Tasks
    • Content Distribution
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Knowledge & Skills
    • Community Guide of the PMI-ACP
    • Leaders over time
    • Waterfall
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Understanding the basics
    • Lean
    • Kanban
    • Extreme Programming
    • Scrum
    • Burndowns
    • Qualitative vs. Quantitative
    • Implicit vs. Explicit
    • Basic Understanding
    • Scrum Process Overview
    • Planning
    • Requirements
    • Estimation
    • Product Owner
    • ScrumMaster
    • The Team
    • Initial Planning
    • Product Backlog
    • Release Planning
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Sprint
    • Sprint Review
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Command-and-Control Exercise
    • Self-Organization Exercise
    • Batch and Flow Exercise
    • Team Collaboration Exercise
    • Theory of Constraints Exercise
    • User Story Writing
    • Planning Poker
    • Affinity Estimating
    • Iteration/Release Planning
    • Sprint Planning
    • Daily Standup
    • Review and Demo
    • Retrospective

FAQs on PMI-ACP Training


  • Request for this training through the registration form
  • Enroll and make the payment, and block your seat
  • Receive the training kit with training details and start your preparation

As part of your PMI-ACP training, you will receive:

  • Hard copy/soft copy of the course material
  • PMI-ACP Syllabus
  • Practice Tests

At Invensis, we provide PMI-ACP training in Ljubljana in three different learning modes in instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led online training, and on-site group training.

PMI-ACP can be applied to all sorts of projects in construction, oil and gas, energy, banking, financial services, ICT, engineering and in various other industries as well.

Yes, PMI-ACP usage is universal and can be used for any project of any size here.

No, the course fee does not include the exam fee, and it is only for earning the required number of contact hours (21 contact hours) to appear for the PMI-ACP certification exam.

USD 435 is the PMI-ACP exam cost for PMI membership holders and USD 495 for non-members

PMI-ACP® is a valuable practitioner-level certification offered by PMI® (Project Management Institute). The certification is designed for those with little or no experience; the PMI-ACP certification demonstrates your understanding of the Agile Project Management and its techniques.

The PMI-ACP examination blueprint identifies the proportion of questions from each domain that will appear on the examination. The questions are derived by combining the overall evaluations of importance, criticality, and frequency, and by converting the results into percentages.

The percentages are used to determine the number of questions related to each chapter that appear on the examination.

Domain Percentage of Questions
Domain 1 Agile Principles and Mindset 16%
Domain 2 Value-driven Delivery 20%
Domain 3 Stakeholder Engagement 17%
Domain 4 Team Performance 16%
Domain 5 Adaptive Planning 12%
Domain 6 Problem Detection and Resolution 10%
Domain 7 Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People) 9%
Total 100%

You have 90 days to complete and submit the PMI-ACP application once you start filling it. If the application is selected by PMI for an audit, then you have to submit the audit materials within 90 days.

You can take the PMI-ACP exam up to 3 times, within the 1-year validity period from the date of your application approval. But, you have to pay the re-examination fee.

The PMI-ACP credential is valid for 3 years.

Individuals and Enterprises can make payment for the training through 2 different modes such as –

  • Request for Invoice
  • Wire Transfer

For more information on payment details, please contact us at

In order to renew your PMI-ACP credential, you are required to earn 30 PDUs within 3 years of your certification.

Ljubljana is the largest city and the capital of Slovenia. The city is strategically located at the center of the country and forms an important part of the trade route connecting Danube region to the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana is the administrative center of Slovenia and also a major educational, cultural and economic hub. The economy of Ljubljana is largely dependent on sectors such as food processing, finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, construction, health care, education, transportation, telecommunications, services, banking and tourism. Telekom Slovenije, T-2, Mercator, Petrol Group, Litostroj, NLB Group, OFIS Architects, SPICA Group andSi.mobil are some of the largest employers in Ljubljana.

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