10 Helpful English online dictionary and thesaurus resources

While reading a book, writing an article or having a conversation, we might find ourselves at a loss for words occasionally. Pulling out a big fat dictionary and searching for the word-meaning you want isn’t exactly fast, especially if you want to find the meanings or synonyms of dozens of words for a project you are working on. That’s where online dictionaries and thesauruses come into play. We have collected a set of such online dictionaries and thesauruses which will make your life simpler.

  1. Dictionary.com is your best source to find out meanings of words and their synonyms. Get access to an online thesaurus as well on this site.
  1. The Cambridge dictionary offers translations and grammar in addition to word meanings.
  1. The official Oxford online dictionary with quizzes, blog posts, and videos.
  1. Free dictionary provides free grammar lessons, word of the day and other dictionaries in addition to its function as a regular dictionary.
  1. Collins is the home of living English, with more than 722,000 words, meanings, and phrases.
  1. Oxford Dictionaries provides reliable, up-to-date dictionaries for languages around the world.
  1. The Merriam Webster’s Online dictionary and thesaurus.
  1. Urban dictionary has words which you won’t find in any regular dictionary.
  1. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online
  1. The Macmillan online dictionary and thesaurus has blogs and buzzwords to supplement its content.