17 Best Resources for GMAT Preparation

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer-based, standard test which is the gateway for a graduate management program such as an MBA. Over 2100 B-schools worldwide use this test score for providing admission into their institutions. Being such a high profile exam, it is necessary to be well prepared to tackle it. To do so, you need to have the right preparation material and take mock tests under realistic scenarios. The site4s below have been carefully curated as they offer a variety of detailed study material and high-quality practice tests which will help you to crack GMAT.

  1. The official website of the GMAT provides you with materials to prepare for the test.


  1. Examrace is one of the largest, accurate, and comprehensive source of free study material for GMAT management entrance exam


  1. Economist GMAT Tutor covers every section of the GMAT with in-depth lessons, 5000+ practice questions and realistic practice tests.


  1. . GMATPrep is free practice software from GMAC, the organization that makes and administers the GMAT. GMATPrep includes two full-length practice tests.


  1. Looking to find the best GMAT books and materials? Check out this list of the 7 Best GMAT Books!


  1. Take free sample exams, learn test strategies, and get preparation software for immediate downloading from 800score.


  1. Access video lessons on various GMAT topics on this site


  1. Exampal provides you with personalized tests that automatically fit you.


  1. A detailed guide which covers all the necessary concepts for GMAT preparation. [PDF]


  1. Babson allows you to take a micro, mini and full test to practice what you have learnt.


  1. This GMAT practice test is designed to provide you a test-taking experience similar to that of the real exam


  1. LEAP is the World's First Social & Free GMAT® Prep Platform


  1. GMAC offers a comprehensive selection of preparation materials, available at the mba.com store


  1. Veritas Prep’s GMAT practice tests are entirely computer-adaptive, just like the real test, guaranteeing you get the most realistic GMAT questions and the most accurate scores


  1. CrackVerbal provides you with the latest, most focused & the most structured GMAT material.


  1. Take practice tests on mathematics and verbal sections of GMAT


  1. The GMAT practice tests are built with adaptive calibration and Select Section Order, just like the real thing. Try one now and see how close you are to your goal score.