20 Best Resources to Craft Your Perfect Resume

Aug, 23, 2017

A resume is basically a reflection of you on a sheet of paper. It is the one thing that is needed for any job interview whether you are a fresher or have a lifetime of experience. A perfect resume could land you the job you always dreamt of by making you stand out from the competition. That's why we have rounded up a list of amazing sources from all over the internet which will help students and professionals alike, to curate their resume, with detailed guides for every step.

  1. How to create a resume: The official website of the US Government provides a step by step guide for building your resume


  1. Basic guide to resume writing (PDF): The Wisconsin Job Center guide gives a fresher, everything that is needed to create a resume.


  1. How to write a resume that stands out: The Harvard Business Review gives an authoritative guide to making an outstanding resume


  1. Tips From A Top Recruiter for an unbeatable resume: Forbes brings to us the best advice from a top source


  1. 6 tips for writing an effective resume: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers shares a few important tips for writing an effective resume


  1. How to write a resume: The resume writing organization gives a detailed guide and resources for resume writing


  1. Material for a resume, cover letters and CV: The Colorado State University shares material for making resumes, cover letters and CVs.


  1. Resume phrases, verbs, fonts resources: A unique resource provided by the Resume Writing Academy


  1. Creating a Federal resume for the US Govt: Go Government gives us the structure for creating a federal resume.


  1. 44 tips to write an effective resume: A bunch of tips Writing Tips to help build an effective resume.


  1. Resume writing tips: This site provides you with the basic tips for writing a resume.


  1. How to create your resume: The Big future gives you a clear idea about resume writing in this article


  1. Insights on writing your resume: AIGA provides us with several insights on resume writing


  1. How to write a winning resume: The AARP shows you how to write a resume which can win you the interview


  1. Essay writing tips: Get your resume written by the experts on this site.


  1. Purdue Engagement: This Purdue university resource site lists out a variety of guides to help you build your resume.


  1. How to write powerful and memorable HR resumes: The society for human resource management gives a detailed insight about resume writing


  1. Resume tips by AMVETS: The American Veteran’s Society gives several tips for military veterans to build their resume for their foray into the civilian world.


  1. Sample resume: This sample by the Phoenix city government shows how a resume should be


  1. Resume writing resources(PDF): The Vermont govt. resources on resume writing