18 Best Resources to Learn MS Excel

The most important tool that any fresher in the corporate sector must know is the MS Office package. Excel, in particular, forms the core of most office-activities and reports. From data entry, administrative duties, data analysis and accounting to forecasting, Excel is at the center of it all. It is therefore essential that anyone looking forward to boosting their skills for a job needs to know at least the basics of Excel. Here, we have a collection of links to various sites from where you can learn about everything about Excel from the basic concepts to the advanced shortcuts.

  1. A detailed guide to using MS Excel 2013
  1. A site to learn the basics of MS Excel

  1. Excel formulas cheat sheet: 15 tips for calculations and common tasks
  1. The official Microsoft support guide to learn MS Excel
  1. This Microsoft Excel class will make you a master of Microsoft Excel. The training uses Excel 2013 for Windows [Paid]
  1. Learn the basics of Excel and the new functions in 2013 and 2016 versions
  1. Excel Exposure is a free online Excel training class designed to help you learn more about the features and functionality of Microsoft Excel
  1. A basic guide to setting up an excel spreadsheet and using the essential features.
  1. Get help organizing and calculating data in this Excel 2016 tutorial.
  1. Difference Between Excel Worksheet & Workbook
  1. A detailed tutorial on using Excel made easy with clear instructions.
  1. A video course covering the basics and advanced concepts on MS Excel
  1. Learn basic excel skills [free] and advanced excel skills [paid] in this detailed online tutorial
  1. Corporate Finance Institute: It offers what a beginner needs to know, from what is Excel, so why do we use, and what are the most important keyboard shortcuts, functions, and formulas.
  1. Learn what are formulas in Excel from the very first basics, how to write them and how to use them.
  1. Microsoft Excel Basics Tutorial – Learning How to Use Excel
  1. Take advantage of some time-saving shortcuts for editing and entering your data into Excel.
  1. This Microsoft Excel Essentials training course will introduce you to the basic skills needed to use Excel [Paid]