20 Best Resources to Learn MS Word

Nov, 11, 2017

If there is a universally used computer program in every home, school, college , and office, it is the MS Word. Basically a word processor, this software by Microsoft offers a host of formatting options, themes, templates and styles to create anything from a simple letter to a beautiful magazine. Learning and using all the functions effectively can be a daunting task. That’s why we have compiled a set of websites for you to visit in order to learn about the basics of Word and master the shortcuts which would allow you to use it to its fullest potential.

  1. A detailed guide to using MS Word 2013


  1. The course will teach you how to select and format text, edit, handle paragraphs and how Word can help you with spelling. It will also teach you keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work!


  1. Investintech: A beginners guide to MS Word


  1. BYU: A video lesson on MS Word for beginners


  1. Aberdeen City Library: This guide explains how to create a document, how to select text in a document, how to change text size and font, how to print a document and how to save a document.


  1. Rotorua: A complete course for beginners to learn the concepts of MS Word. [Paid]


  1. The official Microsoft guide to mastering the use of Word.


  1. Useful MS Word tips to increase your productivity


  1. Get Things Done Faster with these Microsoft Word Tips


  1. Gizmondo: 18 Tricks to Make Yourself a Microsoft Word Master


  1. PC Mag: 13 Microsoft Word Tips You Need to Learn Now


  1. Learn everything about the new Word 2016 in detail


  1. PennFoster: Online training course for MS Word [Paid]


  1. In 40 engaging lessons you will learn how to format text with fonts and colors, use bullets and indents, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, insert pictures and screenshots, set up page layout for margins and printing and much more.


  1. A guide to setting up resume templates in MS Word


  1. 10 Simple Microsoft Word Hacks Everyone Can Do


  1. 11 Time-Saving Microsoft Word Hacks You Won't Know How You Lived Without


  1. Top 10 Cheat Sheets to Help You Master Microsoft Office


  1. 21 Hacks for Word for Writers


  1. 8 Microsoft Word Hacks to Make You a Power User