14 Helpful Textbook Resources for Students

For any student, getting access to textbooks on dozens of subjects can be an expensive affair. It is also not practical to purchase entire textbooks just to access a small part of it for references. That’s where online open textbook sources and other online libraries and vendors come into play. By offering textbooks on a variety of subjects for free or for a heavily discounted price, they are a boon for students. Below is a collection of such similar sites to access textbooks online.

  1. Textbook Revolution is a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors


  1. Download free eBooks and textbooks on various subjects ranging from accounting to engineering.


  1. View and share free educational material in small modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports or other academic assignments.


  1. FlatWorld shatters the traditional publishing model, delivering textbooks that meet the highest standards at a fraction of “big publisher” prices.


  1. Get free access to thousands of medical books from anatomy to radiology.


  1. Database of Free / Open Access Online Computer Science Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes (1199 books and growing)


  1. Read and download textbooks in this vast collection of open textbooks


  1. The Oriental Institute offers a variety of textbook resources on various historical subjects.


  1. This website gives you access to a collection of textbooks at an affordable price [PAID]


  1. The OER consortium provides open access textbooks on several subjects


  1. Harvard Law School Library: This site offers free legal research resource textbooks.


  1. com offers a huge range of materials for students. Their Library includes engineering books, Placement papers, engineering tutorials, Language Courses, Communication skills and much more.


  1. Wiley Online Books combine quality content with the convenience, accessibility and enhanced functionality of electronic access.


  1. The Smithsonian library offers a vast collection of e-textbooks for viewing and download.