19 Useful Math Resources for Teachers

Math teachers have their task cut out for them when they have to explain several concepts to hundreds of students prepare worksheets, tests and evaluate them. Math textbooks, references, journals and sample question papers are an essential resource for a math teacher to prepare lessons on various topics. Here, we have a collection of links to various tools and resources that a math teacher would require.

  1. A complete collection of math Olympiad problems from all over the world, conducted over the past 5 decades.
  1. National council of teachers of mathematics: A great platform for teachers to access math journals, news, research papers and events.
  1. Math2: An English-Spanish math dictionary for teachers who want to make courses in an alternate language.
  1. NAM: The National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) is a non-profit professional organization in the mathematical sciences with membership open to all persons interested in the mission and purpose of NAM
  1. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: SIAM is a society where fellow mathematicians can access books, journals, projects, libraries and attend conferences by becoming a member.
  1. Mathematical Association of America: The American Mathematical Monthly publishes articles, notes, and other features about mathematics and the profession.
  1. Journal of Mathematics and Statistics: It aims at publishing papers on the all areas of theoretical applied mathematics and statistics.
  1. a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.commoncoresheets.com/" target="_blank">Common Core Sheets: An excellent website which allows teachers to create, flash cards, worksheets, question papers etc.
  1. Go Geometry: Get access to over over 1300 visually stimulating geometry problems
  1. Create flashcards that can be used in classrooms using this site.
  1. A collection of archived mathematical story type problems.
  1. An online scientific calculator for all your scientific mathematical calculations.
  1. A collection of problems in differential calculus
  1. A set of free math software for use by teachers.
  1. Analyze math: This site has a collection of practice question papers for teachers to use as a reference.
  1. A collection of free eBooks on algebra and trigonometry
  1. Math Salamander: An online resource with practice worksheets for teachers to use in class
  1. An online graphing calculator for use by teachers
  1. This online formula maker tool allows teachers to make custom formulae using the available symbols.