18 Useful SAT Resources for Students

The Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test, commonly known as SAT, is the gateway for high school students into the world of colleges. Having been started way back in 1926, SATs provide a way for colleges to judge the eligibility of students for admission into their institutions. It is thus essential to perform well on your SATs, to get into a good college. Below are a set of links to various resources such as preparation material, practice tests and tips which will help you excel in your attempt. 

  1. Download and take a real, full-length practice test. Watch videos showing step-by-step solutions to problems you missed or found challenging.


  1. Collegeboard offers practice tests to help you prepare for the SAT attempt.


  1. Learn all the concepts and strategies you need for the Redesigned SAT®.


  1. Take a mock SAT exam and test your skills


  1. SAT Practice questions and practice quizzes are a proven, effective way of learning a large amount of information in a short amount of time.


  1. Prepare for the SAT or ACT online by taking these free sample practice tests.


  1. Printable SAT Practice Tests PDFs: 16 FREE Official Tests


  1. SAT Practice Tests will help you prepare for the actual SAT Test. Our SAT sample questions allow you to assess how well you are prepared for the actual SAT Test so that you can focus on the areas you need work on.


  1. Use the free SAT practice test questions below to get a better understanding of the SAT exam. Take advantage of this valuable resource to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Take one of our many SAT practice tests for a run-through of commonly asked questions


  1. Get access to section wise practice tests for the SATs.


  1. The top sat study guides from the market are evaluated and listed below in this article.


  1. The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests (TM) Second Edition [PAID]


  1. The 21 SAT Tips and Tricks You Must Use


  1. Top SAT Prep Tips and Tricks to Ace the Exam!


  1. 5 SAT Math tricks every student should know


  1. Get SAT General Study advice from Chegg experts to help improve your exam performance


  1. Essential Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Taking the SAT