Scientific News, Technology, Project and Career Resources for students

Science is a gateway to unlocking the mysteries of the world. By understanding how things work, we can better appreciate their existence. Often, we are left grasping at straws when it comes to finding reliable and authoritative sources of information for scientific news, publications, projects , and careers. Here you can find a list of websites which have been carefully curated to help you delve deep into the scientific world, starting from the basic concepts.

News and Technology Resources


  1. Science news for students: An excellent site for keeping yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the world of science.

  1. Live Science: Find out the latest happenings in science and technology here.

  1. NPR Science: The science blog of NPR provides the latest scientific updates.

  1. Phys Org: Get detailed news reports about everything under the scientific umbrella
  1. Extreme Science: This is the site to find out about the extremes in the world of science.

  1. Bill Nye- The Science guy: A good resource containing material presented by Bill Nye on his TV show.

  1. How Stuff Works: If you want to know how something works, then this the place to find it.

  1. Exploratorium: It provides hands on experience to learn scientific concepts.

  1. Next Gen Science: A platform to learn scientific concepts from the basic to the advanced level.

  1. Science direct: Explore scientific and technical research on science direct

Projects and Careers


  1. Science buddies: If you are interested in projects or a career in science, then this is the site to visit.

  1. Student science: This is a resource website for students to take part in science competitions.

  1. Science Olympiad: The official website of the science Olympiad.

  1. The Science Site: It is a fun website that offers lessons, activities and projects for students in school.

  1. US Federal Science: provides users with access to more than 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information.

  1. STEM Undergrad: It provides a gateway to federal opportunities for undergrad students.

  1. AAAS: The official website of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  1. Science Mag: The science blog of the AAAS with the latest news, access to journals and information about careers.

  1. AAS: The official website of the Australian Academy of Science

  1. Science Career Site: Discover the available career opportunities in the field of science.