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PRINCE2 is a widely known process-based approach for effective project management. This certification will give you the core skills necessary to be a successful project manager. In addition, the PRINCE2 framework is utilized globally and may be adapted to fit any project you manage.

AXELOS (the PRINCE2 accrediting organization) has formally renamed “PRINCE2 2017” to “PRINCE2 6th edition” as of January 1, 2020. This guarantees that the language of PRINCE2 is consistent with those of other project management methodologies.

Additionally, the new name emphasizes the legacy, heritage, and authority of PRINCE2 best practices.

There are numerous PRINCE2 course providers to choose from.

Each has distinct selling points and costs. But which one should you select? Since 2006, when we began offering authorized PRINCE2 courses, we’ve seen many providers come and go. Therefore, we understand what makes a supplier efficient or inefficient.

Before moving on, let us understand the role of the PRINCE2 trainer: 

The role of the PRINCE2 trainer is to guide project managers through each phase of their projects, teaching them how to implement the PRINCE2 approach and overcome any potential obstacles. In addition, trainers collaborate with other trainers as part of a program management office (PMO). A project manager must complete an official PRINCE2 course before attaining higher job roles.

So, read this article to understand what to look for in an accredited PRINCE2 training provider.

Training Experience

While pricing may be the most evident aspect from the course purchaser’s perspective, it may be the least significant regarding the training’s experience and effectiveness. Understanding the PRINCE2 methodology and completing the PRINCE2 examinations rely upon a training experience that provides students with sufficient time to absorb the material, communicate with an experienced PRINCE2 trainer, and discuss the PRINCE2 technique concerning their project management instances.

Moreover, the cost-cutting training courses exclude key PRINCE2 training experience components. To deliver inexpensive courses to students, training providers decrease costs in four fundamental areas: materials, location, time, and trainers.

 Course Materials 

PRINCE2 is a comprehensive methodology, and students must have access to clear and dependable training materials to comprehend the intricacies of each process, the interrelationship of the management products, and the function of each principle and theme within the overall framework.

When choosing a PRINCE2 course for yourself or your team, spend a few moments inquiring about or perusing the available training materials:

Considering the number of PRINCE2 charts and diagrams, is their printing in black and white or color a significant concern? Are training resources accessible online? What are pre-course resources available?

Less-reputable trainers will not invest time in enhancing their course contents since they view this as an expense. However, they will if they get away with repeatedly using the same ineffective materials.


Before their PRINCE2 test, most PRINCE2 instructors will require their students to complete a set amount of homework and review.

With less time available in class for trainer-student interaction, inexpensive training providers compensate by requiring students to spend more time preparing for the course in advance (up to 15 hours) and doing more homework.

It is important to be aware when selecting your PRINCE2 training that excessive extra study time indicates that the classroom hours and environment are insufficient to support a high success rate or effective PRINCE2 training.


One crucial way cheap training providers save money is to employ inexperienced trainers. off course, those trainers just starting their training career are glad to get any work.

On the other hand, the most experienced PRINCE2 trainers (and therefore more costly) can pick and choose who they provide PRINCE2 training for.

By choosing the cheapest PRINCE2 training providers, your trainer will likely be relatively inexperienced in delivering PRINCE2.

Organization Size 

Some businesses boast that they are the largest provider. However, the salesperson attempting to sell you a course does not care about your professional objectives. They solely care about their sales commissions. Therefore, they might attempt to sell your course, which may be completely unsuitable for you. This includes making all sorts of false assertions to close the transaction.

The larger the organization, each customer is less appreciated. You are reduced to a number, a sales quota, and an object to be transferred between departments as part of a system.

A smaller provider is more likely to treat you as an individual than a possible sales target. Therefore, before advising you on a suitable course, the finest providers will attempt to comprehend your training needs.


Carefully review the terms and conditions on the website of the supplier. You may be in for a rude awakening.

Unethical suppliers will hold your money and make it nearly impossible to receive a refund. Know exactly what you are getting into. If you encounter abusive practices, contact your local office of trading standards to file a complaint.

Ethical Service Provider 

You may believe that all training organizations are ethical because they market a course, pay for it, attend it, and ideally receive accreditation at completion. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

There are, however, certain unethical training businesses that have no intention of ever offering a course at a specific place. They’ll take your money, but they’re not always able to deliver.

Often, the unscrupulous supplier may advertise the same course in five or six places in the same country on the same date. Then, they will market the same course in cities the following month. They hope to enroll one or two persons from each city, after which they will cancel all but one course and inform those from the other locations that the place has changed and that they must travel to the new location, enroll in online learning, or lose their money.

Personal Traits 

The most effective PRINCE2 instructors are likable and sincere. They have strong interpersonal skills and will be able to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.

A trainer should also be truthful, dependable, trustworthy, patient, open-minded, positive, and capable of thinking creatively.


In conclusion, PRINCE2 training providers operate in a competitive market world. This places the prospective PRINCE2 aspirant in a scenario to choose from various suppliers.

It is easy for training providers to manipulate their passing numbers and make any claims. But, then, how can a new PRINCE2 student sift through the sales terminology to select the optimal course?

In an article, we have compiled 12 things to ask before taking the PRINCE2 training from an accredited service provider. Considering the above, you can save substantial money and avoid future disappointment by selecting a credible training provider.

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