How to Choose a PRINCE2 Certification Online?

If you are looking for coveted project management training leading to certification, the PRINCE2 course online is the one for you. Online training is excellent for busy project managers willing to get PRINCE2 certification. Therefore, in this article, we’ll share the strategies to look for in an online PRINCE2 course.

What is PRINCE2 Certification and its Types?

PRINCE2 is an abbreviation that stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It is a highly sought-after project management certification in many countries. PRINCE2 has defined the environment by providing specific conditions and a defined structure for project delivery. So, you will need PRINCE2 training to understand these concepts. The PRINCE2 certification gives you an advantage and better career opportunities than other project management professionals worldwide. In conclusion, there are two levels of certification – PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is the initial stage of two required for becoming a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner. PRINCE2 Foundation is the fundamental level or an introductory course to the PRINCE2 framework. This certification teaches participants how to plan, manage, and deliver projects from start to finish. In addition, the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam has no prerequisites.

After earning your PRINCE2 Foundation certification, you will have a thorough understanding of the following concepts:

  • Why is project management necessary, and how does PRINCE2 address it?
  • PRINCE2 processes, principles, and themes
  • Gathering information for the Project Initiation Document
  • Creating plans and reports at each level of the project team, among other things

So, enhance your Project Management skills, become PRINCE2 Foundation certified, and make the most of the high demand across industries.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification

In this AXELOS accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner certification training, you will master the PRINCE2 methodology, try taking your project management position to the next level, and broaden your career opportunities. Moreover, the course is intended to help you understand all theoretical and practical aspects of PRINCE2 and the best practices for managing successful projects of any size or scope. Above all, it is compatible with PRINCE2, 6th edition updates.

To sit for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you must have passed any of the following exams:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation 
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 
  • IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

After earning your PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, you will have a thorough understanding of the following concepts:

How to Choose a PRINCE2 Course Online?

You’re searching for the perfect PRINCE2 course online. However, before enrolling in the online course, you should consider a few factors. So, to get rid of that, the following will assist you in determining what to look for in an online PRINCE2 course.

Mechanism of Delivery

The delivery mechanism is the first thing you must look at when selecting a PRINCE course online. Is the course taught live, or is it a recorded self-study option? Or a combination of the two? Although most of the material is pre-recorded sessions, some classes will provide you access to trainers via chat/email/live calls.

There is no ‘correct’ response. Instead, please choose what you believe will be most beneficial to you, whether it is the interaction and schedule of a live class or the ability to work on your own time. But, whatever method you choose, give it your all to fully grasp the concepts and pass the PRINCE2 exam on the first try.

Course Content

Course content is crucial in cracking the exam on the first attempt. As a result, the course content must include: completely consistent with the most recent edition of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 or the manual, brief lessons, quizzes, games, handouts, flashcards, and printable cheat sheets are among the supporting materials.

This is critical because studying is already difficult. In addition, make your life simpler by ensuring that your learning materials are high quality and designed to assist you in your studies.

Side note: See if the provider will give you free access to some course material. This will give you an idea of the content’s quality.

Zone of Time

Check the time zone before enrolling in the course. Online courses with recorded video will work for you whether you live in London or Bangalore, Manchester or Sydney, a city in the United States or elsewhere. However, if you intend to participate in a live online class, you must consider the time zone in which the sessions will take place. Otherwise, there is a risk that you’ll be staying up late or joining calls early, which might not be the right time for your energy levels.

There may be some advantages to taking a class outside your normal working hours. For example, if you can fit the training into your evenings or early mornings, you may be able to take less time off work. But, again, it’s your choice, but keep in mind that doing an online PRINCE2 course, whether live or self-study, is exhausting.

Company Background and Credibility

If you are confident about taking the PRINCE2 training from the particular firm, please research that and don’t regret yourself after taking the training without doing the proper research. For example, is the company someone who just set up an Udemy account and posted a video training yesterday? Or have they got credibility as a PRINCE2 trainer?

Also, check how long the company has been around. It would be helpful if you had confidence that the training provider is going to be around to support you and that they have enough expertise to give you a quality training experience.


The official PRINCE2 accreditation body is AXELOS. As a result, look for AXELOS-accredited courses.

Look for the Pupils Reviews

It’s critical to read student reviews and determine whether users generated them, paid for them, or are genuine students. Some companies fake their reviews to attract individuals to take the courses from their institution. So, spend some time looking for reviews. If you can’t find them, ask the provider. Moreover, get a sense of the student who takes the course and the student outcomes.

Simulator for Exams

Using an exam simulator to practice sample questions and mock exams is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Because PRINCE2 is a pair of certifications, you’ll need a simulator for the Foundation certification and another for the Practitioner certification. Furthermore, the format of the questions in the test is quite different, so it is worthwhile to take mock exams for both.

Guarantee of Success

Look for a class that guarantees a pass. The guarantee is subject to the usual caveats. For example, you cannot expect the provider to pay for your next exam if you did not bother to study the first time properly or if you studied a year ago and have forgotten everything. Before purchasing the course, read the fine print and ensure you can accept the pass guarantee criteria.

Certification Cost

Let’s be honest: many people are concerned about the cost. And it ought to be. So consider the cost and what you get for the certification. Most of the institution’s certification exam and training costs will be distinct. Moreover, in other institutions, the exam voucher (which is required to book the exam) and a simulator will be included in a package.

Advantages of Taking PRINCE2 Online Training

In this section, we will look at the advantages of online PRINCE2 training and how it can help you achieve your PRINCE2 credentials, both Foundation and Practitioner. Following are some of the advantages:

  1. The training will prepare you to understand the PRINCE2 certification requirements and determine your eligibility to prepare for and maintain your certifications.
  2. A good training course will ensure that you always use the most recent version of the PRINCE2 manual. As a result, you will be in line with the requirements of the current exam syllabus.
  3. A thorough training course will provide you with ample practice through practice and mock tests. Another advantage of online training is the flexibility it provides. It is also self-paced and can be accessed at any time.
  4. The PRINCE2 exam, as you can see, employs scenario-based and concept-type questions. As a result, the training you select should include real-world project scenarios, examples, and case studies. Above all, these are useful for learning how to apply concepts to a given situation.
  5. What resources does your training provider offer? Make sure you also get practice tools like mock tests and case studies.
  6. The benefit of taking a PRINCE2 course is that you can watch the videos whenever you want, making revision easy. Furthermore, you can share your questions in the online forum with other participants to get more feedback.
  7. When you choose online training, you avoid all travel hassles and save time. Look for a training provider who offers both Foundation and Practitioner courses at a discounted rate. This combo training will be doubly beneficial because you will earn your Foundation credential while also meeting the requirements for PRINCE2 Practitioner level certification.


In conclusion, PRINCE2 training is critical to achieving PRINCE2 certification at both the Foundation and Practitioner levels. PRINCE2 is an independent project management certification. However, obtaining the certification will qualify you for exemptions when studying for other project management certifications. Do you want to name yourself in the Project Management field? If so, enroll in the Invensis Learning PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training and take another step toward your career goal!

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