Steps to Earn PMP Certification Online from Accredited Institution

The rising complexity and demand for industrial requirements and challenges have led to a human resource crisis that can meet global project requirements. In this relate, PMP certification by PMI is specifically curated considering various standards and research and enables you to cope with real-world industrial challenges. 

So, have you decided to get PMP credential? It is indeed a great step in your career. However, it’s a difficult and time-consuming process, yet worth the effort. 

Be a part of the global project managers community and gain an edge over the competition in the domain. Here is a step-wise guide to becoming a PMP-certified professional from an accredited service provider.

Steps to Become a Certified PMP Professional

If you are wondering how to take up a PMP Certification Online Course from an accredited service provider, we have compiled a few points to start with the process. 

Take a Look at the PMP Handbook 

Having a PMP handbook is a guide to all your questions regarding taking the course and applying for the exam. It comprises all the essential information throughout the process of becoming a certified PMP professional.

Fulfillment of PMP Certification Pre-requisites 

To take up the PMP certification exam from an accredited service provider, the candidate must fulfill the following educational and work experience requirements:

  • Suppose you possess a high school diploma, an associate degree, or any other global equivalent course. In that case, you must possess 60 months of project management experience and 7500 hours in leading and directing projects.
  • If you have any 4-year degree or equivalent course certification, you must possess 36 months of project management experience and 4500 hours in leading and directing projects.
  • In both scenarios mentioned above, candidates must possess 35 contact hours in project management training. 

Become a Member of PMI

By getting a PMP membership, you will get varied benefits. The major benefit is that you will get a bigger discount than membership fees. In addition to the discount on the PDF version of the PMBOK guide, you will also get a discount on the PMP examination. However, you also stay updated with PMP prep workshops on becoming a PMI member. 

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to develop a new network and interact with professionals worldwide. This enhances your chances of clearing the exam on the first attempt. 

Sign up for the Exam

It is well known that preparations for any exam work at their best when given a deadline. And the same applies to project management certification as well. 

Start the application process by visiting the PMI portal to register and fill up the application. Then, send the application to PMI for approval. Upon receiving the confirmation number, you can schedule the exam on the prometric website. 

Study PMBOK Guide 

While preparing for the PMP examination, use the PMBOK guide as reference material. Most trainers find nearly 75% of the PMP questions in the PMBOK guide. 


PMBOK guide will roughly give an idea about PMP examination questions. In addition, it is advised to use other study materials to make your examination preparation up to the mark. 

Try self-study courses such as PMP PrepCast. It helps you to earn a certificate and collect 35 contact hours, which cannot be earned by reading books.  

Attend the PMP Workshop 

PMP workshops are usually conducted by PMI chapters, global training organizations, and universities. These workshops provide an opportunity to interact with professionals and instructors and get cleared with all your queries regarding the exam. 

Answer Sample Question Papers 

With technological advancement, numerous sample PMP exam papers are available online. And the same can be used to enhance your PMP learning curve. Moreover, it will help you to keep track of your score and make further improvements accordingly. 

Take up the Examination 

After months together of preparing for the exam, now it’s time to appear for the exam. First, go through a few tutorial videos regarding computers and software used for the exam and avoid blunders at later stages.  

Maintain PMP Certification 

Getting a PMP certification online is not the end of your career journey. The certification is valid for 3 years. After that, you must maintain the certification by earning 60 PDUs and fulfilling continuing certification requirements. 

There are numerous ways to gain 60 PDUs, such as engaging in various professional activities or signing up for an online training program from a Registered Education Provider (REP).

Renewal Cost 

Once you earn a PMP certification, it’s valid for 3 years and needs to renew after it. You can renew your PMP certification online by paying $150 (non-PMI members) and $60(PMI members).

How Does a PMP Certification Boost Your Career?

A PMP certification will gear up for greater opportunities in your career. For example: If you are leading and managing complex projects, having a PMP certification will surely help you learn to manage and track the project’s progress considering time and resources. 

Here are a few reasons how PMP certification boosts your career:

Increases Your Credibility 

Organizations that seek project managers employ PMP certification as a filtering criterion. Your PMP certification provides an advantage on the job market over non-certified professionals. It demonstrates your honed skill set and practical expertise in handling complicated projects. Planning, monitoring, directing, and executing a project requires a high level of discipline and experience; project managers are expected to assume all responsibility for the project. PMP certification equips professionals specifically for this.

Increased Networking Opportunities 

Become familiar with the world of certified project managers by joining your local PMI branch. In addition, you can learn more about the Project Management sector and network with existing Project Management Professionals(PMP) by attending professional meetings organized by PMI in most major metropolitan areas. These gatherings help you learn about the many job prospects now accessible on the market. 

Validates Your Experience 

Employers place a great value on the qualifications you must meet to sit for the PMP certification exam. Therefore, the applicants must possess a certain degree of education and work experience.

When a recruiter sees a PMP certification on your CV, he understands that you have worked diligently to obtain this certification and have accumulated a large amount of high-quality work experience to demonstrate your skill.

Keep up with the Industry Trends 

Regardless of their business, project managers must be up-to-date on the newest project management trends and always strive to improve themselves. The field of project management evolves every year in terms of tools, strategies, practices, and technologies. Whether incorporating hybrid project management approaches or the rising utilization of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics, managers must have a broad understanding of trends.

PMI is a highly qualified authority that rigorously monitors and adapts to swiftly changing industry trends. Modifications are made to the course material depending on trends and need so that a PMP-certified professional will possess all in-demand abilities.

Maintains Influential Relationships 

PMI certification training programs place you in an environment with individuals with similar goals and aims. Professional networking is the most effective technique to advance your job possibilities. Developing and keeping positive relationships with other PMP experts can help you gain access to more possibilities and open doors.

PMI hosts meetings for PMP practitioners to expand their knowledge of project management. There are also times for PMP experts to talk about job openings in their companies. This lets them connect with their peers with the right opportunities. There are also a variety of online and offline forums where PMP practitioners can network and investigate prospects.

Boost Your Marketability

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that PMP certification can advance your career. Recent research indicates that some recruiters separate their candidate pool into two categories: those with and those without PMP certification. Some organizations even favor PMP candidates above master’s degree holders. Aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and finance are industries with a high preference for PMP-certified workers, as these positions require rigorous adherence to predefined protocols for executing critical projects. 

Improved Domain Skills 

Before obtaining certification, a candidate must master all areas of project management, including initiation, implementation, monitoring, and control. PMP training courses are intended to introduce candidates to areas of a project with which they would not otherwise be familiar. 

PMP certification enables you to master the global standard for project management terminology. Candidates are educated to align themselves with project objectives better, anticipate risks, and manage them gracefully.


If you intend to progress in Project Management, obtaining PMP certification is the easiest way. In addition, becoming a PMI member will provide you with numerous discounts and opportunities for networking. In addition, it provides access to a free PDF edition of the most recent PMBOK® Guide.

This blog concludes by clearly understanding how to start your PMP certification path. In addition, PMP certification provides a peek into the professional future.

The PMP certification from Invensis Learning will help you accomplish various project management careers. Therefore, gathering all relevant information regarding the exam and certificate is vital before starting preparations for the exam.

Invensis Learning, a global training organization, has emerged as a market leader in providing professional training solutions to more than 100,000 individuals across many small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide. In addition, Invensis Learning is a trusted partner that caters to the training. 

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