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Currently, the job industry globally is moderately competitive. Organizations are hunting for steps to cut costs and boost the performance of their operations. Many companies are looking for young and dynamic individuals who they can appoint for entry-level work. Without a doubt, most candidates that apply have little to expertise, hence, employers base their decision recruitment details on the candidate’s education and qualification. 

Hence, if you have little to no experience and want to build a future in project management, you should consider pursuing a certification. Getting credentials will make you stand out from the pack. There are several institutions that offer project management qualifications. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, however, is the most common amongst all.

In this article, we will address the CAPM Certification in detail.

What is CAPM Certification? 

PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is an entry-level certification in the world of Project Management domain. CAPM Certification acknowledges the applicants who intend to make an occupation in Project Management. This credential illustrates a unique understanding of (PMBOK® Guide) techniques and terms. The expertise that an individual receives from CAPM Certification could be added to respective work activities that enhance the degree of project expertise. There is a great demand for project management certified professionals. And in this regard, CAPM certification can give a boost to your project management career path.

Why is CAPM Certification Important? 

This CAPM credential ensures that you can be part of or handle complex projects in an organization. The credential validates clients that you are aware of industry best practices. Holding the CAPM qualification reflects your devotion to mastering new skills. It illustrates that you understand the language of project management and its procedures.

On the career sites for entry-level jobs, a CAPM credential on your application enhances your exposure. It makes you a prospect who is more desirable. This credential is valid in all fields and is recognized worldwide. Post CAPM certification and certain project management experience, you can upgrade your qualification and opt for PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification, which is one of the most sought-after certifications globally.

It is also a win-win situation to become a CAPM accredited professional. It is an asset for you as well as your business. Your organization will pretend to have certified employees and hence higher successful project chances when you have better work, wages, and recognitions.

CAPM Certification Training

How to be a Certified CAPM Professional? 

You will have to attend standardized CAPM Exam Prep training from a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) institution to become a CAPM certified instructor and complete the CAPM test successfully. 

How do I apply for the CAPM exam? 

Request for an online CAPM Test that is accessible on the website (www.pmi.org). Also, there is a printable edition of the program. You can store it unfinished until you start filling out the questionnaire so that you can modify the details as possible. 

You need to have four essential specifics as you complete the application form, including:

  1. Basic info (name, address, and history in schooling): This is the essential information that the individual can provide when submitting the application form
  2. Record your credential for 23 contact hours in project management when filling out your questionnaire. Always have your 23-hour contact certificate with you 
  3. Record each project that you need to use to satisfy the need for expertise. You need to be very cautious and truthful on this line. Compile all the names of the project, the company you’ve done those tasks with. Brief down the job and the key things you’ve done
  4. Charge for the CAPM qualification test. Bear in mind that PMI tests got applications at random (in such crises, they will notify you and check your forum)

How long does the CAPM exam take? 

The CAPM exam usually takes 3 hours. 

How many topics does the CAPM exam include?

150 Questions, different options and points for incorrect answers are not missed, no negative marking is conducted. 

What are the CAPM questions about? 

The cornerstone is the PMBOK or the Information Body of Project Management Reference. The PMBOK pdf can be downloaded from PMI. This is the basis for the questions, but it’s not just about learning about the PMBOK ‘s 10 knowledge areas, process classes, and various processes. What is more, do you even have an idea of how these are used in projects? 

Start preparing a research schedule that includes all of the operations that further add to CAPM qualification performance. Consider taking 2-3 simulation tests every two weeks, even if you haven’t completed the course, and change your study schedule depending on the outcome. On exams, aim to score 80-90 percent; this improves your trust as you take the exam.

How Should I Prepare For The Examination? 

It is not very straightforward to clear the CAPM Exam in one shot. Significant and vital practise for the exam is necessary to clear it, no matter what experience you have. Here are a few tips on how in one attempt you can break the test. 

  1. Check the material description of the CAPM analysis 
  2. Experiencing the record of the CAPM evaluating material diagram is a big move in performing well at the CAPM review
  3. Go through the course/content provided by the PMI REP 
  4. Check PMBoK Guide – Sixth Edition by the time you appear for the exam at least three times
  5. Conduct several numbers of virtual exercises that can help you improve your level of trust
  6. Shape a thriving community of study: A successful research group can be beneficial at all times. Check for local events and shape a meeting if you don’t find one. By establishing a research group, there are tremendous advantages

That contains something like: 

  • This encourages you to force people to take up the course 
  • You may share experience in project management
  • This enables you to address some problems in the CAPM Test


If you want to advance in your career in project management, a CAPM qualification is a fantastic start for you. Even better with a proper CAPM Exam prep training from a PMI REP. Not only CAPM, but there are also many other popular Project Management Certification Courses that individuals can opt for to take their project management career to the next level.

Some of the popular project management certification courses that individuals and enterprise team members can take up are:

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