CGEIT Certification Requirements

The CGEIT requirements may seem complicated but take it step-by-step!

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) that is provided by the Information Systems Audit and Control (ISACA) demonstrates to potential employers that you are proven to be effective in advisory, management, and assurance responsibilities in the realm of governance.

Before you set out on the path to acquiring your CGEIT certification, certain prerequisites have to be fulfilled. To apply for the certification:

  • You must have a minimum of five years of experience in either an advisor, management, or overseer role in the IT domain specifically.
  • Also, you must have supplementary experience in a minimum of any two CGEIT domains:
    • Strategic Management
    • Profit Realization
    • Threat Optimization
    • Resource Optimization

If you have been a teacher at an accredited university teaching IT-governance related subjects, each two-year period of your teaching stint will count towards one year of experience in IT governance.

  1. Passing the Examination

    Passing the CGEIT exam is just the first step in gaining the certification. Interestingly, you can attempt the examination before you complete the CGEIT certification prerequisites and many opt to do this.

  2. Submitting CGEIT Application to ISACA

    Once you successfully clear the CGEIT exam, you must download a CGEIT application from the official ISACA website. You need to complete and submit this application within five years from the day you complete the exam with a passing score. If you do not do this within five years, you will need to take the examination again and resubmit your application once you clear it again. The required experience must be completed within ten years before the application date.

  3. Adhering to the Code of Ethics from ISACA

    As a CGEIT certificate holder, the ISACA expects you to act professionally and use the right standards. To comply with the ISACA code of ethics, you must always serve in the interest of your stakeholders and maintain confidentiality with respect to the knowledge you obtain through career activities and be competent in your work. You may be subject to disciplinary action from ISACA if you do not comply with it and this could result in your CGEIT certificate being terminated.

  4. Maintaining CGEIT Certification

    Once you get your CGEIT certification, you need to meet some additional CGEIT requirements to maintain the certification:

    • Obtain at least 20 CPE hours (relevant to the IT governance domain) and report it annually to the ISACA. Despite only 20 hours being required annually, you must report 120 CPE hours after three years, so you must make an effort towards this. The hours can be in-house corporate training, educational courses, workshops, conferences, and so on.
    • Pay maintenance fees of $45 for members and $85 for non-members
  5. Participating in the CPE program

    There are several professional events hosted by ISACA, which you, as a certificate holder, are encouraged to attend. This could be workshops, seminars, and so on. You must obtain proof of attendance at these events because this could be counted towards the CPE hours required to maintain your certification.

  6. Complying with IS Auditing Standards

    CGEIT certificate holders are randomly audited every year and must furnish proof that they meet the CGEIT training requirements for 12 months before the three-year cycle of reporting. If you are selected for the audit, you must provide the following:

    • Your name
    • The title of your activity
    • Name of sponsoring organization for events
    • Description
    • Date
    • The number of completed CPE hours

FAQs on CGEIT Certification

Here are some common questions about the CGEIT certification requirements:


You hold a competitive advantage because you can provide tangible proof to your employer that you are proficient in the necessary skills. This results in better chances of employment, along with better salary and career growth. Another benefit of obtaining the CGEIT certification is that you gain access to an elite network of governance professionals all over the world, and you can use this to get leverage, knowledge, and useful tools for an expert community.

Professors who prefer to educate students instead of applying their acquired skills can use the fact that every two years of teaching experience can be counted as one year of experience in IT governance.

The ISACA has an appeal policy that you can use if you think that the application denial was given by mistake or you would like to complain about the exam contents or the site conditions for taking the test.

The official ISACA website has a Verification of Attendance form that you can use to keep track of your activities in a proper manner.

There is no penalty for incorrect answers in the CGEIT exam. If you are running short of time, get rid of the evidently wrong answers and make an educated guess from then onwards.

Syllabus of CGEIT Certification Training

  • The knowledge and experience necessary to support and advance the IT governance an enterprise
  • The professional development necessary for successful on-the-job performance
  • How to operate the enterprise’s IT and business systems with greater efficiencies and optimum effectiveness

Download detailed course syllabus

Download Syllabus


Who should take up CGEIT Certification training?

Job roles that can benefit from CGEIT certification training include, but are not limited to:

  • IT managers
  • IT analysts
  • Business professionals
  • IT consultants
  • IT directors
  • IT executives
  • IT governance professionals

Invensis Learning’s practice tests for CGEIT certification are modeled on the actual examination and draw from the syllabus. They are conceptualized by our team of subject matter experts.

Practice tests give you a feel of what the CGEIT certification examination will be like and the extent of knowledge that is required.

  • Type: Multiple choice examination questions
  • No Of Questions: 150 questions
  • Examination duration: 240 minutes’ duration
  • Open/Closed book: Closed book
  • Result: 450 marks (on a scale of 200-800) required to pass

There are no pre-requisite criteria to take up CGEIT examination. But, 5 or more years of experience managing, serving or supporting the governance of the IT-related contribution to an enterprise is required to apply for certification.

The course structure or outline of the instructor-led CGEIT exam preparation training program is as follows:

  • Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • Strategic Management
  • Benefits Realization
  • Risk Optimization
  • Resource Optimization

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