Scrum Master Certification Cost

Cost of different Scrum master certifications.

Over the past decade, the demand for trained and experienced Scrum masters is growing. There are several accreditation bodies that offer Scrum Master Training and Certification programs, most of which are widely accepted and globally recognized. Choosing the right certification can be tricky. Are you planning to reshape your career with a Scrum Master Certification? But before that, you need to be aware of the cost involved. This complete guide to Scrum Master certification cost will help you understand all the details pertaining to it.

How Much Does Scrum Master Certification Cost?

The Scrum Master Certification cost varies depending on the training and certification provider that you choose. Let's dive in and explore the cost involved with different Scrum Master certifications.

CSM Certification Cost

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is an entry-level certification offered by Scrum Alliance. It is one of the most widely recognized certification programs for Scrum Masters.

Cost Segment Cost
Scrum Master Training Cost $1000 - $1400
Exam Cost Included in the course fee
CSM Retake Cost
  • The first two attempts can be taken at free of cost within 60 days of completion of the course
  • $25 after first two attempts
CSM Renewal Cost Must be renewed every two years at the cost of $100 (Total 20 SEUs required)

Other Scrum Master Certifications from Scrum Alliance include Advanced CSM (A-CSM) and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification. For more information on cost, certification renewal, and SEU requirements for these certifications, visit the Scrum Alliance website's renewals section.

PSM Certification Cost is also another very well-known and respected organization among industry professionals. It offers three levels of scrum master certifications: PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III. Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) is an entry-level certification offered by The table below lists out the cost requirements of PSM I certification.

Cost Segment Cost
PSM Training Cost $995 - $1,695
Exam Cost $150 per attempt
PSM Retake Cost Free retakes are only granted to participants of official classes
PSM Renewal Cost certificates are lifelong and do not require any additional payments or renewals

PMI-ACP Certification Cost

Project Management Institute is a recognized leader in certifying project management professionals. Although PMI doesn’t offer specific Scrum certifications, its Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification is popular among Scrum Masters since it covers several Agile and Scrum practices and principles. Also, prerequisites for the PMI-ACP certification exam are very advanced compared to entry-level Scrum Master certification exams.

Cost Segment Cost Details
PMI-ACP Training Cost (Optional) t $800 - $1400 Training cost can vary based on location and mode of training
PMI-ACP Exam Cost PMI Member: $435 per attempt PMI Non-member: $495 per attempt Varies based on Exam Administration Type (Online or offline) and PMI Member Status
PMI-ACP Retake Cost PMI Member: $335 per attempt PMI Non-member: $395 per attempt During the one-year eligibility period, you may take the examination up to three times
PMI-ACP Renewal Cost PMI Non-member: $150 per attemptPMI Member: $60 per attempt The PMI-ACP certificate is valid for three years. You must earn 30 PDUs involving Agile topics to renew the certification

Note: As mentioned in the PMI-ACP Handbook, reexamination fees apply to the second and third attempts to pass the examination. If your eligibility period expires without you passing the examination, you must reapply for the certification.

ASM Certification Cost

The EXIN Agile Scrum Master is a unique certification program that combines Agile service management with the Scrum process framework. Successful completion of an EXIN Agile Scrum Master Training provided by an EXIN accredited training provider such as Invensis Learning is mandatory.

Cost Segment Cost
ASM Certification Training Cost Courses are available online or onsite and start at $799, which includes exam cost
EXIN ASM Exam Cost $240 per attemptt
Renewal Cost EXIN Agile Scrum certifications are subject to a renewal fee, and they have a lifetime validity

Note: The exam cost of ASM Certification does not include the training cost.

SAFe Scrum Master Certification Cost

Founded in 2011, Scaled Agile is focused on Scaling Agile, Lean, and Scrum practices for enterprises, and its courses and certifications reflect that focus. SAFe Scrum Master Certification by Scaled Agile Academy explores the role of the Scrum Master with respect to the entire enterprise and prepares attendees to deliver the maximum business value at scale. The cost requirements of the certification are as follows:

Cost Segment Cost
SAFe Scrum Master Training Cost Courses are available online or onsite and start at $799, which includes exam cost
Retake Cost $50 per attempt (First attempt is included as part of the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion)
Renewal Cost Must be renewed every year at a cost of $100 (Annual PDU Requirements: At least 10 PUDs)

SMC Certification Cost

SCRUMstudy™ offers Scrum Master Certified (SMC®) certification for professionals interested in becoming a Scrum Master. The cost details of the certification are as follows.

Cost Segment Cost
SMC Exam Cost 450 USD per attempt
Retake Cost Two free retakes
Renewal Cost Must be renewed every three years at the cost of $100 and maintain a minimum of 40 Recertification Units (RCUs)

Note: A student can renew his/her certificate in the following ways:
By taking a recertification examination, or By passing any other SCRUMstudy™ certification examination

LSM Certification Cost

The Licensed Scrum Master by Scrum Inc. credential is the only Scrum Master credential endorsed by Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and Scrum Alliance. Scrum Inc. Scrum Master™ training combines lectures with a variety of games and exercises that will allow you to experience the Scrum Master role first-hand. Courses start at $1,995, including the exam fees, and take place online for two to three days.

Scrum Master Accredited Certification Cost

International Scrum Institute™ offers Scrum Master Accredited certification and the cost details of the certification are as given below.

Cost Segment Cost
Scrum Master Accredited Certification Exam Cost $69
Retake Cost The certification is valid for a lifetime, and therefore, there is no renewal cost.

We took a quick look at the most sought-after and recognized Scrum Master certifications and broke down the cost requirements for each of them. With Scrum Master being one of the top-paying professions, more and more organizations are offering Scrum Master Training and Certification programs. You have to make a wise call based on what you are looking for.

Still stumped on which certification to choose? Here are some most frequently asked questions that might help you make an informed decision.

FAQs on Scrum Master Certification Cost


The following questions are about the Scrum Master exam price:

The following institutes and organizations offer Scrum Master certification:

    • Scrum Alliance
    • Scaled Agile Academy
    • EXIN
    • SCRUMStudy
    • International Scrum Institute
    • Project Management Institute (PMI)
    • International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile)

The following list includes questions that you should research to choose the right Scrum Master Certification program.

    • How long has the governing body existed?
    • How many individuals has the organization certified?
    • Are the certifications provided by the organization recognized by potential employers?
    • What resources are being offered to you during the certification training?
    • Look for customer testimonials
    • Are there opportunities to connect with others interested in Scrum?
    • Finally, ask self-question if the certification will help you to learn valuable skills and advance your career?

Currently, more and more companies are adopting Agile Scrum Methodology and having a Scrum Master Credential can set you apart from the crowd. Having hands-on experience along with certification adds an extra layer of credibility to Scrum Master’s experience and will definitely impress hiring managers. Yes, becoming a Certified Scrum Master has a lot of merits.

According to PayScale, Scrum Masters in the United States earn an average of $91,000 annually, with most salaries ranging from $62000 to $123,000.

Corporate Group Training
  • Customized Training
  • Onsite / Virtual
  • Instructor-led Delivery
  • For small to large groups

Syllabus of Certified ScrumMaster Training

  • After completing your Certified ScrumMaster training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:
  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum
  • Scrum Master Core Competencies
  • Service to the Development Team
  • Service to the Product Owner
  • Service to the Organization

Download detailed course syllabus

Download (PDF)

FAQs on Certified ScrumMaster

Why take up Certified ScrumMaster Course?

Agile and Scrum was a breath of fresh air for enterprises who wanted to move away from traditional command and control style of management that spread across industries. By ensuring the workforce moved away from traditional silos to customer-focused multidisciplinary teams, Agile approach not only ensured accelerated growth but also helped to create next gen Agile and Scrum practitioners.

Today, there are many Agile and Scrum certification programs, but Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance is one of the most popular certification courses globally. The CSM credential validates an individual’s knowledge on Scrum terminology, principles, practices, and the exam. There are more than 1 Million CSMs, which shows the popularity of the certification globally.

After completing your Certified ScrumMaster training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum
  • Scrum Master Core Competencies
  • Service to the Development Team
  • Service to the Product Owner
  • Service to the Organization

Job roles that can benefit from CSM training include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Team Members
  • IT Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • QA and Testing Professionals
  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members (Developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners)
  • Anyone who wants to learn Scrum and be part of the next transformation

There are no pre-requisite criteria to take up CSM training.

One has to maintain their CSM credential by renewing it every two years by obtaining 20 SEUs.

  • Type: Multiple Choice Questions (True/False)
  • No. of Questions: 50
  • Exam Duration: 60 Mins
  • Passing Score: 37/50 answers must be correct
  • Ease of Agile methodology adoption within the organization
  • Bag business critical projects with Scrum qualified employees
  • Change of mindset from traditional leadership to Agile leadership
  • Enhanced collaboration within teams by removing impediments
  • Achieve tangible and real benefits at a rapid rate by delivering high quality products
  • Receive fundamental knowledge of Scrum that has revolutionized global enterprises
  • Stay marketable and relevant with CSM certification due to rapid Agile migration
  • Work better with your peers by understanding Scrum vocabulary within the organization
  • Achieve additional functioning knowledge on Agile implementation methods
  • Become a global professional with increased opportunities across industry sectors

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