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Teresa Lawrence

Did you know? Close to 40% of projects worldwide fail due to lack of planning, resources, and activities. And only 2.5% of companies globally complete 100% of their projects.

Project managers face the task of decision making in scenarios that are complex and/or ambiguous. Rarely are we provided explicit training in the divergent and convergent thinking tools and techniques that lead to a wider variety of options and, ultimately, the strong consensus around the best solutions for achieving the desired objectives? This session will discuss the guiding principles of each and showcase how best to use them for maximum return.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get to better ideas faster? If you learn to master just two thinking skills, you can! Many of the PMI supported tools have origins in creativity. As such, these tools are best leveraged when you apply divergent thinking (to generate) or convergent thinking (to narrow). This session will explore the principles of divergent and convergent thinking and provide examples of techniques to maximize their power in decision making, problem solving and performance feedback.

Why would you choose the first solution that comes to mind when you could choose from among many? Walk away from this webinar knowing how to better generate, develop and evaluate solutions to challenges.

  • Explanation of the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills Model
  • Understand the ground rules of divergent and convergent thinking
  • Tools to find possibility in the face of challenge
  • Tools that help teams evaluate ideas positively
  • Know what statement starters are and how to use them

Job roles that can benefit from this webinar include, but are not limited to:


  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Team Members
  • Project Practitioners
  • Associate Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Anyone faced with the task of decision making in scenarios that are complex and/or ambiguous

Teresa Lawrence, Ph.D., PMP, also known as “The Breakthrough PM”, is a previous superintendent of schools and current president of International Deliverables, LLC. Teresa provides training, facilitation, and coaching in creativity and the application of creative problem solving in all aspects of Project Management across all industries, organizations, and companies.

Additionally, she provides professional services in the management of strategic initiatives, innovation and change as well as a provider of PDUs and PMI certification training. Teresa is an alum of the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) and serves as the VP for Certification Training in the Buffalo PMI chapter. She is the past recipient of Buffalo Business First “Women of Influence” and the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education “Distinguished Alumni” award.

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