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Speaker: Ademar Albertin 60 Min All Levels

Today, Agile and Scrum best practices are being heavily incorporated in enterprises as a framework or as a methodology. One should incorporate this in their day-to-day project environment to successfully complete projects and achieve greater ROI.


Speaker: Craig M. Hoel 60 Min Advanced

Leadership is a critical element in the success of both implementing and using Six Sigma Techniques and Tools to support process change and delivering value in conducting Six Sigma Projects.


Speaker: Victor Foster 60 Min Advanced

Application of change management and its role in the organization. It is an essential part for an organisation that reflects business initiatives.


Speaker: Allyson Pippin 60 Min Intermediate

ITSM and why it matters in today’s competitive environment and, managing & delivering service operations.


Speaker: Chris DeVany 90 Min Foundation / Intermediate / Advanced

This webinar will provide a simple step-by-step process for managing your projects. Attendees will learn how to use a variety of documents – scope statements, communication plans, risk management plans, risk registers and change management plans .


Speaker: Carla R Jenkins 30 Min Advanced

Know more about the 7 steps for applying service improvement to all of the new technology which have changed the face of IT service management.


Speaker: Teresa Lawrence 90 Min Intermediate/Advanced

Did you know? Close to 40% of projects worldwide fail due to lack of planning, resources, and activities. And only 2.5% of companies globally complete 100% of their projects.


Speaker: Carla R Jenkins 60 Min Intermediate/Advanced

A recent study on project risk management trends, 92% of CEOs agreed that information related to risk is important to long-term success. But only 23% of them believed that they have comprehensive information about risk towards their business.


Speaker: Ori Schibi 60 Min Intermediate/Advanced

Did You Know that 31% of projects are cancelled before completion and 52% of projects cost 189% of their original estimates. Too many projects fail and it is time to take a different look at the reasons behind project failures and what to do about it