Webinar - Root Cause Analysis, The 5 Why’s, and The Fishbone Diagram

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Diego Papera

Processes across industry sectors often face problems due to non-conforming parts, which eventually lead to process failure, productivity, and even rework. Even when organizations have the best of frameworks or quality controls at place, problems still persist. So, it is highly imperative to ensure problems do not reoccur and get to the root cause of the same. This is where Root Cause Analysis (RCA) comes into the picture that uses a collection of problem solving methods to get to the actual root cause of the problem.

Even though Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is majorly used in the manufacturing industry, but over the years it has found more prominence in other service-based verticals as well. Enterprises across the globe still address the symptoms of a problem instead of gaining and in-depth understanding of the root cause of the actual problem.


Moreover, RCA is an integral part of continuous improvement effort for organizations that are looking to evolve and achieve maximum quality improvement. Performing RCA can be tricky and challenging. Some instances RCA can be done by a single person, at times it may need a cross functional team to achieve the best of results and correctly address the root cause of the problem.

  • Introduction to RCA
  • Why identifying the root cause of problems is important
  • The 5 WHYs
  • 5 WHYs – An example
  • Cause and Effect diagrams/
  • The Reverse Fishbone diagram
  • Wrapping it up

Job roles that can benefit from this webinar include, but are not limited to:

  • Operations Staff in manufacturing and service organizations
  • Managers
  • Process Owners
  • Process Owners
  • Team members involved in continuous improvement/operational excellence
  • Anyone who wants to learn problem solving skills

Diego Papera is a Six Sigma Green Belt professional with 8+ years of experience. Currently, he is working as a Leadership Coach and Consultant in multicultural environments. He is driven by passion for people and is committed to deliver exceptional service. Diego believes in emotional intelligence, elements of neurology and neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness practices, and the combination of empathetic and transformational leadership.

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