CSM Certification Training in Hanover

Hanover has been ranked as one of the most digitized and innovative cities in Germany. Also, most companies like Deloitte, NovaTec and many others prefer Scrum masters because they are experts in handling difficult tasks. Furthermore, Scrum is developing so fast that it is quickly becoming a framework preferred by most companies and organizations in achieving agile transformation. At Invensis Learning, we provide live online Certified Scrum Master certification training in Hanover, which Scrum Alliance® accredits. In our interactive and hands-on CSM course, you will gain a stronger understanding and knowledge of Scrum Framework and know how to leverage Scrum to help create highly sustainable and collaborative teams.

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What is Scrum and How CSM Certification in Hanover Benefits a Scrum Master?

Scrum is a lightweight agile project management framework that works by breaking down large products and services into small pieces that can be completed by a cross-functional team in a short timeframe. CSM training in Hanover is a framework of choice for organizations interested in achieving Agile transformation and Scrum Master is a well-established, critical player of product development at the world’s leading companies.

Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) Course is one of the most widely-recognized certifications for Scrum Masters globally. By getting CSM certification, you’ll attain a rock-solid understanding of Scrum fundamentals and gain an understanding of team roles, events, and artifacts in Scrum in Hanover. By gaining CSM training you will learn how to protect the team from both internal and external distractions and help them thrive in Hanover.

CSM certification training course at Invensis Learning will help you master the Scrum framework and ace your CSM exam in Hanover in the very first attempt. Also, there are more than 1 Million CSMs worldwide, which shows the popularity of the CSM certification globally.

Why is Hanover a Great Work Location for Certified Scrum Masters?

In Hanover, the average salary of a Certified Scrum Master is up to €55,662 but the salary range typically falls between €41k and €80k.
Job Growth
The demand for Scrum masters is growing faster than any other domain in Hanover. It is also reported that, in Hannover, skilled Scrum masters are the fastest-growing professionals in the upcoming years.
Job Listings
Certified Scrum Master professionals in Hanover are found in many job roles like scrum master, senior scrum master, agile scrum master, project manager scrum master agile coach, senior Agile coach scrum master etc.
Top Industries Hiring
Manufacturing, services, trade, and retail industries are some of the top industries present in Hanover city of Germany.

Key Features of CSM Certification Training in Hanover

Interactive instructor-led CSM certification training in Hanover
Trainers with rich domain experience and expertise with international CSM training and consulting
Earn 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEU®) and training includes the cost of CSM exam in Hanover
Get two-year membership with Scrum Alliance

CSM Certification Training and Exam Details in Hanover

Areas of Study

After completing your Certified ScrumMaster training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum
  • Scrum Master Core Competencies
  • Service to the Development Team
  • Service to the Product Owner
  • Service to the Organization
  • Attend a two-day classroom training taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer. However, there are no prerequisites to attend this CSM Certification training in Hanover. But, it is recommended to have some basic understanding of Scrum values, principles, and working knowledge of the overall Scrum process.
  • Type: Multiple Choice Questions (True/False)
  • No. of Questions: 50
  • Exam Duration: 60 Mins
  • Passing Score: 37/50 answers must be correct
  • The CSM certification training cost is approximately around 1000 USD - 4000 USD in Hanover. The CSM training includes the exam cost for CSM certification in Hanover. For more details, please refer to the CSM training schedule given below. Select your preferred date and enroll for the Certified Scrum master training course.

Job roles that can benefit from CSM training in Hanover include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Team Members
  • IT Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • QA and Testing Professionals
  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members (Developers, Scrum
  • Masters, and Product Owners)
  • Anyone who wants to learn Scrum and be part of the next transformation

Invensis Learning provides CSM certification training globally, which is taught by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs).

Skills You Will Gain With the CSM Training Online

Scrum values, principles and practices
Scrum lifecycle
Sprint planning
Scrum framework
Change Management
Risk management

Why Choose Invensis for Your CSM Certification Training

Choosing a training provider for your CSM certification is the most crucial part of your journey toward successfully clearing the CSM certification exam. When investing in your career, you should never sacrifice quality for cost.

Invensis Learning has acquired an unmatched reputation for successfully helping thousands of aspiring professionals become CSM -certified. With our meticulous approach and a thorough understanding of the certification process, we know exactly what it takes to crack the CSM certification.

Here Are a Few More Key Reasons to Join Invensis Learning:


Our team of seasoned trainers with rich domain experience and expertise in international training and consulting has enabled us to be a trusted certification training partner for many Fortune 500 organizations and government institutions.

Our course curriculum has been uniquely developed & updated as per the latest guidelines from the governing bodies to ensure extensive preparation where a candidate masters the practical application of project management processes.

Thousands of professionals and corporates have harnessed our training to clear their CSM certification exam on the very first attempt.284 Reviews (4.5 Rating)

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Benefits of CSM Certification Training with Invensis Learning

Course Price: EUR 820

Use codeINVL10to avail 10% discount on this course

  • Crack your CSM exam on 1st Attempt
  • Get two-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • Earn the required 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEU®)
  • Pay in your local currency without any hassle

How Are Companies Implementing Scrum in Their Organizations?

ScrumMaster certification corporate and group training solutions facilitate opportunities for employees to learn, develop, and make sure that the team, including the product owner, follows the principles and processes of Scrum. They ensure that the process goes as efficiently as possible by getting as many features to be done as possible. Hanover’s leading companies such as Skype, Novo Nordisk, Monsanto, and others have found ScrumMaster certification corporate training programs highly beneficial. The organization opted to install Agile with Scrum methodology for its software development, which was ultimately rewarding.

For example, here is a summary of a KPMG company that adopted Agile transformation in their organization because of the demand for new ideas in the market, which requires a dynamic change in the IT operating model and business with increasing speed, agility, and flexibility. Before the company used an old traditional approach supporting IT and business setup, the divide between the IT strategy and business strategy was fading as they moved further in the digital age. So later, the organization decided to adopt agile transformation, which helped deliver the product faster with changing customer needs, increased flexibility, fast and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and solved silos between IT and business, which made a huge profit in the companies revenue.

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Organize Corporate Group Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training for your teams in Hanover and around the world

Hanover’s leading companies such as Deloitte, HDI Systems, Alion Science and Technology, NovaTec, and many others are increasingly preferring corporate CSM training programs as they need to ensure that the principles are being followed. That includes transparency, inspection, and adaptation which will help the team reach the most significant benefits of the Scrum framework. At Invensis Learning, we provide corporate and group training solutions for CSM certification, where you will have access to high-quality CSM certification courseware, plenty of mock tests, industry-driven case studies, and interesting webinars developed by experts.Request for Corporate Group Training

Our Certified Scrum Master Alumni Are Placed in Top Organisations in Hanover

HDI Systems
Hannover Re
Novatec Consulting
CodeFrog GmbH

CSM Training Locations in Hanover

Due to the current pandemic situation, all our classroom training is now online.
CSM Certification Training in Hanover

Mercure Hotel Hannover Mitte, Postkamp 10, 30159 Hannover, Germany

Call: +49 511 473900
CSM Certification Training in Hanover

Kastens Hotel Luisenhof, Luisenstraße 1-3, 30159 Hannover, Germany

Call: +49 511 30440

About Hanover

Hanover is the largest and capital city of the Lower Saxony state of Germany. The city is situated on the River Liene and is home to more than 5 lakh residents. The Hanover Opera house, Lenne Palace, The Maschsee, Adventure Zoo are famous places here. Hannover is a center for trade fairs. The five world’s biggest industrial trade exhibitions take place in Hanover. Also, the Hanover Messe evolved into the largest exhibition of capital goods. With all these, the city is also a startup hub. It has many industrial startups this year. It also enriches the industries and impresses potential customers and large companies. Lyke, SmapOne, Flexxter, SYNAPS, etc., are some of the startups found here.

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FAQs on Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) in Hanover

Why should I enroll for CSM Certification Training in Hanover?

Scrum is quickly becoming a framework of choice for companies and organizations interested in achieving Agile transformation. With a lot of organizations adopting the Scrum Framework, the demand for trained, certified, and experienced Scrum professionals is growing in Hanover.

Today, there are many Scrum certification programs, but Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance is one of the most popular certification courses globally. The CSM credential validates an individual’s knowledge on Scrum terminology, principles, practices, and the CSM exam. Currently, the Scrum Alliance has more than 1 million certifications issued, which attests to the popularity of CSM Certification.

Invensis Learning’ CSM Training course, you will learn to think in terms of Scrum values and principles and learn how to help your Scrum team perform at the optimum level.

In the State Of Scrum 2017-2018, Scrum Alliance suggested that most of the enterprises are using Scrum Framework irrespective of the sizes in Hanover. The report also states that there is continued growth in Scrum's use outside of IT such as operations, production, research and development, sales and marketing, content development, management, consulting, HR, finance, etc.

There is a huge demand for CSM trained professionals who can prove their knowledge and skills involving Agile and Scrum practices in Hanover. Trained, certified, and experienced ScrumScrum masters are highly sought after. In fact, Glassdoor continues to include Scrum Master in their list of best jobs in Hanover 2020, ranking at Number 29 with a median salary of $100,000 USD.

With relevant skills, certifications, and job experience, organizations are willing to pay generously for professionals who can prove their knowledge and skills involving Agile and Scrum practices.

So, getting hired as a Scrum Master won’t be a problem.

Yes, the CSM exam in Hanover is generally easy to pass with a passing grade of approximately 74%.

Scrum Masters tend to be people-oriented, have a high level of emotional intelligence, and find joy in helping team members to grow. So whether you want to serve as a Scrum Master, adopt Scrum, or need the tools to be more agile, the CSM course is the right certification to start.

Please call us, join our Live Chat for instant support, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

Suppose you are interested in expanding your career opportunities across all industry domains that are adopting agile practices, and you want to manage large teams across multiple departments using the Scrum framework. In that case, this CSM training is for you. This training will help you have the requisite experience to succeed as a Scrum Master in Hanover.

This CSM certification training course is designed to prepare you to become a Scrum Master, senior Scrum Master, Coach Scrum Master, Product Owner, Iteration Manager, and other managerial positions in Hanover.

Apart from Scrum Alliance, there are several other governing bodies that offer Scrum Master Training and Certification programs in Hanover. Few of the Scrum Master Certifications and the related governing bodies are:

  • Professional Scrum Master Certification (PSM) by Scrum.org
  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification by Project Management Institute
  • Agile Scrum Master Certification by Exin
  • SAFe Scrum Master Certification by Scaled Agile
  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC) by SCRUMstudy
  • Licensed Scrum Master by Scrum Inc

The cost of this two-day CSM course is between $1000 - $1400 in Hanover. The cost of the CSM exam in Hanover is included in the CSM course fee. Apart from this, the first two retake attempts can be taken at free of cost within 60 days of completion of the course and $25 after the first two attempts.

As stated by the Scrum Alliance, you need to have 14 hours of live online or 16 hours of in-person training with your CST, or 25 hours of face-to-face interaction with your CAC to attempt the CSM test.

According to PayScale, in Hanover the average salary of a Certified ScrumMaster is around $100K annually.

By getting CSM certification in Hanover, you will be able to:

  • Receive high degree of proficiency in Scrum framework and its fundamentals
  • Learn the principles and values of Lean and Methodologies and will be able to apply them in your organization
  • Work better with your team by understanding Scrum vocabulary within the organization
  • Expand your career across different industries that are implementing agile practices
  • Become a global Scrum professional with increased opportunities across different industry sectors

Currently, most of the organizations are hiring CSM certified professionals who are familiar with the Scrum Framework. As a Certified ScrumMaster, you can benefit an organization in the following ways in Hanover:

  • Ease the adoption of Agile methodology within the organization
  • Bag business-critical projects with Scrum qualified employees
  • Help the team to change their mindset from traditional to Agile leadership
  • Enhanced collaboration within teams by removing impediments
  • Achieve tangible and real benefits at a rapid rate by delivering high-quality products

Yes, we have schedules for CSM training for weekends and weekdays in Hanover.

Invensis Learning is accredited by Scrum Alliance to provide CSM training globally. You will be taught by globally renowned Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) to earn a Scrum Master certification that prepares you to face the emerging new normal. You will also get lifetime access to a learning management system containing course resources like class recordings, live class schedule etc in Hanover. Moreover, 98.9% of people who have enrolled for our training have successfully cleared their CSM exam in Hanover in the first attempt.

Currently at Invensis Learning, we provide CSM training in Hanover in instructor-led live online mode.

Scrum is quickly becoming a framework of choice for companies and organizations interested in achieving Agile transformation in Hanover. Currently, more and more companies are adopting Agile Scrum Methodology, and having a Scrum Master Credential can set you apart from the crowd. Having hands-on experience, along with CSM certification, adds an extra layer of credibility to Scrum Master’s experience and will definitely impress hiring managers in Hanover. Yes, becoming a Certified ScrumMaster has a lot of merits.

Yes. At Invensis Learning, you can opt to take up this CSM course in live-online delivery mode in Hanover.

To maintain your CSM Certification credential you can renew it every two years by obtaining 20 SEUs.

As stated by Scrum Alliance, after completing the CSM course, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to activate your Scrum Alliance certification account, where you will be able to complete the CSM test.

To take your test, please go to the Scrum Alliance website:

  • Sign in to your Scrum Alliance account with your login credentials. You can find the login credentials in the ‘Welcome CSM’ mail
  • Hover over your name in the top right-hand corner and click on ‘My Dashboard’
  • Click on the ‘Take CSM test’ option
  • Select your preferred language and continue
  • You will then be redirected to the site where you can attempt the exam
  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Exam Duration: 60 Mins
  • Passing Score: 37/50 questions (74%)

Job roles in Hanover that can benefit from CSM training include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Team Members
  • IT Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • QA and Testing Professionals
  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members (Developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners)
  • Anyone who wants to learn Scrum and be part of the next transformation

There are no prerequisites to attend this CSM Certification training. But, it is recommended to have some basic understanding of Scrum values, principles, and working knowledge of the overall Scrum process in Hanover.

In this Certified ScrumMaster training, you will:

  • Understand the foundation of Lean, Agile, and Scrum Methodologies
  • Acquire knowledge of Scrum terminologies, team roles, events, and artifacts
  • Learn about the scope of the Scrum Master role and core competencies
  • Master how to facilitate the development team, product owner, and the entire organization
  • Gain an understanding of how to act as a servant leader and guide the team to adopt the Scrum process
  • Learn how to increase transparency and protect the team from internal and external impediments

These are the steps you must complete to become a Certified ScrumMaster:

  • Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Scrum Framework and the prerequisites for attending a CSM course in Hanover
  • Attend a two-day training taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®), or you can get a private coaching from a Certified Agile Coach (CAC)
  • After completing the CSM course, you will need to accept the License Agreement to take the CSM test that’s available in 13 languages
  • Pass the CSM exam in Hanover by attempting at least 37 of 50 questions correctly
  • After getting the CSM certification, you can maintain it by earning Scrum Education Units® (SEUs) and renewing your certificate every two years

You can easily enroll for CSM training in Hanover by Invensis by following the three steps below:

  • Select a convenient training schedule
  • Enroll, make the payment, and block your seat
  • Receive the training materials and start your preparation

The CSM certification, available through the Scrum Alliance, is an entry-level CSM certification aimed at providing professionals with an awareness of the Scrum methodologies and values, including team performance, accountability, and iterative progress.

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