Is PMP Certification Training Course Worth It? How To Get It

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can help you stand out from the crowd in project management. If you are wondering how to get PMP certification, you should first complete work experience, training courses, and an exam. Is the PMP certification, however, worthwhile? So, this blog will look into what it takes to be certified, how much it may cost, and how PMP certification can assist you in advancing your project management career.

Before diving into the main topic, the first will discuss PMP certification.

What Is PMP Certification?

Professional certifications validate your career skills while also allowing you to learn about important concepts and industry best practices that can benefit your day-to-day operations. The PMP certification is the most widely recognized in the world of project management. Moreover, the Project Management Institute (PMI), which posts the Project Management Book of Knowledge, sells it (PMBOK). In conclusion, the PMBOK is considered the holy grail of project management knowledge.

PMP certification demonstrates a thorough understanding of the PMBOK concepts. This designation can help you stand out from your peers and gain respect in your field. You’ll also learn about Agile, waterfall project management, leadership, and business management.

Will now discuss how one should get PMP certification.

How To Get PMP Certification

The process for getting PMP-certified is pretty straightforward. So, to get PMP certification, every individual must follow these simple steps to get PMP certification:  

Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Check whether you have reached the experience criteria for eligibility. Following are the eligibility criteria before taking the training:

  • To qualify to take the PMP certification exam, you must meet certain educational and professional demands

Option 1:

  • A four-year degree plus 35 Hours of Project Management training or CAPM certification
  • 36 months of experience leading projects

Option 2:

  • A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
  • An additional 35 hours of Project Management training or CAPM certification
  • 60 months of experience leading projects

Take the Training

The next important step in getting PMP certification is attending the training. Invensis Learning has been reviewed and approved by the PMI Authorized Training Partner Program to provide a 4-day instructor-led PMP Certification training that will ensure the essential 35 PDUs at the end of the training. In addition, the PMP certification offers an enriching learning experience with Mock Tests and lifetime access to the LMS. After completing your PMP Exam Prep training, you will gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • Initiating a project
  • Planning project work
  • Developing Project schedules, cost estimates, and budgets
  • Planning project staffing and communication
  • Analyze projects risks
  • Plan and manage project procurement
  • Monitoring and controlling project work, and more

Apply For the Exam

Once you attend the PMP certification training course, it’s time to take the exam. Applying for the exam, you need to follow some steps:

1: Create your professional profile at

2: Complete 35 Contact Hours of formal PMP certification training course.

3: Apply for PMI membership to take advantage of special discounts when scheduling exams. Furthermore, PMI membership gives you access to online publications and resources to get the most recent editions of study materials such as foundation standards, PMBOK, framework & practice, etc. Although PMI membership is optional, I recommend that everyone obtain one.

4: Complete and submit the application online within 90 days. PMI takes 5-6 days to notify applicants of application acceptance.

5: If your application is approved, you can pay the fees to advance to the next stage. The PMP Certification fee for PMI Members is USD 405 and for non-members is USD 555.

6: You can schedule the exam at the nearest test center based on your preparedness.

Take the Exam

It’s finally time to put all your effort to the test! However, you must first take the exam at a Pearson VUE authorized center. The steps are as follows:

  • You will be evaluated across all process groups, including initiating, planning, executing, closing, monitoring, and controlling
  • You will be given 4 hours to complete 200 multiple-choice questions
  • Don’t worry if you don’t pass the first time. To earn your certification, you can take the PMP exam up to three times a year. You can retake the examination for a fee of $275 for members and $375 for non-members
  • You will receive your exam results and PMP certification if you pass

Get the Certification  

Clearing the PMP exam makes you a certified Project Management Professional. The PMI Authorized Training Partner Program has reviewed and approved Invensis Learning to provide a 4-day instructed-led PMP Certification Training Course. So, with this credential, you can apply for jobs worldwide and become a globally recognized project manager.  

Credential Renewal and Maintenance

In this case, obtaining certification is a big step, and maintaining it shouldn’t be difficult with the Continuing Certification Requirements Program. This program will help you enhance and develop the skills employers seek. You must earn 60 PDUs every three years to keep your PMP certification. You must reveal these to PMI via the link, and you also need to pay a renewal fee of $60 for members and $150 for non-members.

The following segment will discuss whether getting PMP certification is worth it.

Is PMP Certification Training Course Worth It?

In a competitive job marketplace where certifications speak louder than words, project management is one area of expertise in huge demand by almost every industry. Many factors determine whether earning your PMP certification will benefit you in the long run. First, the PMP certification is a testament to an individual’s ability and knowledge in project management. As a certified project management professional, you will be eligible for many opportunities in the domain. The following are many reasons why PMP certification is worth the cost.

Adds Weight to Your CV

The PMP certification adds credence to your resume and can help you acquire a project management job. If you’re already a Project Manager, it’ll make you look cool. Furthermore, many businesses, particularly private ones, want PMP in their portfolio. They’ve started requiring their project managers to hold an international project management certification. Therefore, it is easy to find a job as a Project Manager if you have the certification.

Provides Global Recognition

PMP certification is internationally recognized. Unfortunately, many certification programs are limited to a single domain. PMP, on the other hand, is global and can be used in any industry or location. Therefore, you can attain it by adding the certification to your resume regardless of your professional background and industry.

Data show that as the number of accredited project managers within a company grows, so does the success rate of projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI), the ruling body behind the PMP certification, has over 2.9 million members worldwide, implying many decision-makers or influencers who are familiar with the certification. Companies also recognize that certified managers are better at completing projects on time and within budget.

Helps You Learn Essential Skills

There are many project managers available in the job market. In such a condition, how do you stand out from the crowd? What better path to do it than by becoming PMP certified? First, it makes your CV more attractive to companies. More significantly, PMP certification teaches important skills to enhance your career.

PMP certification has high requirements. It isn’t easy to pass this exam without extensive preparation. Furthermore, you must master the material’s practical application. Learning several hard and soft skills will be mandatory to obtain a PMP credential. It increases understanding of fundamental project management processes, tools and techniques, and methodologies. It also exposes you to best practices and current project management trends. In project management activities, you can also learn new tricks and techniques.

Lead to High Income

One of the biggest positive things about PMP certification is the higher remuneration it can fetch the project managers. As a result, PMP has been one of the highest-paid certifications. Also, the demands indicate that the trend will keep on growing in the future.

The average salary of certified project managers across the industry is considerably higher. In addition, a few years back, a PMI survey stated that the average median salary of a project manager with certification is around $ 1,08,000. PMP credential holders earn almost 22% more than their non-certified colleagues at the same experience level.

Aids in the Development of Leadership Qualities

PMP certification prepares you in such a way that you can assess your own and others’ skills and talents. It will help you become a leader in your field and instill leadership qualities in you. There are numerous ways for your team to lead while working on any project, and PMP certification will help you lead that team in the best possible way.

Opportunities for Networking

As a Project Management Professional, you will access other global project management professionals. PMI regularly holds meetings in major metropolitan cities, inviting many PMPs to discuss the latest developments in project management. It will permit you to interact with other professionals and form bonds with them. Furthermore, you can learn about new career opportunities, developments, and a variety of other things that can help you take your career in a new direction.


In conclusion, the PMP certification is still in high demand. The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the pinnacle of achievement for project managers. You do not need to second-guess whether your PMP certification is worthwhile or beneficial to your professional development. Furthermore, for those willing to put in the time and effort, the PMP certification training course will pay off through a pay raise. In summary, earning the PMP certificate will provide a good return on investment.

Do you want to get your PMP certification? Then train with the best in the industry. Invensis Learning is a leading PMP training organization and an authorized PMI REP (Registered Education Provider). Moreover, we offer highly professional PMP certification training to bloom your career in project management. 

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