Change Management Certification Cost

Change management is equally essential as project management while executing a project. So, having a change management certification not only helps you to grow by leaps and bounds in the career path but empowers the enterprises with suitable change strategies. So, are you planning to start your career in change management? Choosing the right change management certification can be tricky. But, before that, you need to be aware of the cost involved. So, here is a complete guide to change management certification cost, which helps you understand all the essential details.

Why do you need to Change Management certification?

There are three important reasons why change management certification is necessary. Let us understand these here:

  • Candidates taking up change management training will acquire new skills. However, among all the skills, being a leader during the entire change process brings the entire team towards one common objective and a better understanding of human emotions.
  • Change management certification program includes a set of templates, practices, and techniques.
  • The certification always increases the chances of attaining success.

So next, we shall head to understand Change Management certification cost.

Change Management Certification Cost

The Change Management certification cost is different from one level to other. The certifications are provided by APMG.

Change Management certification training and the exam cost included in the certification program, i.e., Foundation and Practitioner.

Change Management Foundation

The Foundation certification training explains how change impacts organizations and individuals, how they respond to the change, and how to help them adapt to the change process.

The Change Management Foundation certification covers the concepts such as:

  • Process of Organizational Change
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to react to organizational change
  • Change Management strategies
  • Different Types of Change Process
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning

The certification cost entails the factors such as the training cost and the examination cost that must be paid to appear for the Change Management Foundation certification exam.

Cost segment Cost
Training cost USD 1095
Examination cost USD 190
Renewal cost -
Re-examination cost -

Change management Foundation certificate doesn't need any renewal. It is valid for a lifetime.

Change Management Practitioner

The Practitioner certification provides a comprehensive understanding of change management principles. The course also explains how to prepare people for change.

The certification covers the other concepts such as:

  1. How to apply change management frameworks.
  2. Skills to sustain and support organizational change.
  3. Preparation for organizational change.
  4. How to decide clarity in roles, skills, and other activities to sustain the change process.

The certification cost entails the factors such as the training cost and the examination cost that must be paid in order to appear for the Change Management Practitioner certification exam.

Cost segment Cost
Training cost USD 1495
Examination cost USD 380
Renewal cost Change management practitioners should re-register within 3-5 years from the original certification date.
Re-examination cost -

Note Interested candidates can opt for change management foundation and practitioner training by paying USD 2072.


The concept of change is inevitable in an organization. But, also becomes quite difficult for the people to accept and cope with the change initiatives. But remember, considering an organization's growth perspective and overcoming further challenges, it is always essential to implement change. Therefore, Change Management in an organization directly affects their well-being in terms of efficiency and planning.

We hope this article was helpful. So, if you want to know more about change management, why don't you upskill your knowledge with the change management certification and better understand change management principles. Therefore, check out Invensis Learning's Change Management Course Outline and reach your desired career goal.

FAQs on Change Management Certification Cost

1. Which Change Management Certification is best?

You can go for the Change Management Foundation certification that generally does not require any specific eligibility criteria to be met. But only after completing the Change Management Foundation certification, you become eligible to get the Change Management Practitioner certification.

2. Is Change Management Certification worth it?

Apart from the professional gains from the change management certification, the certification also offers many financial gains. With as much as 75-78K USD annually, Change Management Certification is worth it.

3. How do you become Change Management certified?

An ideal roadmap to get your Change Management certification will include the following:

  • Apply for the Change Management Certification training
  • Understand the Change Management Certification exam format
  • Utilize the training to clear the Change Management Foundation Certification exam.
  • Get your Change Management Foundation Certification.
  • Apply for the Change Management Practitioner Certification.
  • Also includes getting your Change Management Practitioner Certification after completing the training and successfully clearing the Change Management Practitioner certification.

FAQs on Change management Foundation and Practitioner Certification

Why take up Change Management certification?

In today’s complex business landscape dealing with change and, more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations. Change Management Foundation training course clearly highlights the importance of change in a project and how it is necessary to ensure the project stays relevant irrespective of small, incremental, or large inputs. The course is ideal for project/program managers and professionals who have put Change Management strategies into practice.

After completing your Change Management certification, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Identifying the types of changes that occur in organizations
  • Identifying the main components of planning and structuring a change
  • Analyzing the importance of communication in change management
  • Creating strategies to overcome resistance towards change, and more

The course is ideal for project/program managers and professionals who have put Change Management strategies into practice.

There are no prerequisites to take up the Change Management Exam. If you are going for practitioner certification, then you will need to complete the Change Management Foundation certification first.

  • Type: Multiple choice questions examination questions
  • No Of Questions: 50 questions per paper with one mark available per question
  • Examination duration: 25 marks required to pass - 50%
  • Exam Result: 40 Minutes
  • Type: Closed book

Change management certification can give an immense boost to your professional career.

A certified Change Management Consultant makes almost 90,000 - 110,000 USD a year.

An online education provider will take care of your concern. You will need a lot of guidance and a structured learning path to clear the exam.

There are no prerequisites to get the Change Management Certification by APMG.

There is no requirement to maintain the Change Management certification credential.

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