Portfolio Management Software - Invensis Learning
Portfolio Management Software - Invensis Learning

Portfolio management offers organizations a consolidated view of all the gathered information and details of any new project or investment they plan to undertake. Portfolio managers or portfolio management companies are hired to create an accurate analysis and forecast of the project’s trajectory and the ROI to decide whether or not it will be beneficial to the company. There are a lot of portfolio management software available that make portfolio management much easier.

What Is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management has been included in the project management sector for organizations to help them make better investment decisions for their company. It is a series of processes used by project managers or qualified portfolio managers to help organizations understand the value they will gain if they take on any projects or investments and add them to their portfolio. There are many portfolio management software available that make portfolio management easier.

By using portfolio management for their projects, organizations will have a much clearer view of their investments and the opportunities that can come along. They can get a consolidated idea of how the investment will benefit the organization. Executives can use the company’s portfolio management software to see which project managers they need to reach. The stakeholders involved in each project can use the software to stay updated on each project they are involved in. Team members involved in the project can use portfolio management software to improve their communication within the team and the project managers.

Some of the most widely used and popular portfolio management software used for projects are listed in this article.

Best Portfolio Management Software of 2020


Celoxis is a powerful tool for portfolio management that organizations use because of their easy to customize features and other portfolio management features such as budgeting, collaboration, portfolio management, expense tracking, and time tracking. It also helps with task management for teams, project planning, as well as tracking each milestone. It comes with a highly customizable dashboard for users to create and use as per their requirements. 

The software has a free trial period for companies to see if it is the right fit. The pricing for this software starts at $25 a month. It has an overall rating of 4.4/5, with its ease of use and impeccable customer service as one of the highest-ranking factors. 

Celoxis organizes all the data in the portfolio efficiently and in a structured manner and gives users a simplified view of their ongoing projects. When it comes to the cons of the software, its user interface and experience can prove challenging to navigate.

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Workfront is also another popular option for users for their portfolio management, with an overall rating of 4/5. It is mainly used by large-enterprises but can be easily implemented for small and medium-sized businesses as well. It is a web-based application used for portfolio and project management. 

A special feature of Workfront is its capacity planner, which helps project teams allocate and shuffle resources wherever needed. Some of its other features include support for Agile methods, resource and task management, team collaboration, automation of workflow, and options for managing budgets for individual projects. Users can create customized reports using this application and track their progress. It also gives a centralized view of all the assets.

The application is easy to configure and improves communication within teams and across the organization greatly. The biggest con of this platform is that it can be an expensive investment, especially for SMEs.


Corporater is a platform for risk and portfolio management. Using this application, users can assess their risks for all their ongoing projects and track how well their risk remedies are performing. This application is best suited for large enterprises and medium-sized businesses. There is a free trial available for organizations who want to see if it is suitable for them.

Corporater also has business performance management solutions. It helps organizations maintain their compliance with all the rules and regulations and comes with portfolio management options. Users have rated the software a 4.5/5. The only con for this application is that it takes a long time to set up, and the user interface can prove challenging for some.

Overall it gives an accurate consolidated view of all ongoing projects within an organization. The software is relatively easy to manage and configure once it has been installed and implemented. Users highly recommend Corporate’s risk management, business management, and portfolio management features, and overall the application is very user-friendly as well.

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Wrike is a comprehensive work management platform that companies can use to manage their portfolio, marketing, communications, projects, and more. The software has been rated 4/5 overall. It is a collaborative platform created to help organizations boost their visibility and increase the amount of impact each project has. 

It helps organizations manage their security, improve their collaboration, and increase their visibility. Organizations can integrate the application with accounting to give accurate financial reports for the company as well. It is Agile-friendly as well as Waterfall-friendly.

Some of Wrike’s features include resource management, task management, document management, expense management, tracking of timesheets, scheduling, and more. It’s the biggest pro has been listed to be how the application manages to create a smooth workflow for all its users and its overall functionality. Some of its cons listed by the application’s users include the difficulty in changing task status or lack of ease of navigation. Some users also find it difficult to create reports.


GoodDay has been listed as one of the top platforms available for portfolio and project management in 2020. It is easy to implement for businesses of all sizes, from startups to full-fledged enterprises. GoodDay can be categorized as project management, work management, team management, task and time management platform that integrates seamlessly with all the organization’s workflows.

When it comes to portfolio management, GoodDay helps with budgeting, collaborating with team members, task management, planning, resource management, and tracking all expenses. It also has Kanban tools for organizations to implement and improve their performance. GoodDay comes with customizable templates that are easy to use, and users have given it a 4.5/5ratings overall.

There is a free trial available, and the application is quite affordable, with pricing starting from $5 a month. Users have listed the application’s main pros to be its ease of use, excellent functionality, and high level of work management. The cons of this application are a lack of alerts and less functionality for mobile integration.

Final Thoughts

These are portfolio management software that helps organizations manage their projects and their portfolio. Efficient portfolio management of projects for any company or individual requires a certain level of skill and expertise to avoid any errors or financial losses. There are many courses and certifications in portfolio management and project management available for individuals, working professionals, and project managers to help them gain more knowledge of the subject.

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