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In our project management blog, experts, coaches and trainers share their experiences to help put you on the big, emerging project management career path. While illuminating established and best practices around project management courses, they are highlighting the theories, practices, case studies and free resources to help you ride the success wheel.

project management process groups - invensis learning

5 Project Management Process Groups Explained

There are two main categories in the realm of Project Management, which are to be skillfully mastered to succeed: Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. These two categories are considered as the backbone of the...
operations management vs project management - invensis learning

Operations Management vs Project Management : What’s The Difference?

Operations Management and Project Management are easily confused terms. They share some characteristics and some differences. But, it is considered important to understand the differences between the two for optimum results. This article covers...

Defining Activity List And Examples in a Project

Project Management dates back to the 19th century. Today every organization has realized the benefits of organizing the tasks in the project. Project managers have started identifying the need to communicate and coordinate work...
precedence diagramming method - invensis learning

What is Precedence Diagramming Method in Project Management?

With many complex responsibilities involved in handling a project, Project Management as a task has become even more challenging. The tools to assist that helps accomplish the project and executing the duties and supporting...
who are project stakeholders - invensis learning

Who Are Project Stakeholders and Why Are They Important For a Project?

A stakeholder is an individual, group, or organization that may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project. Stakeholders are either directly involved...
defining sequence activities - invensis learning

Defining Sequence Activity in Project Management

A project manager is liable for the complete development of the project. By incorporating planning and aligning the objectives of the project, the process functions smoothly. Consequently, the reason for a project failure is...
what is a project team- invensis learning

What is a Project Team and Who All Are Involved?

Effective Project Management in any organization yields efficient and enhanced results. Apart from the fundamentals of project management, principles, skills, and best practices, it is extremely important to understand "what is a project team",...

Business Analysis Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Business Analysis has become the backbone of every organization. It is a professional skill set, a disciplined way of presenting and managing organizational changes. Since technology is changing at a greater pace, business analysis...
Project Management Skills- Invensis Learning

Top Project Management Skills You Need On Your Resume

In an ecosystem where more than 1 million PMP® professionals are actively working all around the globe. The very immediate plan of action for any aspiring project manager is always to acquire the best...
Project Management Methodologies - Invensis Learning

Project Management Methodologies

In project management, each project is peculiar in nature. With specific requirements, the approach towards the project differs from project to project. This is where the project management methodologies chip in the extra features...