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In our project management blog, experts, coaches and trainers share their experiences to help put you on the big, emerging project management career path. While illuminating established and best practices around project management courses, they are highlighting the theories, practices, case studies and free resources to help you ride the success wheel.

change management plan- Invensis Learning

How To Develop A Change Management Plan: 7 Steps Towards Successful Change Management

The change in the global market conditions and reduced economic growth leads to a complex organizational environment. To overcome such intricacies at the workplace, organizations must handle regular changes. Considering the overall growth perspective...
Change management definition- Invensis Learning

Change Management Definition – Understanding Types of Organizational Change Strategies

In today past paced era, the concept of "change" is merely not a fact of life, but indeed an essential aspect for survival. Developments and priorities within an organization take place so quickly, thus...
Project Portfolio Management Tools - Invensis Learning

Top 10 Project Portfolio Management Tools

Businesses take on several different activities on a day to day basis. These activities are part of projects undertaken by the organization to meet strategic goals and objectives. Staying organized can be...
How to Avoid Project Delays - Invensis Learning

Best Ways to Manage Project Delays Effectively

Strong project management skills keep businesses afloat. An organization's revenue is generated by the projects that are successfully complete. According to a KPMG study, over 70% of companies today have experienced project delays and...
Change Management Models - Invensis Learning

Popular Change Management Models That You Should Know

In today's highly projectized business landscape, organizational change management is considered a regular business practice. The concept of change is seldom simple. But it becomes more challenging for a complex project to...
Change Management Process - Invensis Learning

Understanding Change Management Process – 8 Steps for Effective Change Management

Change is the only constant in the world and is considered to be the universal condition of humans. This applies true to business organizations as well. Businesses must evolve and adapt to...
Project Management Gantt Chart - Invensis Learning

Introduction to Gantt Chart & its Importance in Project Management

You have probably heard of Gantt charts. They are a simple way to keep you out of project pinch. In this article, let's talk about the project management Gantt chart in detail.
Change Manager Responsibilities - Invensis Learning

Change Manager Roles & Responsibilities

Organizational change takes a lot of time and resources to be implemented successfully. The best way to implement change effectively is to follow the best practices and principles of change management. Working with...

Product Owner vs Product Manager: Understanding the Similarities & Differences

Project management is a vast discipline. It covers an extensive range of tasks and responsibilities that are spread across multiple people. You probably heard of the terms "Product Owner" and "Product Manager,"...

Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

“Business Analyst” is one of the most popular designations from the past two decades. Now, we can see business analysts have established themselves in every department of every organization. They act as a...