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In our project management blog, experts, coaches and trainers share their experiences to help put you on the big, emerging project management career path. While illuminating established and best practices around project management courses, they are highlighting the theories, practices, case studies and free resources to help you ride the success wheel.

Kanban Project Management - Invensis Learning

Kanban Project Management: How To Use Kanban To Manage Your Next Project?

Kanban project management is a popular project management methodology. But what exactly is Kanban? Read further to know the answer.The practice of being organized is essential to the...
Program Management Skills - Invensis Learning

Essential Program Management Skills for 2020

Only a meager 2.5% of all organizations are able to complete 100% of their undertaken projects successfully. However, 61% of these organizations have claimed an increase in project success rates after implementing program management practices over...
Program Management Tools - Invensis Learning

Top 4 Program Management Tools That You Should Know

Being organized is a critical component of business success. It offers an array of benefits, including opportunities for expenditure reductions, resource planning, and time management. Introducing organization methods for projects or profitable business...
What is Business Analysis - Invensis Learning

What is Business Analysis? Definition, Process, and Implementation

During the 20th century, when technology started its beginning, there was a huge demand for IT. The value of technology was evident, but a huge amount of money has been spent on...
Benefits of CAPM certification - Invensis Learning

Top 10 Benefits of Getting A CAPM Certification

Are you dedicated and devoted to project management? As a potential project manager, are you ready to learn and gain credibility? Will you want to take on more tasks and ascend the...
What is Portfolio Management - Invensis Learning

What Is Portfolio Management? Definition And Key Concepts

A recent study conducted in 2019 stated that the global portfolio management market was valued at $4.2 billion, which will further increase by 13.4% in the next seven years. This aspect of...
What is PMP Certification - Invensis Learning

What is PMP Certification? Cost, Eligibility, Syllabus, and Exam Process

A study by PMI estimates that, by 2027, companies would have to fill approximately 2.2 million additional project-oriented positions per year. That implies there will be a vast market demand for professional...
What is CAPM Certification? - Invensis Learning

What is CAPM Certification? CAPM Exam Prep Guide

Currently, the job industry globally is moderately competitive. Organizations are hunting for steps to cut costs and boost the performance of their operations. Many companies are looking for young and dynamic individuals...
What is Program Management - Invensis Learning

What is Program Management? Definition and Overview

IntroductionMore often than not, a lot of organizations confuse program management with project management. Though they are related to one another, there is a stark difference between the...
Steps to Create A Project Plan - Invensis Learning

Steps to Create a Robust Project Plan – Explained in Detail!

Usually, you imagine some kind of routine when most people hear "project plan," a long list of what to do when. That is simply a tiny part of it, though. So, what does...