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A practical, one-stop-shop destination to the blended world of software development and IT operations. It combines best DevOps resources in the form of blogs, articles, infographics, free downloads and case studies to help you sail through DevOps success.

How to Lead a Team Effectively

How to Become a Successful Team Leader? Here You have Everything to Know About...

When it comes to team management, one of the most important areas for a company is to focus on effective team leaders. The second most significant factor in employee retention is management quality. Even...
DevOps Lifecycle

What is DevOps Lifecycle? Definition, Phases and Tools Used

DevOps is one of the latest buzzwords in the IT industry. It is rising in popularity and is being adopted by many organizations because of its various benefits over traditional approaches. DevOps Foundation certification...
What is DevOps Toolchain - Invensis Learning

What is DevOps Toolchain? How to Build One?

DevOps toolchain isn't a new term. It's also not too complex like most DevOps definitions are. A toolchain is a digital array of resources that help you accomplish a particular task. The DevOps toolchain...
Infrastructure as a Code - Invensis Learning

Infrastructure as a Code Tutorial: How it Works, Types, and Best Practices

Infrastructure as a Code emerged because managing a server or two has been a full-time job for decades. System managers must carefully curate their vital systems to ensure that their continued operation made the...

Continuous Testing Tutorial for Beginners

Nowadays, customers seek top-notch applications for their companies or personal use. Tech companies incorporate Continuous Testing methods to satisfy the need to ensure that the software they release to the market will outshine the...
DevOps Tutorial - Invensis Learning

DevOps Tutorial for Beginners

Everyone must have heard of the trending technology, "DevOps." DevOps is not a technology but rather a methodology or software development approach with which superior quality software can be developed quickly. With modern businesses...
Top 10 DevOps Programming Languages - Invensis Learning

Top 10 DevOps Programming Languages

DevOps describes a business philosophy that combines development capabilities with operational execution. The objective is to optimize market delivery with products of the highest quality produced with minimal waste. There is a huge demand...
devops interview questions - Invensis Learning

Top 25 DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Are you looking for a DevOps-related job and organizational position in the IT enterprise? DevOps is the most trending technology and has massive success worldwide, and as per Forrester's report, higher than 50 percent...
Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Engineer

Software Engineer Job Description – Salary Insights and Career Prospects

A software engineer job description needs you to specialize in designing, testing, and evaluating a computer system. Most software engineers work in organizations or multinational companies better known as MNCs whilst a few of...
Agile vs. DevOps

DevOps vs Agile – Explained in Detail

It is well-known fact that DevOps and Agile are used in the software development process. Many organizations are eager to implement these methodologies. Both have different approaches, and involve different structures and different teams....

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