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Written by industry experts and experienced trainers, our IT Service Management blogs are amalgam of the concepts, processes and practices of domains like ITIL, VeriSM, SIAM and more. It contains case studies, ITSM news, articles, latest insights, infographics and free resources to get you going with IT service management success.

ITIL Access Management - invensis learning

ITIL Access Management: Objectives, Process And Values

Access Management in an organization is the virtue of how well the organization function when it comes to authorization of assets to users. The concerning aspect of unauthorized access is eliminated with effective access...
what is capacity management-invensis learning

What is Capacity Management?: Process, Objectives & Examples

By ensuring effective capacity management in an organization can be really efficient in terms of productivity, revenue, etc. Any organization gets their merit with their capabilities and the readiness of the resources that brings...
ITIL Service Transition - Invensis Learning

ITIL Service Transition: Process & Objectives

The role of ITIL Service Transition is to move services and service changes into operational use. ITIL Service Transition also introduces the service knowledge management system (SKMS) which has the ability to support organizational...
ITIL incident management - invensis learning

ITIL Incident Management: Roles & Responsibilities Explained

Business always targets uninterrupted services to accomplish greater proficiency and productivity. Incident management is the initial step embraced by most enterprises for achieving a speedy recovery. ITIL defines the incident as “An unplanned interruption...
Continual Service Improvement - Invensis Learning

ITIL Continual Service Improvement And 7-Step Improvement Process

Process Management is a key discipline for enterprises that work tirelessly to Continual Service Improvement. ITIL Continual Service Improvement embraces every aspect of the ITIL service lifecycle and can be applied to deliver a...

Key ITIL Concepts That One Should Know

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library was developed to assist organizations with streamlining the IT department with the rest of the company. It takes a holistic approach to operations within a company and focuses...
ITSM Best Practices - Invensis Learning

ITSM Best Practices to Achieve Continuous Process Improvement

IT service management (ITSM) focuses on integrating IT services with the organization's overall operations and processes, so it is important to understand ITSM best practices for improving efficiency. Since most of the applications are...
ITSM vs ITIL - Invensis Learning

ITSM vs ITIL: Understanding the Similarities & Differences

One of the most common questions when it comes to IT service management is: "What is the difference between ITSM and ITIL®?" In this article, let us explore the concept of ITSM vs ITIL. IT...
What is VeriSM - Invensis Learning

What is VeriSM? A Beginner’s Guide to VeriSM Approach

In today’s dynamic business environment where there is a widespread digital transformation happening across industry sectors, it needs proper service management frameworks and guidelines to address the complexity. This is precisely what VeriSM strives...
ITIL Methodology - Invensis Learning

What is ITIL? A Complete Guide to ITIL Methodology

In today's world, a business has to be able to adapt both its strategic priorities and IT skills to remain competitive, no matter how frustrating or uncomfortable this transition can be. This kind of...

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