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six sigma methodology - Invensis Learning

How Businesses Can Save Millions by Practicing Six Sigma?

The Six Sigma methodology concentrates on reducing difficulties by analyzing the methods that generate them. The final aim is to decrease process errors to 3.4 per one million possibilities. But to find...
six sigma vs cmmi - Invensis Learning

Six Sigma vs CMMI

During these challenging times, organizations must maintain high morale and competitive spirit between co-workers. Six Sigma is an excellent program that follows the data-driven methodology, which gives the employees the necessary power...
control charts - Invensis Learning

The Key Concepts of Control Charts

Also known as the Shewhart chart, control charts are used for statistical monitoring of operations in an organization. The details plotted are in order of time. A regulation map still includes the...
implementing dmaic in daily life - Invensis Learning

Implementing DMAIC in Your Daily Life

Do you make daily life goals, but lack the motivation to attain them? These goals could be as simple as weight loss plans or like decluttering your house. All you need is...
quality management team - Invensis Learning

How to Build Your Quality Management Team?

Long gone are the times when all your quality management team had to do was tick a long list of managerial agreement check boxes. However, new and improved quality management teams are...
Quality Management System - Invensis Learning

How to set up a Quality Management System?

The implementation of a quality management system is both science and art. It uses information, but also requires the ability to get people involved. It takes an analytical approach, but innovation is also...
six sigma and prince2 - Invensis Learning

A Brief Comparison Between Six Sigma and PRINCE2

As a project manager, you may have to face these challenges while working on a project. The responsibilities of carrying out a project lie solely on the shoulders of the project manager....
DMAIC - Invensis Learning

DMAIC – The 5 Phases of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that combines the best of Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques.  Lean and Six Sigma are similar in terms of their goals, both...
Six Sigma vs ISO 9001 - Invensis Learning

Six Sigma vs ISO 9001

Quality Management is a crucial part of every industry. It is a skill that helps companies maintain the quality of their goods and services. Maintaining the quality of your services not only...
Six Sigma vs. Kaizen

Six Sigma vs Kaizen

As the entire world is turning into a competitive space, almost every company and organization is starting to implement different methodologies for overall management development. Many training programs are available to improve...