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Six Sigma Examples - Invensis Learning

Real-Life Examples of Six Sigma Implementation – Six Sigma Examples/ Use Cases

Six Sigma is a creative and flexible series of methodologies aimed at improving organizational process quality and effectiveness. This blog on Six Sigma examples will explain a few use cases of Six Sigma methodology. Business...
Six Sigma DPMO - Invensis Learning

A Brief Introduction to DPMO Metric in Six Sigma

The Six Sigma methodology has been widely accepted to improve processes across the organization. Six Sigma views all processes with the potential for improvement. Any potential problems are defined, analyzed, and improved regularly. Six Sigma has...
Quality Management Tools - Invensis Learning

7 Best Quality Management Tools For Process Improvement

Quality management emerged as an area of expertise when organizations understood the importance of delivering products and services at optimal levels. A lot of organizations started using a different variety of quality management tools....
Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Methodology Explained – Importance, Characteristics & Process

Six Sigma is a creative and flexible series of methodologies aimed at improving organizational process quality and effectiveness. It provides tools for companies to enhance the potential of their business processes. This increase in...

Understanding Kaizen Methodology – Principles, Benefits & Implementation

Since the end of the Second World War, Kaizen has been adopted by both massive multinational and small firms in Japan. Productive work and efficiency require a clean atmosphere, protection, and discipline. So, Kaizen's...
Root Cause Analysis Template - Invensis Learning

5 Most Effective Root Cause Analysis Templates

All organizations have problems from time to time that they need to solve. They can be employees' productivity levels, defects in the software, minor issues with the organization's processes, and more. All these problems...
how to conduct a root cause analysis - Invensis Learning

How To Conduct A Root Cause Analysis?

Introduction A study conducted in 2018 to understand the risk management capabilities of enterprises showed that out of all the participants, only 34% of the organizations were equipped with the certified risk management professionals and experts in...
Root Cause Analysis Methods - Invensis Learning

What Are Some Popular Root Cause Analysis Methods?

A root cause analysis can help organizations stay ahead of any potential damages or harm in the future and help solve prevalent problems in the company. It is a widely used tool in risk...
Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare - Invensis Learning

(RCA) Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare

There are issues present in every organization across all industries that inhibit or hinder its growth. Organizations need to come up with permanent solutions for these problems so that they do not keep resurfacing...
5S Six Sigma - Invensis Learning

5s Method in Six Sigma: Definition, Importance, and Implementation

What is 5S Method in Six Sigma? 5s will change your life and your organization. Many people assume that "5s is just about being clean and being organized", "it was created for the neat freaks."...

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