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5S Six Sigma - Invensis Learning

5s Method in Six Sigma: Definition, Importance, and Implementation

What is 5S Method in Six Sigma?5s will change your life and your organization. Many people assume that "5s is just about being clean and being organized", "it...
Six Sigma Calculations - Invensis Learning

Six Sigma Calculations: A Brief Explanation

Basically, Six Sigma is the application of mathematical formulas and methods to remove defects & product variations. Six Sigma's aim is to enhance and increase productivity in the processes (such as how...
Zero Defects Approach - Invensis Learning

Defining Zero Defects Approach in Quality Management

Quality Management tools are effective methods of streamlining business activities. While the goal is always to produce better quality and faster results, the cost to the company cannot exceed the benefits. In this...
How to Get Lean Six Sigma Certification - Invensis Learning

How to Get Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Selecting the perfect Lean Six Sigma Certification course online can be somewhat tricky because there are plenty of great options that will want to assist you in certifying for any of the...
Cause and Effect Diagram - Invensis Learning

Importance of Cause and Effect Diagram (a.k.a Fishbone Diagram)

One of the seven essential quality control instruments is the cause and effect diagram or fishbone diagram. The fishbone diagram is distinguishable, although all of these tools possess their importance. You use it...
Kaizen and Six Sigma - Invensis Learning

How Kaizen With Six Sigma Assures Constant Improvement?

Kaizen is a Japanese ideology oriented on continuous improvement across all areas of life. Kaizen's actions can enhance every purpose of a company when making hiring decisions, from production to marketing and...
Quality by Design - Invensis Learning

What is Quality by Design (QbD) in the Pharma Industry?

Pharmaceutical companies need to be extra careful and vigilant when it comes to quality control of their product. This is why they take the pharmaceutical Quality by Design (QbD) approach. The Quality...
value stream mapping definition - Invensis Learning

Value Stream Mapping Definition, Steps, and Best Practices

Structuring is a critical contributor to the success of business activities. Having clear trajectories from inventory flow to customer delivery assists more than just with resource planning and time management. Structuring can...
Six Sigma Methods to Reduce Defects - Invensis Learning

Ways to Reduce Defects and Variation by Using Six Sigma Methods

Six Sigma is a leadership strategy guided by evidence utilizing particular methods and methodologies that contribute to fact-based decision-making. The DMAIC (Define–Measure–Analyze–Improve–Control) approach to addressing the fundamental issue of reducing procedure variability...
Selecting Successful Six Sigma Projects - Invensis Learning

How to Select Successful Lean Six Sigma Projects?

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is implemented to significantly improve business processes. There is an in-depth focus on reducing and eventually eliminating waste and inefficiency. Eradicating problems and improving working conditions creates...