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DevOps describes a business philosophy that combines development capabilities with operational execution. The objective is to optimize market delivery with products of the highest quality produced with minimal waste. There is a huge demand for DevOps professionals with relevant skills, one of them being a programming language. In this article, let us explore the top DevOps programming languages.

With the growing requirement for concentrated yet flexible skill sets, picking up a programming language can be a necessary addition to your repertoire. With an increasing number of coding languages, picking what works in DevOps environments can be difficult. However, there are ten options at varying levels of ease that you can learn to add to your corporate value. 

Top DevOps Programming Languages


Python is the most commonly used coding language and is the first language programmers learn more often than not. It is perfect for DevOps use due to the following reasons:

  • The ability to learn with ease: As far as coding languages go, this is the safest jumping-off point to ensure you understand in entirety what you are doing. It is more straightforward and easy to use. The Python coding language’s syntax is also more user friendly than other languages at the same level
  • Enabling automation swiftly: The concept of DevOps is to introduce automation that improves overall performance. Reducing the reliance on manual processes is easier with Python. Python can assist with CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) implementation and configuration management
  • The ever-growing community of Python developers: Large communities can be extremely helpful in situations where the coding gets complicated or tedious. They can offer example code, ideas for integrations, tutorials, and modules that create a more comprehensive understanding of how Python works

Additionally, Python can assist with maintenance issues with integrations like Salt and Ansible that offer strong monitoring and deployment capabilities. 


Another popular programming language, Javascript, is commonly used to build dynamic and interactive websites, mobile/desktop applications, and, more notably, develop video games. 

  • A number of popular libraries and frameworks for the development of the same as React and Node were written using JavaScript
  • While less flexible than Python, JavaScript has a large following. This means the JavaScript community can assist with coding troubles if required
  • JavaScript may offer too many complications to be compatible with DevOps. However, maximizing on its quick feedback, easier to use interface, and reduced interaction may overshadow its disadvantages
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Ruby is a higher level programming language but easier to understand when starting from scratch.

  • Primarily used for infrastructure management and offers a number of similarities to the Python coding language
  • It offers flexibility in terms of making as many edits as required to the language to enable company specific requirements
  • Offers firm control over frameworks and controllers for maximum customization


Perl is a high-level programming language that offers enhanced stability and cross-platform programming. 

  • It acts as a general yet flexible coding language that can be used for projects at any scale. It also provides fast-acting solutions for web applications, processing text, and GUI development amidst others. 
  • Perl is used predominantly for the application development aspect of DevOps. 


C/C++ is a traditional programming language that has been in use for over fifty years and acts as the foundation for technology as we know it today. 

  • It offers a number of advantages over other languages, including quick to use and fast to implement
  • A disadvantage of using C/C++ coding is that it cannot be used simultaneously as more modern coding languages like Ruby and Go. This increases compilation times
  • Application binaries produced by C/C++ are not portable in most capacities. This makes it a bottom ranking choice for DevOps application
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Go entered the market in 2009, around the same time, the concept of DevOps began making rounds

  • Go and DevOps are highly compatible pairing based on the methods used to develop both concepts. They center heavily around introducing lean methods and more network efficient runtimes. This makes it a great addition to DevOps environments
  • Merging Go and DevOps offers enhanced performance and performance portability. Go is ideal for creating applications that need to be built quickly with minimal dependencies


The Java coding language has been around for years and is frequently used. It possesses the ability to be operational soon after the code is complete. Its versatile nature makes it the ideal model for platform creation.

  • It works best with mutually inclusive projects by reducing interdependencies
  • It is an ideal first stop for anyone looking to learn programming for the first time


SQL or Structured Query Language is a coding language primarily used for storing, manipulating and data queries in relational databases.

  • SQL has existed for years and is primarily used in DevOps contexts for its container support abilities
  • The coding language is supported by a server that runs Linux OS while containers developed are able to run on the Mac operating system, Windows, and Linux OS
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Bash is a commonly used Unix Shell. Unix shell provides a command-line user interface for interactive command language and scripting. 

  • The scripting language and shell have given way to the development of thousands of Linux systems worldwide
  • Availability extends over both Windows and MacOS


PHP is a widely generic purpose coding language used worldwide. 

  • PHP handles internal systems taking it up to the final stage of implementation
  • For non-specific coding requirements, PHP is ideal incorporation


With a growing number of programming languages with varying capabilities popping up, it is crucial to understand what benefits and maximizes DevOps roles. The must know top DevOps programming languages span across new entrants and well-established languages. Understand what you are building to pick the right tool for your organization. However, if you are looking to enhance your skillset for future use, be sure to pick up more than one language. 

In addition to fine-tuning your skills, getting a relevant DevOps Certification can help you advance in your career. Some of the popular DevOps courses that professionals and enterprise teams can take up are:

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