PRINCE2 or Lean Six Sigma which Certification to go for?

PRINCE2 or Lean Six Sigma which Certification to go for?

Professionals who are looking to take their career to the next level often face the dilemma with regards to how to go about it. Certification in their preferred field is one way, but then which certification to go for? According to “Training Magazine’s 2014 Industry Report”, organizations around the world spend close to ~USD 1200 on training each employee. Enterprises know the power of continuous learning for their employees; it helps the organization to remain innovative and competitive during changing business landscapes.

There are many widely-recognized certifications available across industry verticals in various categories such as project management, technology training, quality management, program management, IT service management and more. Out of these certifications, we take a look at two of the most prominent certifications in PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma. In fact, you can go for both the certifications as both of them complement each other really well.

  • PRINCE2:

    PRINCE2, an acronym that stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments is most widely used in the UK, Europe and rest of the world as best practices in project management. In the past PRINCE2 was extensively used in the UK Government and the private sector. PRINCE2 has gained immense popularity mainly due to its continuous business justification, project control, and flexibility, impeccable project team structure that ensures successful completion of projects.PRINCE2 is one of the best ways to understand a project in a holistic manner. It helps one to run a project and monitor it all along the project lifecycle to complete the project in a successful manner. PRINCE2 helps you to: be clear about project deliverables; control cost; tackle risks and challenges; make informed decisions; increase customer satisfaction; and work better as a project team.

How Lean Six Sigma Complements PRINCE2?

  • Lean Six Sigma:

    Many believe Lean Six Sigma is just one more way to run a project. But then it has more to it than just efficiently running a project. Lean Six Sigma requires an overall cultural change in an organization where it’s tools and techniques ensure the root cause is analyzed properly with the help of data to make informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle. Hence, Lean Six Sigma and PRINCE2 can combine together to create a robust processes which helps in successful completion of projects with better overall quality and customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma helps to solve the problems whereas PRINCE2 gives you the mechanism to run the project. Running projects on latest project management methodologies is good, but combining it with a robust process improvement methodology such as Lean Six Sigma helps in successful completion of project within time and allocated budget.

    As a professional, if you are part of a project team, then taking up PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner certification holds good, but if you are into improving processes, then having Lean Six Sigma certifications such as Green Belt and Black Belt will help a lot. But, confusion arises in people as Lean Six Sigma does not have a structure towards running a project and this will help those who work on a PRINCE2 project for few days or weeks trying to improve processes. A quality Lean Six Sigma training helps individuals to demonstrate their knowledge is tools used in project management such as stakeholder analysis, root cause analysis, scoping and objective setting, analyzing the data, and develop and implement solutions.

    If you are already PRINCE2 certified then undergoing a Lean Six Sigma certification training will complete your skill set and will set you apart from your uncertified counterparts. Moreover, it will provide you the necessary tools and thought processes to deliver change, question data on which the assumptions are based on and look for wastage in new or existing processes and ensure the project team delivers the required results that you are looking for.

  • PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma Complement Your Skills:

    Industry experts believe Lean Six Sigma as one of the best process improvement methodologies and act like an engine of your project. You may balk in the beginning, but you as well know that it is a good idea to know everything is functioning according to your plans. Lean Six Sigma gives you that ability. In fact, there is no confrontation between these two methodologies and its processes; they simply enhance your knowledge with regards to projects and its critical aspects. So, if you are facing a dilemma between which certification to go for, experts advise that you can start with PRINCE2 and then complement it with Lean Six Sigma training to ensure you have holistic skills towards managing a project. There are many advantages when you combine both PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma which are as follows:

    • Ensures data collection at important junctures in a project and make informed decisions, it also lets you question the data collected during a project which has led to various assumptions.

    • Helps you to identify root causes for problems and helps you to mitigate them.

    • A new set of tools to handle the project, so that you do not always rely on others to get it resolved.

    • Helps you to validate your skills in basic fundamentals of wastage, non-value-added activities, and standardization to develop effective solutions and create better value for the organization.

    • You will be able to implement and drive change in an organization in a short turnaround time.

    • It completes your skill-set; you will have all the tools and techniques necessary to run projects successfully and embed new solutions and solve business critical problems.

    • You will possess one more globally-recognized certification which is an add-on on your resume.

    • It will help you to stand out from the crowd from your uncertified counterparts and expand the scope of your career.

PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma methodologies have their own benefits and advantages for both professionals and organizations. Both PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma fit like a hand in glove and complement each other very well to provide a robust framework upon which project practitioners across the globe can rely on to deliver projects which have better success ratio than ever before.

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