7 Laws of Social Project Management and its Benefits
7 Laws of Social Project Management and its Benefits

In today’s time, social project management is a growing practice where employees are using social media channels to communicate with co-workers online. In fact, social project management is more effective and fun for employees while working on a project.

7 Laws of Social Project Management:

  1. Project Collaboration Beyond Email, Shared Folders, and Lists:

    Without social project management technology, it is said that 28 hours per week employees spend writing emails, searching for information, and collaborating internally. 75% of organizations with social project management technology have stakeholders to collaborate early and throughout the project lifecycle than 47% without it.

  2. Creating a Central Repository of Information:

    According to Aberdeen Group’s “Social Project Management” report, 65% of enterprises with social project management technology capture all project-related information in a central repository compared to 47% without a social project management process in place.

  3. Participants Should Take Advantage by Participating:

    Answering “What’s in it for me?” for each and every employee becomes crucial to achieving real engagement with process and tools. Here Social project management allows people to work in a more flexible manner.

    • Benefits include:

>USD 11,000 typical business savings per person/year.

>USD 2-7,000 typical employee savings per year.

  1. Transparency Must be Examined:

    When you hire smart people, do not narrow their focus by reducing the possibilities of communication. Allow them to be connected via social project management tools and see the change work in your favor.

    Close to USD, 900 billion – USD 1.3 trillion could be unlocked by social technologies in 4 major sectors.20-25% improvement is seen by embracing today’s social technologies.

  2. Establish Ownership:

    Establish ownership of work with regard to data, estimates, and control to team members. Expect them to make important contributions, and keep a public audit trail for accountability.

    Social technology increases 2X potential value with regards to enterprise communication and collaboration.

  3. Be Realistic with Estimating and Scheduling:

    Before estimating and scheduling, be realistic with uncertainties and workloads. In fact, a real-time scheduling tool is required to get this right and what better than social project management tool which helps organizations to complete 73% of projects on time compared to 64% without the technology?

  4. Social Project Management = Improved Project Performance:

    Performance With Social PM Without Social PM
    % of projects delivered on time or early 73% 64%
    Decrease in time-to-decision over the past year 30% 16%
    % of customers that report “better than average” satisfaction 75% 68%
    % of employees that exceed performance metrics 60% 45%
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