ITIL Service Desk Trends around the World

ITIL Service Desk Trends around the World

According to the latest JIRA Service Desk report, there is a lot of difference with regards to how customers approach IT Service Management and how they use their service desks across the globe. Below are their key findings:

  1. Europe and Australia are in love with ITIL:

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a de facto standard used in IT Service Management all around the world. In fact, EU and Australia believe in ITIL best practices more than the US.

  2. Service Management – Used outside of IT as well:

    More than 50% from the US and Australia use their service desk outside of IT.

  3. Three Non-IT business functions where service desk is being currently used:

    • Human Resource: Today, HR is the most prominent Non-IT business function where service desk is used. Close to 40% use their service desk for HR operations.

      Examples of HR using the service desk:

      • New Employee Onboarding

      • Benefits

      • Relocation

    • Finance: Europe has the highest usage of service desk for Non-IT business function in Finance. Close to 30% use their service desk for Finance operations.

      Examples of Finance using the service desk:

      • Relocation

      • Benefits

      • New Employee On boarding

      • Accounting

      • Procurement

      • Payroll

    • Sales: Sales is the third most popular Non-IT business function where service desk is used.

      Examples of Sales using the service desk:

      • Account information

      • Competitive intel on other products

      • Feedback from customers

  4. Top priorities for service desk across the globe:

    • Europe

      Customer satisfaction tops the chart, and closely followed by self service and SLA compliance.

    • United States

      Knowledge management, customer satisfaction and self service are equally important.

    • Australia

      Self service is top priority and closely followed by knowledge management and customer satisfaction.

    And the verdict is unanimous across the globe where the top priorities for the service desk are…

    • Customer satisfaction

    • Self service

    • Knowledge management

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