Managing IT projects in an organization is not an easy task. A project needs a holistic approach from initiation till its completion. And even a small wrong step during the project lifecycle can overturn your project on its head. Today, enterprises are losing close to ~USD 109 million dollars for every billion dollar spent on projects and programs. Projects fail due to various reasons, and project practitioners across the globe are trying hard to ensure projects are completed successfully and help both organization and the customer realize the benefits.

Today, going ahead with a project without a proper project management (PM) Software tool is suicidal. If all the data inputs are inserted in the software, it gives you more clarity towards schedule, timeline, cost and risks ahead. The PM software will make everything organized and will help you to come up with new approaches which will keep your project intact. There are PM software which are available for free and then there are paid PM software. In fact, 66% of enterprises choose PM software based on the level of support that is available.

Free Project Management Software

With great demand for project management best practices across industry verticals, the need for PM tools to manage projects is also on the rise. But, many enterprises cannot afford paid PM tools; instead they go for free PM tools which offer robust features such as: scheduling, resource allocation, budget management, cost control, documentation, communication, and collaboration.

Below mentioned are top 10 PM software that are available for free.


This is one PM tool that is very easy to use; Gantt chart is typically based on project scheduling and management. Some of the major features include hierarchy and task dependencies, Gantt chart, resource load chart, generation of PERT charts, HTML and PDF reports, MS project export / import and more.

  • Bitrix24

    If your project group is of 12 or less users, then Bitrix24 is a free project management software with an option to upgrade for ~USD 99 per month. Bitrix24 has many features that resembles BaseCamp, which is a popular software in this domain. This PM software is for a team that has a small number of people working on a project.

  • DotProject

    This free PM software is an online, multi-user project management solution that comes with multiple language support. This open-source free PM software is being maintained by a community of volunteer programmers. Some of the major features include: tasks and projects, companies, contacts and departments, to do lists, resource allocation, forums, Gantt charts, calendar, TaskJuggler and reporting.

  • OpenProj

    This is a direct free open source substitute for Microsoft Project. This OpenProj PM Software is perfect for desktop project management, and is available for most of the operating systems in Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac.  This desktop replacement PM tool even opens present native project files. It has a superior scheduling engine with projects on demand. The solution also provides Network Diagrams (PERT Charts), Gantt Charts, RBS, WBS, Earned Value Costing, and more.

  • TaskJuggler

    This is one of the most powerful open source free PM tools. It has new ways of planning and tracking of projects which is far more superior to the commonly used Gantt chart tool. Many enterprises use TaskJuggler in many projects which have many resources and tasks. The tool covers all the critical project management tasks starting from initiation to the completion of the project. This PM tool also helps you to manage scope, revenue, resource, communication and risk.
    Depending upon your project outline and constraints, TaskJuggler provides you an optimized scheduler which computes your project’s timelines and assignments. It even has an in-built consistency checker and rings you alarm when something starts to go wrong in your project. With this flexible approach, TaskJuggler allows you to plan your project accordingly and also lets you to accommodate new management strategies such as Agile Project Management and Extreme Programming (XP).

  • PHProjekt

    This is also another free open source application which helps in coordination of group activity and share information via internet. Some of key features of PHProjekt includes; calendar, file management, project management, time card system, mail client, contact manager, and more.

  • ProjectPier

    This is a Free and Open-Source PHP project management tool that allows managing tasks, teams and projects through a unique web interface. It will also help your enterprise to communicate and collaborate to get things done. ProjectPier functions similarly to other project management tools out in the market, but it gives you the freedom to scale by self-hosting and will stay free forever.

  • OpenGoo

    This is a free web-based PM tool which focuses on enhancing productivity, communication and collaboration of your project teams. Some of the key features of OpenGoo include:

    • Manage project progress and tracking
    • Easy access of information through single dashboard
    • Manage tasks, documents, schedule, contacts and e-mail
    • Provides seamless communication with vendors, clients and co-workers
  • Collabtive

    This is a web-based project management software which is available for free. Collabtive allows teams to work together on project, manage tasks, files and milestones, and even chat with other team members. It supports multiple languages (more than 20 languages). This project management software also has capability to integrate with other web services through XML API and provides data importing functionality from various other applications.

  • ConsultComm

    ConsultComm is a platform-independent small program written in Java that allows one to manage multiple projects, clients, tasks, and keep track of how long one has worked on a particular project. You may even call it as a timekeeping PM tool, and some of its key features are:

    • Gets easily integrated in existing billing system / time management. It has a JDBC and ODBC compliant databases where you can instantly upload your projects
    • This is an open-source PM tool and you do not need to worry about customization and vendor lock-in problems
    • Easily customizable to match your requirements that are unique
    • A platform-independent tool easily unifies your OS X, Linux, Windows, Solaris workstation in a single application
    • Developers can easily create new plugins by using standard JavaBeans frameworks to add a custom functionality

PM software / tools have become a mandatory requirement to complete projects. These PM software, tools and applications will help enterprises to measure, track and manage projects successfully and reap rich dividends with increased productivity.

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  1. Thanks Arvind! Its indeed a very helpful article. Haven’t heard of many of these tools before. I’ll have a look. After scanning many solutions in the same market place, I came
    across, that really understood what professional teams
    needed to run a high powered business. I have multiple projects going on in my company with several people using ProofHub. ProofHub allows me to keep a bird’s eye on EVERYTHING.
    With ProofHub you can organize all your thoughts, projects, tasks, people, files, etc. in a simple clean manner. ProofHub has the features of almost all other tools excellently collaborated in it. It has features like to-dos, assigning tasks and sub-tasks to people, creating labels, time tracking, calendars, creating events and milestones, gantt charts, proofing tool and a lot more! Its a great tool and we simply love it! You should try it out and see the results!

  2. I recently moved onto project management tool – Apptivo. I searched more information about this tool. They recently updated version. It designs, features looks good, ideal for what I want and easily manage my project development teams including tasks updates, timesheets, based on my needs set multiples of security privileges, access level for app, gantt chart shows a graphical representation of projects, create notes, upcoming events, follow up, project budget. Before I pick up this tool, try free plan for test trial after that I completely applied it.

  3. Great article!!! We just moved from Asana to Breakdown Structure for managing our projects. This WBS Tool is helping us a lot in planning, managing and tracking our projects so well. Very easy to manage and customised feature provided by their team.


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