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Program Management Best Practices - Invensis Learning

Program Management Best Practices

Organization methods offer businesses an opportunity to observe practices and activities from a granular level. Understanding where to allocate time and resources based on priority can help a business operate more efficiently...
Portfolio Management Process - Invensis Learning

Ultimate Guide to Portfolio Management Process/ Phases

A recent study conducted in 2017 stated that out of all the organizations surveyed, 89% of those who performed exceptionally well used the project portfolio management process for their daily operations. Portfolio management has...
Program Management Plan - Invensis Learning

A Step By Step Guide To Create A Program Management Plan

Streamlining an organisation's approach to business activities offers many benefits, including cost reductions, increased efficiency, and better resource management. When a business is looking to introduce better management methods, they need to...
Advantages of agile project management - Invensis Learning

14 Key Benefits of Agile Project Management

In software development, agile methodologies involve finding out requirements and developing solutions through the team's combined effort and customers. It includes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it...
Portfolio Management Software - Invensis Learning

Top 5 Portfolio Management Software That You Should Know

Portfolio management offers organizations a consolidated view of all the gathered information and details of any new project or investment they plan to undertake. Portfolio managers or portfolio management companies are hired...
What is Program Management - Invensis Learning

What is Program Management? Definition and Overview

IntroductionMore often than not, a lot of organizations confuse program management with project management. Though they are related to one another, there is a stark difference between the...
Program Management Process - Invensis Learning

A Beginner’s Guide to Program Management Process

An organization's activities are critical to meeting business goals and objectives. It should be no surprise that 85% of organizations have introduced a project/program management process within their structure. According to a PwC study, 97% of...
How to manage multiple projects - Invensis Learning

Strategies For Successfully Managing Multiple Projects at Workplac

Projects are business undertakings agreed upon between two organizations. They exchange goods and/or services for monetary compensation. Taking on projects is how businesses generate revenue. As they grow, corporates can reinvest revenue to expand...
Program Management Skills - Invensis Learning

Essential Program Management Skills for 2020

Only a meager 2.5% of all organizations are able to complete 100% of their undertaken projects successfully. However, 61% of these organizations have claimed an increase in project success rates after implementing program management practices over...