Why Projects Fail? – Live Webinar with Ori Schibi

Why Projects Fail? – Live Webinar with Ori Schibi

As a project practitioner, have you ever come across a situation where projects are disorganized, out of control, and have a sense of doom and failure? According to research, it shows that 31% of projects will be canceled before completion and 52% of projects cost 189% of their original estimates.

Have you witnessed work patterns where teams work in silos and nobody knows what the other team member is doing? There are many such scenarios which point towards ‘danger’ and project failure. Industry research suggests that 25% of technology projects fail outright and 50% need massive reworking by the time they’ve finished. There are ways (best practices) to avoid mistakes and ensure project success consistently.

Too many projects fail and it is time to take a different look at the reasons behind project failures and what to do about it. Hence, we’ve teamed with Ori Schibi, a project management expert with 25+ years of experience to bring you a New Webinar on “Why Projects Fail?

Are you ready to take your project management skills to the next level? Tune into the webinar to learn:

  • The Context of Project Failures
  • How did we ‘Get Here’
  • Challenges
  • Solutions and Fixes
  • What is Urgency
  • The Ori Manifesto
  • Cross-Project Collaboration
  • What it Takes
  • The advisory
  • Recap