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On our top Agile blogs, the industry experts bring together the latest trends, best industry practices, how-to advice on agile and hybrid agile approaches, free resources, impact of Scrum and other technologies to inspire you for tomorrow’s success.

Becoming an Agile Leader - Invensis Learning

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL): Becoming an Agile Leader

The Certified Agile Leadership program was created with the vision of making Agile an accessible methodology for all business leaders. The values and principles of Agile should be widespread and easily understood....
Agile Domain Areas - Invensis Learning

Introduction to Six Domains of Agile Methodology

There are six main domains when it comes to learning Agile project management. They are categorized in a way that people learning about Agile methods can understand them better. They are divided...
Lean Principles in Service Industry - Invensis Learning

Incorporating 5 Lean Principles for Service Industries

Companies that utilize Six Sigma are increasingly making a concerted effort to implement Lean into their existing framework for process improvement. For many, the combination of Six Sigma's emphasis on process characteristics...
How to Scale Agile - Invensis Learning

How To Scale Agile In An Organization?

Many companies are finding different ways to expand Agile projects, but doing so can be a specific obstacle for enterprises who are not well versed in Agile techniques. For companies with unnecessary...
What is Scaled Agile Framework - Invensis Learning

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)? A Complete Guide

Scaled Agile Framework ®, also identified as SAFe ®, is a methodology of company-scale development developed by Scaled Agile, Inc. In a templated framework, Secure incorporates Lean and Agile concepts. SAFe's supporters...
Certified Agile Leadership vs Professional Agile Leadership - Invensis Learning

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) vs Professional Agile Leadership (PAL): What are The Differences?

Agile leadership courses are becoming less of an option and more of a necessity to facilitate the development of healthy and effective business practices. Agile leadership, on the whole, focuses on expanding...
5 Scrum Values - Invensis Learning

The 5 Scrum Values and Their Importance

Scrum is a very popular and well-known method for Agile software development. A few years ago, 5 Scrum Values were introduced and each member of the team uses these values to direct...
Agile Scrum Roles - Invensis Learning

Agile Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

Scrum's functions are somewhat different than traditional software approaches. There are three Agile Scrum Roles: Product Owner, Production Team, and Scrum Master. Together they are known as the Scrum Team. 
What is Scrum Methodology - Invensis Learning

What is Scrum Methodology? A Brief Introduction

Scrum Methodology is quite easy. It is the opposite of a broad set of interwoven mandatory elements. Scrum is applying the empirical method of empiricism. Scrum replaces a programmed algorithmic approach with a...
Agile Leadership - Invensis Learning

Agile Leadership: What Makes Certified Agile Leaders Successful?

Discovering new and improved methods for business leadership could be the difference between overtaking the competition and lagging behind. Traditional leadership methods have been proven to encourage disengagement and job dissatisfaction. So, what...