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On our top Agile blogs, the industry experts bring together the latest trends, best industry practices, how-to advice on agile and hybrid agile approaches, free resources, impact of Scrum and other technologies to inspire you for tomorrow’s success.

Agile Definition - Invensis Learning

Agile Definition – Introduction to Agile Values, Principles and Benefits

In today's digitized era, there are assorted tools and techniques out there to maximize the business value. Among various options available, Agile Methodology is one of the most commonly used and widely accepted. It...
Scrum Master Skill Report - Invensis Learning

Scrum Master Skill Report – Scrum Master Skills, Jobs & Salary Trends

Scrum is quickly becoming a framework of choice for companies and organizations interested in achieving Agile transformation. This post on Scrum Master Skill report allows you to download the latest Scrum Master trends. There...
Top 10 Scrum Tools in 2021 - Invensis Learning

Top 10 Scrum Tools in 2021

Scrum methodology has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade, and for good reasons too! Due to its up-roaring popularity, copious amounts of tools have cropped up and have started to recognize themselves as...
SAFe methodology- Invensis Learning

What is SAFe Methodology? A Complete Guide to Scaled Agile Framework

The agile approach has made it easy to handle projects efficiently. It is an iterative approach for project management and software development, which also helps to save cost, time, and resources. It delivers better...
Top 10 Agile Certifications for 2021 - Invensis Learning

Top 10 Agile Certifications in 2021

The pandemic has forced many companies to adopt new technologies, manage change, and make decisions more quickly than ever before. To survive in this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, leading companies are embracing...
Scrum Master Challenges - Invensis Learning

Common Challenges Faced by Scrum Master and Ways to Overcome Them

The Agile methodologies have been aggressively gaining traction. Currently, two of the most popular agile methods are Scrum and Kanban. The Scrum framework introduces a standard workflow that maximizes continuous output along with productivity....

Product Owner vs Product Manager: Understanding the Similarities & Differences

Project management is a vast discipline. It covers an extensive range of tasks and responsibilities that are spread across multiple people. You probably heard of the terms "Product Owner" and "Product Manager," which are...
Top SAFe Agile Certifications - Invensis Learning

Top 4 SAFe Agile Certifications to Select in 2020

SAFe has quickly become one of the favorite production and implementation systems for agile scaling for most companies. It stands for Scaled Agile Framework with an embroidered term. Essentially, SAFe is a compilation of...
How Does Agile Sprint Work? - Invensis Learning

What is Agile Sprint Planning & Its Importance? – Creating an Effective Sprint...

Scrum, the most common Agile software development methodology, is an iterative approach that has the Sprint — the scrum word for iteration — at its heart. Throughout an Agile project, Scrum teams use evaluation...
The Scrum Values - Invensis Learning

How To Apply Scrum Values In Our Day-To-Day Worklife?

Scrum is an increasingly popular and well-known agile software development framework. A few years back, the Scrum values were introduced to the structure and were used by each team member to guide their decision-making....

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